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In this era of casual dating, hookups, and dissolutions, Spiritual Singles is a niche dating site created for people looking for their spiritual matches and evolved relationships. Launched in the year 2000 by Jill Crosby, it is one of the first websites to aid people to find individuals who have the same life frequency as their own. Spiritual Singles welcomes all the individuals having different ideas of spirituality. This conscious/spiritual dating site helps individuals find their potential matches with similar spiritual philosophies and core values. It is an excellent platform with unique features, vast experience, and a noble purpose to unite awakened individuals with their spiritual partners.

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Spiritual Singles is one of the best dating sites for spiritual, conscious, and mindful singles. Jill Crosby launched this website with the aim of providing online dating solutions to spiritually aware individuals. Let's talk about the fantastic features this dating site offers. And you will have no doubt that this is the right place for you to find your spiritual match.

  1. All-encompassing – The site gladly welcomes everyone, regardless of their spiritual views, religion, sexual orientation, background, location, or type of relationship they seek, no discrimination whatsoever.
  2. Extensive accessibility – Spiritual Singles is a flagship site of Conscious Dating Network (CDN), which has several other spiritual/conscious/green dating sites. All the sites share the same database. So, when you join spiritual singles, you have automatic access to all members from all other dating sites of CDN across the globe. It's like getting multiple memberships on joining spiritual singles, without any extra charge.
  1. In-depth profile – Members get to create a detailed profile that highlights every aspect of their beliefs, values, and interest, their spiritual path, and philosophies. An essay about yourself, your personality, and other questions that require descriptive answers, gives in-depth information about you. It helps to make the search for your potential spiritual partner easier.
  2. Free membership –The site offers free basic membership with adequate features to start with. Though you can join for free and enjoy the free features, it's better to subscribe and get a paid membership for more advanced features. A free member can browse through the profile, show interest, and save favorite profiles, check compatibility levels, and other great features to initiate. Spiritual Singles can help you find your ideal match in its own ways, even if you don't subscribe.
  3. Articles and inspiration – Spiritual Singles dating site provides information rich experience. You have access to numerous blog posts and articles written by learned relationships or spiritualism experts. Some of these articles are inspirational, others are informative, and few are illuminating. The dating site not only leads you to your love and connection, but also to enlightenment.
  4. Communication – A good relationship starts with good communication. The dating site provides various ways to communicate with your match. You can receive and reply to personal messages, send pre-written messages, unlimited instant messages, and upload pictures and videos.
  5. Match percentage – The special match questions help the algorithm to find potential matches. It puts a compatibility percentage on various profiles, depending on how well you matched with the other member based on your preferences. It also keeps you informed of new members who match your criteria.
  6. Events – The dating site also features and promotes spiritual/conscious/green events, retreats, classes, workshops, gatherings, expos, and summits from all over the world. The spiritual souls get an opportunity to meet likeminded people at such events. Apart from that these events also help in creating self-awareness and inner peace.
  7. Security – All the profiles on the website are checked and approved manually. So it might take a few hours before you can fully utilize the website. Meanwhile, you can still use the website, but your profile will be hidden until it’s approved. Once the profile is approved, you will get an email notification. This process helps to get rid of a lot of spam accounts and is very important for your security and privacy.

Spiritual Singles Prices

You can join the Spiritual Singles dating site for free and enjoy its great features to do your search before you subscribe. If you think you have found someone, with whom you’d like to take things further, it would be best to upgrade your membership to enjoy the premium features the site offers. Please note that the site does not offer any refunds. The members have ample time and options to do enough research and explore the site before they decide to subscribe.

The subscription charges are:

No. Of months

Amount (in dollars)

1 Months

$ 23

6 Months

$72 ($12/month)

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Ease of use

Spiritual singles is a very user-friendly website. It is simple and easy to use. Let’s look at how easy it is to sign up as well as use this website.

Sign up process: Joining the website is more than easy. It consists of three different stages.

  1. First stage – In the first stage, they ask for your credentials. You are supposed to provide information like user name and password along with your gender, and sexual orientation (expansive options available).
  2. Second stage – In the second stage, you are asked to feed your basic information like name, your location, and finally your birthday. You also have to describe a catchy tagline to grab the attention of other members who go through your profile.
  3. Third stage – The third stage is crucial. It will ask a little bit more about you and your personality and this will include questions about your spirituality, your ecological preferences, your dietary preferences, your relationship status, and the kind of relationship you are seeking. Here you also have to write an essay describing yourself.

Along with building your profile and providing your preferences, you can upload a good profile picture. Uploading pictures and videos is pretty straightforward. There are different rules for the number of pictures and videos that can be uploaded by free members and by paid members. No matter what kind of member you are, your profile will always showcase your picture. Make sure it is your best looking picture, showcasing exactly who you are.

Though the signup process is a bit lengthy; you’ll end up with a better experience, if you fill out your profile completely.

Usage: Finding love on the site is not too hard. Once you create your profile you can get started immediately. You can browse through some of the profiles and see what is available. If you find anyone that catches your eye or seems interesting, you can just send them a pre-written hello message to show your interest. They may choose to respond or not, depending on whether they find your profile interesting enough.

You have the choice to connect with multiple profiles. Either you can favourite them and contact them later; or just ping them hello while you are still browsing. The best part about the site is having access to the large pool of profiles; but also the convenience to choose from the few matches recommended as per your preferences and criteria.

Other members on the site may contact you if they find something charming about you and your profile. You have a choice to reply or not after viewing their profile and checking the compatibility percentage with them. The site boasts of its features about the safety and security and the privacy of their members. You can be assured that none of your information is shared or sold.

All you have to do after joining the site is to have faith; that there is someone out there, whose heart speaks the same language as yours. Go with the flow and appreciate the process, you may find someone quickly or it may take some time. But be assured, this site will facilitate you to find your significant other; whose soul has the same voice as yours.

Navigating through the site is not only easy and simple but also an enriching experience. You have access to various articles and posts by the experts, the success stories of spiritual souls, and the various events and retreats information.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Spiritual Singles

A lot of kindred souls have found love, partnership, and friendship through this platform.  But the dating site has its own pros and cons. With member feedback and suggestions, they strive to make continuous improvement and changes for the better member experience.

  1. Too many options to choose from – A large pool of databases of various conscious/spiritual/green dating sites is a big advantage. The members need to join only one site to have access to all members from all sites, without any extra charge.
  2. High turnover rate – The site takes pride in its high turnover rate, where members sign up, find their spiritual matches and leave the network happily, establishing the fact that it’s the right place offering the possibility of meeting your beloved.
  3. The first mover advantage and experience – It is one of the oldest and largest exclusive spiritual/conscious dating sites. With two decades of experience of successfully bringing people together, it is still constantly growing and evolving to unite daters of certain beliefs and values. And thus has the trust and faith of many people, who have found their ideal match or who are looking to find one.
  4. Detailed Information – Though no personal details of members are shared by the site, members do have access to the important details about other individuals on the site. They can match with other individuals based on astrology information, dietary preferences, spirituality, type of relationships they are seeking, and ecological preferences, etc.
  5. Testimonials – Over the years many people have found their spiritual life partner or made lifelong friends through this site, many such success stories are available for you to read and strengthen your belief that you are at the right place.
  6. Match percentage – The compatibility match percentage narrows down a few potential matches for you to initiate with. Along with this, you can have an astrological compatibility percentage as well. The match percentage for a complete profile or each section is also available for members to understand how compatible they are with a potential match.
  7. Modes of Communication – You have various options to communicate with your potential match, through Instant Messages, emails, or video chats.
  8. Safety and security – The profile of each and every individual who signs in, is manually checked before they are registered as a member on the site. This is done to authenticate the membership and safeguard the interest of each and every member.

Cons of Spiritual Singles

  1. The free members do enjoy the website's great basic features; they can communicate better at their wish and will, only if they subscribe to become paid members. Free members can only send and share a limited number of emails, messages, and other media.
  2. Sign up process is a bit lengthy. Also, not everyone is comfortable with writing an essay about themselves and their spiritual beliefs. People may be discouraged to join if the descriptive questions are mandatory to be filled.
  3. The Spiritual Singles dating website doesn’t have a mobile application. Just having a website to connect with your kind of people is a very yesteryear thing. Though the individuals who would be interested in joining the conscious dating sites may be awakened, that doesn’t make them any less tech-savvy. Not having a mobile app is definitely detrimental to the growth of this website.

Bottom Line

If we equate the pros and cons of this website, the pros do outnumber the cons. It definitely implies how this online spiritual dating website helps conscious individuals to find their soul mates. It’s easy to find people you are physically attracted to, but finding a match you can mentally connect with is rare. Finding someone you really connect with is like winning a lottery. And winning a lottery is all about chances. But unless you buy a ticket, you won’t win that lottery, right? So, why not take a chance on this platform to find someone who matches your worth. You can join for free, and try to explore. If you feel you can find individuals like you (which you definitely will), who are seeking evolved relationships with their spiritual partners, go ahead and subscribe. There is nothing to lose and probably a gain of a lifetime.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is conscious dating?

The literal meaning of being conscious is, being aware or awake or being mindful. When you date someone, what you are seeking is a partnership, connection, and acceptance. In a world full of algorithms, hashtags, filters, and followers; people seem to have forgotten the true importance of human connection. That is where conscious dating comes into the picture. Conscious or Spiritual dating is an award way of meeting and dating people. It’s about finding that one person, you have a deep emotional connection with. You embark on the path of conscious dating when you know who you are and what you want.  The awakening about your true self will help you to be mindful about whom you connect with. When you are self-aware, what you seek in your partner is a divine connection, unlike the casual dating or hook-up scene. There is something unbelievably refreshing about meeting like-minded individual, who is on the same life frequency as you. For a more in-depth explanation, please read Jill Crosby's article, The 7 Keys to Spiritual Dating

Where can I meet spiritual singles?

Spiritual Singles are people who value personal/spiritual growth. They have a strong sense of peace and purpose in life. They honor their personal freedom and seek loving relationships. Different people have different ideas about spirituality. For some it is veganism, for others, it is healing crystals or environmentalism, few indulge in yoga and meditation, others may have an interest in the metaphysical, while a few have a holistic lifestyle.  No matter what spirituality means to you, the idea is to find people who respect and share your beliefs and spiritual approaches.

The 21st century is a busy one. People do not have time, and it’s difficult for individuals to engage on a profound level. Online dating gives you the chance to connect with people in an easy and speedy way. But the mainstream dating websites and apps may not be able to do justice to your search for the conscious/spiritual connection. The reason being, online dating sites, and apps are just tools that help you to connect with people but may fail to find your eccentric match from a vast multitude of profiles. If you are looking for someone who can have a deeper level of emotional and mental connection with you, mainstream websites and apps may not be the right avenue for your search. It’s like finding a needle from the haystack. As an awakened soul, your niche desires can be sufficed by the conscious dating sites. This kind of dating site provides you with a platform to be yourself and find people who can celebrate themselves for who they are. There are various spiritual dating sites which can help you find enlightened souls with specific beliefs, core values, and interest.

You can also meet the spiritual singles in the physical world by attending spiritual events and retreats, workshops and classes, expos, and summits, where you get a chance to mingle with a person who walks the same spiritual path as you.

How can I find spiritual partner?

The spiritual connection is one of the strongest bonds one can ever have with someone. According to Gary Zukav and his wife Linda Francis, a relationship is called Spiritual Partnership when it is between equals for the purpose of spiritual growth. As per this definition, a Spiritual Partnership can be established not only between partners but many individuals who consider each other equal and act towards achieving mutual spiritual development. There are no fixed venues or avenues where you can suddenly stumble upon your spiritual partner. At times, it may just happen that you meet your soul mate when you least expect it. Other times, you have to make conscious efforts to find the one, who share the same life philosophies as you. The one you can call your spiritual partner.

The first step to find your spiritual partner is to find yourself first. Unless you are self-aware, you would never truly understand what you desire in your partner. Generally, the people to whom we are attracted are of a similar level of awareness to us. The second most important thing is, to love and accept yourself completely for who you are.

Spiritual partnerships have greater purposes in life. To find a spiritual partner, you have to cleanse and enlighten yourself first and then look for the divine match for yourself.

You can find your spiritual partner through friends, who have common ground and a psychic alignment with you. Or you can try various Spiritual/Conscious/Green dating sites where you can find individuals, who are just like you, pay as much attention to the divine needs and conscious connections. You can also meet your spiritual match at spiritual events and retreats.

Is Spiritual Singles legit?

Yes. Spiritual Singles is very much legit. It is the oldest, largest, exclusively spiritual/conscious network of online dating sites with 20 years of experience. It has helped conscious individuals find their connections and thousands of spiritual open-minded singles became couples. It has also helped foster lifelong friendships amongst the members.  Jill Crosby, the founder of spiritual singles started this niche dating site to help spiritually conscious people find their spiritual life partner. Spiritual Singles is the flagship site in the Conscious Dating Network (CDN). CDN has many spiritual/conscious/green dating sites.  No matter whichever site you join on the network, you will have access to all members from all the sites automatically. So without a hint of doubt, you can join Spiritual Singles and experience a truly conscious and fun dating environment with amazing members.

Is Spiritual Singles free?

You can sign-up for the website for free. As soon as you join, you have immediate access to the entire database of all the conscious members from around the world. You can join for free and be a free member as long as you like. Free membership comes with a few basic features. For better and advanced features, you need to be a premium member by upgrading the membership with a paid subscription. Below are the features which can be used for free and the ones that can be availed if you are a paid member.

Free Membership Features
  • You can create a full profile, and upload two pictures along with one video.
  • Can browse the site to find potential matches.
  • You can see the online members.
  • You can send interest to the match you like.
  • You can favorite profile and check it later.
  • Send ‘Hellos” (pre-written messages).
  • Other members can send you the message and you can reply to those messages.
  • The system provides you with suggested matches as per your defined preferences.
  • You can check your compatibility level with other members on the basis of Match Questions.
 Paid Features
  • You can send personally written emails and messages.
  • The facility of attaching pictures to the messages.
  • You can Initiate IM and communicate with as many people as you want.
  • You can upload extra photos (up to 20).
  • With a paid membership, you can add multiple videos.
  • You can see the astrology info of other members.

What is the success rate of Spiritual Singles?

Spiritual Singles is an eminent dating network for spiritually conscious individuals. It has over 91,000 members from across the globe. They have thousands of success stories to take pride in.

Apart from that, the conversion rate of free joins to paid subscribers is higher than most pay model dating sites (27% average). The system of the website works well and they are always looking to expand their reach and grow the membership.

Spiritual Singles has been online since the year 2000 and has provided a platform to thousands of individuals to unite with equally awake individuals having certain beliefs and values. Since the day of commencement, it has only strived to continuously improve and redefine itself. It is difficult to give a numerical figure of its success rate, but the success stories and testimonials of the members who found their ideal matches on the site speak for itself.

What is the difference between being spiritual and being religious?

The term religion and spirituality are often used interchangeably. But the two words are neither completely different nor completely same.

Religion is the service and worship of God or the supernatural.

Spirituality is experiencing the joy of connecting something eternal. It brings peace, harmony, and a purpose to your life. With this, you develop belief and start having meaningful connections with others. Your idea of spirituality can be veganism or being environmentally conscious, for others it can be something else. Everyone has different ways of expressing their spirituality. And each of them is correct as long as it connects you with your true self and gives you fulfillment, knowledge, and wisdom.

You can be spiritual without being religious. Also being religious doesn’t make you spiritual. Religion and spirituality can be two different things or religion can also lead you to your path of spirituality. The two may overlap for some or maybe completely different for others.

The main difference between the two is, Spiritual people learn and develop their beliefs based on their own experience; while religious people learn it based on the experiences they are told about by their religious founders. Religion emphasizes on “Believing” in someone or something. While spirituality is all about just “Being”, being at peace, being happy, and appreciating life for all the little things.

Who are the main competitors of spiritual singles?

Some other spiritual/conscious dating sites which compete with spiritual singles are:

  • MeetMindful
  • DharmaMatch
  • Just Spiritual Dating
  • Conscious Singles
  • The Spiritual Awakening Dating
  • Spiritual Dating
  • Natural Awakenings Singles