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Online Dating

How to Meet Women Online?

If you are in a hurry and looking for the Best Dating Site to find Women Online, we recommend eHarmony.

How to Meet Girls Online?

Good-looking and extrovert men always ruled the dating scene and never had much problem finding dates. However, it wasn't always possible for most single men to meet ladies until online dating came into the picture. Now they are not required to go out into the real world and strike up conversations with random unknown women at bars, clubs, or events; they hoped that the attractive woman across the room was both available and enthusiastic about meeting a man like him. It was not only hard but involved the possibility that some women may take offense if things are not done right.

Thankfully, the internet has changed the way we do things. Everything can be done online, from ordering food to finding love. However, the dilemma that surrounds men about meeting a woman IRL also follows them into the online dating world. If you are a newbie to online dating, you may have a lot of questions. The first and foremost question is how to meet women online, followed by which are the best websites to meet women online, and several others. We have tried to answer most of the queries here. Scroll down and explore all about finding dates online.

Choose an Online Dating Site

The success rate of online dating depends on which dating site you choose for the purpose. Most dating sites and app today offers similar facilities and cater to similar demographics. However, if you are 50 plus individual who wants to meet women in your age group, then a niche dating site for senior singles would be the best choice. Similarly, if you are looking only for casual hooks ups and to experience your naughty fantasies, then there is no point in spending time on websites like eHarmony or Zoosk. Most members on these sites looking for serious relationships.

It is important that you register on a dating app that clearly aligns with your online dating goals and objectives. Here's a list of some popular online platforms, all catering to different sets of audiences.

Best Dating Sites to Meet Women Online


eHarmony Dating Site

The #1 Trusted Dating Website

Go to eHarmony >> Sign Up for FREE

Since its launch in 2000, eHarmony has come a long way and has helped thousands of singles (now couples) to find love. The site is conceptualized by Dr. Nick Clark Warren, who has years of experience counseling thousands of couples. 32-dimensional matchmaking algorithm was the key contribution he made to this online dating service. Other than the matchmaking system, it has a number of other features that contribute to the success of eHarmony making it the greatest dating site for meeting like-minded dates who are compatible with your personality.

The sophisticated matchmaking system does most of the work, and it sends you a few matches every day. The site is ideal for busy singles who do not want to spend too much time on a dating app and avoid browsing profiles endlessly. This premium dating app offers some unique features and ensures the safety of its users. The secure environment is why many single women are attracted to this site. The site is highly trusted by single women looking for serious relationships and marriage. To know more about the site and its complete advantages, read our eHarmony review.

You can register to the site for free, but to access premium features, you will have to take premium packages for 3, 6, or 12 months. With premium plans, it offers so much that eHarmony cost is worth every penny. However, you can also wait for its free-trial offers, which usually come around the festive seasons. Additionally, “free communication weekend events” allow you to use the messaging feature for two days. You can benefit from these free offers only when you register on the site.

It employs a scientific method that helped millions of people find happy relationships. eHarmony offers 3 paid subscription packages. To gain access to these exciting communication features, you need to either get one of the packages or wait for the free eHarmony trial. There is no fixed schedule for these trials, which are usually offered around festival seasons.

Go to eHarmony >> Sign Up for FREE


Dating For Every Single Person

Go to OkCupid >> Sign Up for FREE

The dating app is designed especially for youngsters. The façade and features appear to be created by a bunch of millennials. The fresh and cool vibe of the app attracts millions of young users from around the world. The location-based search connects you to like-minded or hot singles in your area. You can explore all kinds of relationships on this app.

The free dating app charges you absolutely nothing to gain access to the app. You can purchase add-ons to boost your profile or go ad-free. The intelligent algorithm takes input from the information provided at the time of registration. Though the questionnaire is not as long as eHarmony, it gathers enough information to make sound match suggestions. The app has an approximately 50:50 gender ratio. The female users are active and respond if they are interested in your profile. However, chatting and messaging can begin only when both users mutually show interest in profiles.

The highlight of the app is its LGBTQ-friendly approach. It already has 9 different sexual orientations to choose from and multiple pronouns. Moreover, it keeps adding more, making it more accommodating to a newer audience based on their gender preferences. Most people on the app are looking for genuine connections, but it leaves a door for all kinds of possibilities. So, go ahead and explore all the possibilities that await you.


Female-Centric App: Make The First Move

Go to Bumble >> Sign Up for FREE

Bumble came as a fresh wave in the online dating industry in 2014, and it forced people to look at dating apps beyond just finding dates. Bumble is a female-centric app; only women can make the first move. Men can only respond to the likes and interest they receive from female users. Your profile's quality and completeness will determine your likelihood of getting a date. 

The app offers three options so you can define what exactly are you looking for: Date, Friends, and Networking. Bumble is a 100% free dating app, which is built on the same model as Tinder. The women-first approach prevents women from having to see sleazy messages from strange men.

So, if you are man enough to stomach the idea of women making the first move, this app is for you. Once the match is made, you can quickly ascend to video calls from chat. This feature again is loved by female users as they don't have to share personal numbers, skype, or Zoom id to have a conversation. The app, which women love, also has a desirable gender ratio, where women are more than men.

You can register on the site for free but can purchase add-ons to boost your profile and get some fun features.



Silver App for Your Golden Days

Go to SilverSingles >> Sign Up for FREE

The exclusive dating site and app for senior singles is the most sought-after one in that age group. The site and its app are specially designed, keeping in mind anyone over 50. Suppose you are 50 plus and trying to get back into the dating scene; SilverSingles is exactly what you need. The straightforward and hassle-free design is a new-school technology for old-school people.

Once you are on this app, you may be surprised to know how many single women are there in your age group. The site has a huge benefit for men when it comes to gender ratio. It is 60% women and 40% men. The best part about the site is that it lets you browse all the profiles and know about available single women in your area. Once you find a few profiles good enough to pursue, you can consider getting a premium membership.

If creating your own profile or browsing seems like a task to you, you can seek help from account managers. They can guide you to use the site fully and explore all the features. It is more or less like having a personal tech support person.

Dating in your silver age may seem intimidating. Still, many like you are on SilverSingles and got successful results. If you are looking to date women in your age group, then this is the best site to start with.


Best Dating App for Black Singles

Go to BlackPeopleMeet >> Sign Up for FREE

It is the largest site for African-American singles. Any black guy exclusively looking for someone belonging to the same race and ethnicity can give this site a try. BlackPeopleMeet, which is related to some of the most well-known dating sites, is fervently committed to assisting African-American people in their search for romance, fun dates, committed partnerships, and marriage. 

A free BPM account comes with a decent number of features. You can browse profiles and hunt for matches by compatibility. Additionally, when someone likes you back, you can offer them a Like and see an Echo. Just like most sites, unless you pay for a premium plan, you won't be able to send a message. However, there can be a Reply for Free highlighted message to which you can reply.

Niche dating sites keeps your search focused and help you get into the right kind of dating pool. BlackPeopleMeet lets you search by location, physical features, etc. The site does not have any smart matchmaking features. You are on your own when it comes to finding a date. However, the traditional approach puts you in charge of your dating life. This site has thousands of profiles if you are looking exclusively for black women to date.


The Flirty Dating App for Love Minded Singles

Go to BeNaughty >> Sign Up for FREE

As the name suggests, this site is all about casual flings and hookups. This is a well-known website for arranging quick hookups and meet-ups. The locals are really receptive, and BeNaughty will satisfy all your sexual fantasies without falling short. Sign up right away to give it a try. 

It is a fun, engaging, and active dating site targeted solely toward adults. You can engage in flings, group activities, cyber sex, and a variety of other hybrid sexual encounters. BeNaughty is not just about having sex, in contrast to other adult dating apps. It encourages people to embrace their naughty sites.

You can browse the website tension-free thanks to the three tiers of security. You have the option to select and restrict the members you see. The majority of site visitors want to have fun without any obligations. As a result, you may anticipate having rapid, hassle-free fun on a secure online dating site.

Can we use social media to find women to date?

Most single men prefer the relatively neutral environment of online dating services — even if it means being in a smaller dating pool. They don't want to date within their social circle because it could get confusing, messy, or unpleasant if they have a mutual buddy. However, social media apps also offer dating services. Facebook dating is one such service that is trying to leverage its social media popularity to gain users for dating services. However, the service has not gained much traction yet.

Most users of social media aren't actively looking for romantic partners, but never say never. If you're feeling bold, check into a girl's DM to see if she'd like to chat with you. You can try the following:

  • Instagram
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • TikTok

How to Date a Girl Online?

It is important to know the basics of online dating before you get registered on the dating app or site. When you first start online dating, it might seem confusing and chaotic, and it can be disheartening if you don't hit it off with someone straight away. However, you need to trust the process. In this century, committed couples frequently meet online, and up to one-third of marriages in the United States now begin this way. Therefore, it's worthwhile to give it a shot.

7 Quick tips to ace the online dating world and meet women online

1. Know what you want: When you genuinely know what you're searching for, online dating can be a wonderful experience. Do you wish to establish a committed relationship, looking for friends with benefits or do you prefer casual encounters and sex? Or perhaps you simply want to meet some interesting people in a new city. Set a specific aim for what you want. It might even be beneficial to take some time in advance to prepare for the kind of relationship you want to have and the ideal person to have it with. In this manner, you can thoughtfully consider each person's profile before deciding whether to swipe right (connect) or swipe left (pass) on them. Pay attention to finding women who truly share your dating objectives.

2. Write a profile that describes you well: Writing the ideal dating profile is not as simple as it sounds. Regardless of whether you're using a popular online dating site like eHarmony or a niche dating site, a well-written dating profile attracts more women. The main point to consider here is that your dating profile must attract the right people. The goal here is simply to find the right person for you. You can start with a funny one-liner that best describes you. Or a favorite quote that talks about your personality or attitude about life. Followed by a brief description about yourself and what you are looking for in this app or site.

3. Chat, but don't come out as a creep: Online conversations are different from your regular one-on-one talks. The lack of facial expressions and body language in online conversation makes it vital that the words you type convey precisely what you want to say. Just like IRL, there are online platforms where it's appropriate to start a conversation with the intent of dating and places where it isn't. Start a conversation; don't ambush her with questions and ask personal questions too soon. Start the conversation in the right tone. Ask permission, like, can I talk with you? Or can we chat? Once she agrees, and you feel she is open to an advance, you can start the real flirting! Do not hesitate to compliment them if you like their profile. Avoid commenting about her body or using slang.

4. Accept rejection gracefully: After your first few chats, if you don't hear anything back, it's time to move on. Not every match online is a raging success. If you feel this is the pattern with you, check you may be coming out too stronger. Men eager to know everything in the first few chats often appear intimidating and too much to deal with. Try dialing back a little and see if things improve.

5. Be honest and transparent: Real connections can only be made when you are vulnerable and authentic. Discuss your dating goals and the kind of relationship you'd be interested in if you ever get together. Being honest is crucial; if someone expresses interest in getting married within the next year, let them know it's not even on your radar. You shouldn't play along if someone claims they're only seeking a casual relationship. You'll only damage yourself or add extra drama for the other person.

6. Meet when both of you feel comfortable: There is a possibility you may get trapped in endless online conversations. The purpose of online dating is to get offline at some point in time. The pressure of meeting in person can make people delay the first offline date. However, according to experts, face-to-face conversation is essential to know whether you have physical attraction and to know the person better. The first meeting doesn't need to elaborate. Simply, go ahead and have a short walk or a cup of coffee.

7. Take your time to adjust to the transition from online to offline: The girl you meet for the first time after online dating can appear different. There are multiple reasons for that. While online, people freely share their feelings and emotions, but in real life, they may feel slightly reserved. Both of them are the same person, but IRL, she may take time to open up. Don't let the first date be the deciding factor. Go on a couple of dates to get more clarity.

DatingBlush Exclusive Offers

“Serious Dating”

“Casual Date”

“Senior Dating”

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“Jewish Dating”

Which Dating App has the highest success rate?

We do not want to restrict success rate as an umbrella term for all categories. All sites offer different unique propositions and cater to a different set of clientele. We have tried to rate the sites on the basis of the services they offer and to whom they offer.

  • For serious relationships and marriage: eHarmony
  • For meet-ups and hookups: Tinder
  • For millennials and youngsters: Ok Cupid
  • For adult dating and your kinks: BeNaughty
  • For LGBTQ: Her (lesbians) and Grindr (Gay)
  • For mature singles (50+): SilverSingles
  • For religious people: Christian Mingle

Bottom Line

The online dating services and app on the list shared can help you meet women online. You can convert them to dates with the help of stimulating conversation. Who knows, it may lead to a committed long-term relationship.

Modern single men are fortunate to be spoilt by choices. They can connect with women by simply going online and getting registered on a dating app or website. All you need to do is put yourself out there and gather the guts to send the initial message.