If you are in a hurry and looking for the best Hispanic dating site, we recommend eHarmony Hispanic Dating.

Love is love! However, some people prefer to date people who share their race, nationality, and even religious or political beliefs.

In the USA, the authorities define Hispanic and Latino persons as the people who trace back their origin and descent to countries like Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rica, South America and other Spanish cultures.

The terms Hispanic and Latino are pan-ethnic and cover a large population in the USA. The people belonging to this community are connected with their cultural roots and love to flaunt in the form of their music, food and lifestyle. Most Hispanics, since ages, preferred to marry in their own community. Their shared love for their heritage attracts them to each other and helps them pass the heritage to future generations.

The internet has helped thousands of modern-day Hispanic singles connect with potential partners. The online dating world never ceases to amaze you. Today, there are dating services for lawyers, horse lovers, yogis, Arabs and of course, Hispanics and Latinos. The dating apps for Hispanics also serve to Latino community. There are only a handful of good dating sites for Hispanics.

Here are five websites that have lasted a while and offer various options based on what you're searching for. Whether you want to explore your dating scene or seek a more committed relationship—even marriage, these are the best Hispanic dating websites and your ultimate resource. They all include free features that let you explore the online dating world. When you register as a user, you can learn more about their paid subscription options.

Top 5 Hispanic Dating Websites and Apps

eHarmony Dating Site

Relationships: Long term, serious and deep relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender Ratio: 51% male and 49% female*
User Base: 4.2 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 9 million active users worldwide*
User Rating:  4.8/5.0*

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If you ever tried online dating, you would have surely come across eHarmony. It is one of the most successful dating sites and extends its services to niche dating as well. What sets apart eHarmony from other Hispanic dating apps is that it primarily targets people looking for fulfilling, long-term relationships. In the past 2 decades, it has managed to create a diverse membership pool, all looking for committed relationships.

Compatibility is the foundation of every eHarmony match. When you sign up on its platform, you take a compatibility quiz, which helps the algorithm learn more about you. It then develops your personality profile based on the details submitted. Apart from this, the Compatibility Matching System employs a complicated set of matching tools to deliver only the most suitable matches.

Special features

  • 32-dimensional, patented, and personality-based matchmaking system.
  • Ease to use and navigate.
  • For face-to-face online contact, a unique video dating tool is available.
  • 365 days a year, round-the-clock support staff.
  • During free communication weekends, members can better grasp the advantages of paid memberships.

eHarmony Hispanic Dating also offers a free trial. There is no cost to sign-up. You can join the community for free and check if it’s worth taking a paid subscription.

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Relationships: Friendship, casual dates, serious relationships
Profile: All Latino and Hispanic singles*

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Amigos.com performs an excellent job of maintaining the site's fun quotient and making sure that everyone has a great experience while using the site. The site claims to have over 7.9 million users.

It does not restrict people from other ethnicities from joining the network. The network is spread over several countries, and a Hispanic living in the US can easily find their soulmate in Mexico, Spain or any South American country.

Special features

  • The signup process is fast and easy.
  • The site is LGBTQ friendly.
  • The behavior-based matching system is in place.
  • A niche site that is why there is a smaller number of singers.
  • Users can host their own blog on the site. Several users claim they love the blogging option.
  • Paid members have access to essential communication tools and blogging.
  • Most members are Spanish speakers.
  • You can prospect your match by language.
  • The site is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Hispanic singles can express themselves, make friends, and find dates on this engaging online dating site. Amigos offers a variety of communication channels, and users can create groups or even run their own blog sections. The site is a part of the reputed FriendFinder network. The site welcomes everybody and anyone can join the site. Amigos can be categorized as an interracial dating site for Hispanics.

Latin American Cupid


Relationships: Date, affairs, serious relationship
Profiles: All Latin singles*
Popularity: Over 5 million active users worldwide*
User Rating: 3.5/5.0*

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The site claim to have 5 million users. It is one of the most prominent Hispanic dating websites. The site is more focused on connecting you with local single Hispanics nearby your area.

The site lets you join for free, and you can browse endlessly. However, you must upgrade to a paid membership to access all important features.

Special features

  • You can message, chat or video chat with other members.
  • It mainly caters to a younger demographic. However, matured singles can also create an account on the site.
  • Lots of search filters for precise matching.
  • Most members are seeking a long-term relationship.
  • Not ideal for people looking for flings or hookups.
  • Gold and Platinum members gain access to incognito search.
  • The site offers three membership plans which can be further split into the duration for which you want to pay.

The site also allows new users free trials so you can have first-hand experience of how the platform works. The site is owned and managed by Cupid Media Network, which started in 2000 with its first niche dating site AsianDating. The network is now huge and has 33 sites in 40 languages and 55 million members. Just like all the other niche dating sites in the network. The LatinAmericanCupid is also targeted toward Hispanic and Latin singles in the US.

Latino People Meet

Relationships: Casual dating, friendship, romance
Profile: All Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, Spanish singles*

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The Latino People Meet is an umbrella dating site that serves Latino, Hispanic, Chicano, Spanish, etc. The site is an active community of a large number of Hispanic singles.

The site is a part of a large network site group, People Media, that launched popular dating sites such LoveAndSeek and InterracialPeopleMeet. People Media group also partners with dating sites such as Match.com, OurTime.com, BBPeopleMeet.com, etc.

Special features

  • The site is available only in USA and Canada.
  • No mobile application is available.
  • Suggest matches based on personal information and dating preferences.
  • The site offers 3 premium plans.
  • With a premium plan, you get profile highlights, unlimited messaging, instant matches, dating tips, and many important communication tools.

LatinoPeopleMeet is one of the most popular Latino dating sites. For single Latinos and Latinas looking for a committed relationship, it offers a solid platform. So, if you're single and prepared to date, joining LatinoPeopleMeet is a wise move.


Relationships: Friendship, date, serious relationships
Profiles: All Latino and Hispanic single men and women*

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Chispa is a dating app for Latino singles with a straightforward goal. It aims to build a community where all Latinos and Hispanics can make genuine relationships with people having similar interests and lifestyles.

Special features

  • It’s a fun app, easy to use and navigate.
  • Get personalized matches on your homepage.
  • Simply swipe and select which profile you like and which you do not.
  • If the other person is also interested in your profile, you can start chatting right away.
  • Go premium to check the list of profiles you left swiped earlier.
  • With the premium feature, you can boost your profile.
  • Connect with your potential partners on the basis of your shared interest and love for your roots.

Chispa is one of the best Hispanic dating apps that is truly designed for Hispanic millennials. The site is not available in the desktop version; you can access it only through the app. The fun dating app is a popular choice among young singles.

Bottom Line

From Alaska to Hawai, the US has a large number of Hispanic people. There are only a few good Hispanic dating sites to cater to this large community. The sites mentioned above provide free registration. Few also offer free trials where you can get a taste of premium features and effective communication tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a dating site for Hispanics?

Several Latino and Hispanic dating sites cater to a large community of Latin Americans. However, there are no apps or websites that exclusively serve only Hispanic singles.

What do you need to know before dating a Hispanic?

Food, heritage, culture, and festivals, there are a lot of things to love about Hispanic and Latino culture. However, if you are dating one, there are a few things you must know.

You never remain hungry: Eating for them is an entire experience. Food is an essential part of each celebration. Cooking is a ritual, and you do not dare turn down a meal cooked by abuelita.

They don’t speak; they yell: Maybe not all, but most Hispanics are loud. Even a normal conversation may sound like an argument but do not get confused, as they come from a good place.

They love to party: Dating a Hispanic can be fun as they are mostly the life of the party. They are notoriously social creatures and really know how to have fun.

Family is everything: Walk into a Hispanic home with your girlfriend or boyfriend; you will be squished into hugs and kisses from people you meet for the first time. Most families are a true representation of a family that eats, fights and celebrates together is the family that stays together.

You will learn Spanish effortlessly: Even if they are raised in the US, most Hispanics speak fluent Spanish. There is a high possibility of you learning a few words and phrases.

How to get a Hispanic girl to like you?

All women worldwide, irrespective of their race, heritage, ethnicity, or social and economic background, seek some common qualities in the men they date.

However, we can also say not all women are the same. If we talk about the Hispanic girl, in particular, there are a few things that you can do to make them feel special. Being polite, courteous, romantic, and showing respect to the girl's family are a few acts that you can't miss.

How to date a Hispanic woman?

Things you can do to find a way into a Hispanic girl's heart:

  • They love chivalry, so do not hesitate to pull the chair and open the door of the car when you are out on a date.
  • They love romantic songs, so if you can't sing, you can at least play some soulful collection while driving along with them.
  • Respect their family, as their family comes first, come what may. Make sure you give the respect that your girlfriend's family deserves.

What are Hispanic dating rules?

Dating rules may vary from culture to culture. However, most Hispanics born and raised in the US follow the same dating rule as the majority of the US adults. Hispanic people could adhere to particular customs and standards that have been part of their dating culture over time. Remember that these standards are only generalizations and may not apply to every single person who identifies as Hispanic. A few things that you can keep in mind are:

Religion: Many Hispanics, primarily Catholics, have strong religious convictions. One in four Hispanics in the United States identifies as Catholic or a former one. Some persons also identify as Protestant, non-religious, or as followers of various other religions. Each individual's personal views on religion will vary.

Family Values: The majority of people in the Hispanic community prefer to place a high value on family, which is strongly related to living in a collectivist culture. These people often have larger families than the general population, according to the CDC. Family relations frequently follow sex- and age-based hierarchy. When compared to their female counterparts, men often hold the most influence in decision-making, albeit this can vary widely from family to family. The dynamics of many families depend heavily on respect.

Although there are certain stereotypes that may apply to dating within the Hispanic community, it's important to remember that each person will have unique ideas, convictions, and interpretations of their cultural values that influence their relationships. You can get a better idea of the distinctive customs and worldview of Hispanic people by learning more about their culture.