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How Much Does eHarmony Cost and Is It Worth It?

eHarmony Popularity

How much is eHarmony?

eHarmony is one of the most genuine and highly-rated online dating sites. It is believed that every 14 minutes, a serious new match is made on this platform. Not just that, as per data available, the site is responsible for 438 marriages every day across the world! People looking at committed relationships or planning to enter the nuptial knot find this platform the most result-oriented and fruitful.

The good part is that you can join the site anytime, free of cost. The eHarmony free trial 2022 is the best way to browse, use & experience the site before joining a paid subscription.

While the free period offers facilities like registration and profile creation, you can also finish the personality test and browse eHarmony to search for like-minded individuals. You can show interest in members by sending a wink and adding the chosen profiles to your favorite list. However, the eHarmony pricing plans offer much more, including messaging members. There are three different pricing options, starting from $35.90 to $65.90 per month.

Should you choose the free trial or register for the subscription plan?

We will cover all the details of the eHarmony cost 2022, upgrades, and a comparative analysis of the inclusions in the free and paid versions here. It will help you decide the right course of action and whether the membership cost is worth the money or not.

eHarmony Cost 2022

eHarmony Basic Plan

It gives you a fair chance to try it out as a Basic Member. The best part is that it is free of cost. You can register with the world’s leading dating community without hurting your pocket at all.

You can create your profile, browse for free and participate in the Compatability Quiz. The matches generated by the Quiz are there for you to review and assess – you will have access to the basic profile details of the matches. But, that is where the limitation of the eHarmony basic plan begins. You cannot message the profiles that interest you and get more in-depth details of the person.

If your heart is seriously into dating and you want to find a partner with a probable future, it is best to go in for the eHarmony price plans or premium membership.

eHarmony costs (latest US Costs) for Premium Membership

Interested people have three membership choices based on the cost of membership and the duration of the membership. These are –

Membership TypeMembership Cost *DurationFREE Trial
Light$65.90 every monthSix monthsAvailable
Plus$45.90 every monthTwelve monthsAvailable
Extra$35.90 every monthTwenty four monthsAvailable

Let’s go through the details of each of these options.

1. Premium Light

The cost of the Premium Light Plan is $65.90 per month. It is available for one-time payment; and installment plans for 2, 3, and 4 months.

Below are the details.

InstallmentsAmount ($) *
Four MonthsFour payments of $98.85
Three MonthsThree payments of $131.80
Two MonthsTwo payments of $197.70
Total UpfrontSingle payment of $395.40

2. Premium Plus

eHarmony one year subscription plan is known as the Premium Plus plan. It costs $45.90 per month. There are four payment options available for this.

InstallmentsAmount ($) *
Four MonthsFour payments of $137.70
Three MonthsThree payments of $183.60
Two MonthsTwo payments of $275.40
Total UpfrontSingle payment of $550.80

3. Premium Extra

The Premium Extra Membership plan is 24 months subscription plan, and its cost is $35.90 per month. Like other plans, it also has four different options for payment. Below are the details.

InstallmentsAmount ($) *
Four MonthsFour payments of $215.40
Three MonthsThree payments of $287.20
Two MonthsTwo payments of $430.80
Total UpfrontSingle payment of $861.60

What are the monetary gains of signing up for eHarmony Premium Plus and Premium Extra?

Interestingly, when you sign-up for Plus or Extra, you stand to save vis-a-vis the Light plan. Let’s see how:

  • The Plus plan helps save about 30% compared to the Light plan.
  • The Extra plan helps save about 45% compared to the Light plan.

One of the impressive & promising factors of the eHarmony subscription is that members get the same facilities and features irrespective of the rates. It is just that members who pay for Extra or Plus plans get a longer duration to enjoy the features and therefore have a lower monthly rate which adds up as a saving.

Discounts on eHarmony Subscription

eHarmony does not have any regular discounts or sales promotions going on. However, there are times when the website runs promotions or offers discounts on premium plans. To know about the offers and discounts, you need to keep checking eHarmony Official Website.

If you are keen to meet a match and wish to become a paid member, you can try out the free trial offers. These free trials are also not an ongoing affair at the site. However, such trials are announced once in a while. Examples of such trials are – eharmony 3-day trial, free communication eHarmony trial, eHarmony free trial weekend, eHarmony 1-month trial, 3days free match trial etc.

The free trial is not in any way related to the free basic version of eHarmony. While there are many limitations in the latter case, the former is almost like the paid version, where one can have the same privileges and enjoy paid features without any payment. The trial allows you to try your hand at all the features and understand how the dating site works and why most people serious about relationships sign-up with the site. Please note that these trials are featured occasionally. You need to follow the site dutifully to come across any such discounted offers.

What are the features of eHarmony free trial?

When you sign-up for eHarmony free, you are allowed to:

  • Create your profile
  • View the profile of registered members.
  • Send them a wink.
  • Create your favorite list by adding members to it.

The extra features that you can enjoy when you buy an eHarmony membership are –

  • Location-based & distance-based searches.
  • See profiles that have viewed your profile.
  • View photos and messages, and converse freely with profiles without any limitation.
  • Virtual video dates.
  • Complete and detailed personality match test.
  • View profiles of other members anonymously.

Payments for eHarmony subscriptions

The payments range from one-time upfront payments to paying in installments. The payments accepted by the site are –

  • PayPal
  • Debit card, and
  • Credit card.

The cards accepted by the site are Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover.


Is setting up eHarmony premium difficult?

No, it is pretty easy to set up eHarmony premium. You can join the free version or sign-up as a paid member. Signing up means choosing between three eHarmony pricing plans. If you do not wish to pay up before trying the features, you can wait for the eharmony 3-day free trial or other promotional offers.

How much does eHarmony cost per month?

There are three plans if you wish to become a premium member. These are Light, Plus, and Extra. All details have been covered above.

Does eHarmony cost money?

It has a free and paid version. You can sign up and register to become a free member. You will need to choose from three available subscription prices for the paid versions for becoming a paid member.

Does eHarmony have a monthly plan?

Yes, there are various monthly plans starting from $25.90 per month for the Extra plan to $55.90 per month for the Light plan.

What are the different eHarmony payment plans?

Members have the option to pay either the entire amount upfront as a one-time payment or divide it into installments. The payment can be spread across multiple months to make it easy for your pocket.

Bottom Line

eHarmony has great statistics to support its claim as the internet’s best dating site. The fact that there are free and paid subscription rates helps serious and also the whimsical to register and try out the features of the website.