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Traditional online dating could be challenging for singles who are looking for love that lasts. With a scientific matchmaking system, promises to find at least one perfect love partner for you. They claim to be the reason behind 4% of the USA and UK’s new marriages, which is a quite promising fact. Currently, they have over 20 million registered users.

eHarmony has pushed the entire online dating industry to understand matchmaking from a scientific perspective. It excels at providing the best suitable match for you by using the time-tested matchmaking tools based on the principles of attraction. Founded in 2000, by Dr. Neil Clark Warren, a clinical psychologist, eHarmony is helping people find their love connect since then. The connections are based on background, personalities, and life goals. The site identifies itself as a serious online dating service where the majority of members are looking for serious relationships. It is an excellent matchmaking site for people who have marriage in their minds.

Take a closer look and explore all the features that this site has to offers.

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Regular Features

  • Patented personality-based 29-dimensional matchmaking system.
  • “SecureCall” is a secure phone line that allows users to chat without sharing personal contact details.
  • Special Profile badge offer that proves your identity. All you need is to answer 5 personal questions about yourself, for your account to be verified.
  • Paid members can view any profiles, photos, and send and receive messages.
  • Advice forums with special relationship tricks and tips from the experts.
  • The attractive and well-guided dashboard helps bring all the necessary information at just a click.

Special Features

  • Guided communication which helps the users to start up a conversation with a match.
  • “What-if” service helps users to browse additional profiles other than their matches. This feature transfers the control in the hands of the users rather than completely relying on the matchmaking tools.
  • An in-depth sign-up process which keeps scammers and online hackers at bay.
  • The book of you: A special personality report which reveals your personality cues. Here you can read five deeply descriptive chapters on your agreeableness, openness, emotional stability, conscientiousness, extraversion. All this knowledge will empower you to better understand your needs and expectations from your future partner.
  • “RelyID” is a unique verification system that lets other users know that your profile is genuine. This Special Profile badge offer proves your identity. The process is simple and you need to answer 5 personal questions to verify your account.
  • You get an extra 3 months Free services if you fail to find a match in the first 3 months of your subscription.

eHarmony Cost

Pricing of eHarmony is extremely affordable if you compare it with all its benefits. The paid subscription is available in different packages based on the duration you choose.


Price per month

Free Trial

6 months

$65.90Browse Profiles Free

12 months


Browse Profiles Free

24 months$35.90

Browse Profiles Free

It doesn’t offer a free trial. However, you can opt for a 3-day test drive option, and if you are not satisfied with the experience, you can always request a complete refund.

Ease of Use

eHarmony’s dating pool is huge and has a wide network of singles spread across 50 U.S. states and 200 countries. The entire pool adds up to 5 million visitors per month. It may lag from its competitors when it comes to numbers. However, it makes up by providing quality over quantity. The site has been on a continuous refining pathway since its inception and has nearly perfected the way people get hitched online.

This online dating site has a decent user interface and has a minimalistic design. Surprisingly, the users of the site prefer this design as the entire matchmaking process becomes hassle-free. The neat design streamlines the entire process and keeps the app clutter-free.

Sign up: A long sign up process that may lead you to a long happy marriage. To sign up you will answer a long questionnaire so that the algorithm can define your qualities and find you the best partner fit. One needs to have an ample amount of time in hand when they sit to create a profile. There are a couple of pages with basic everyday questions including hobbies and intuitive queries. It is a time-consuming process but finding your serious match is worth the effort.

Once you finish your questionnaire, the site will lead you to your dashboard. The dashboard is decent and sophisticated. Based on your test results the site suggests a decent number of matches to you.

Search and making contacts: It’s the 29-dimensional personality test that sets this online dating site apart from its counterparts. The moment you hit the submit button eHarmony’s mathematical matchmaking algorithm starts working in finding your perfect matches. The matches are sent to your inbox daily.

They don’t have a search feature, instead, they have a feature called “What if?” Where they suggest you 30 matches daily and lets your browse through them and find a match for yourself. Instead of spending long hours searching through profiles, the site encourages you to spend time adding details in their own profile. The experts and algorithms do all the hard work and spare you from tireless manual searches.

Based on the photos and initial profile visit you can decide which profile to contact. You can send a quick smile to the profiles after reading brief information about who they are. To start a conversation, you can pick up questions from the pre-set list of ice breakers, or you can customize your own messages.

Verification process: Your safety is the priority for eHarmony and they have more than one way to prove it. The long login and personality tests discourage scammers from entering the website.

They have a two-step filter process where, if they find any fake profiles the “RelyID”, an efficient ID verification system filters out the imposters. Along with this the “SecureCall” features allow the users to converse with each other without disclosing their digits. However, the only downfall here is that all these features are available in their paid packages.

Pros and Cons

Pros of eHarmony

  • Patented compatibility tests, which guarantees better matches.
  • An extensive list of safety features.
  • Guided communication features for people who mostly lost for words.
  • More successful results than any other online dating site.
  • Sophisticated matching.
  • Focus on quality.
  • Quality singles profile.

Cons of eHarmony

  • Expensive in comparison to other dating sites.
  • Not at all LGBTQ friendly. It directs you to its sister site
  • Suitable for people who are looking for committed relationships, it does not encourage casual relations.
  • No search options.
  • Long sign-up process.

Bottom Line

In the nutshell, eHarmony online dating site is ideal for people who are looking to settle down and disappointed in finding a serious relationship in the real world. With its worldwide network, the website allows you to find lasting love which till now seemed like a fairy tale.

Finding your perfect match depends on how diligently you fill your profile so that system can suggest the best love matches for you. Even if after all this, if you think it’s too much effort and time, you can check their premium services. You can get the help of a professional matchmaker and make your job easier, but all this is for an additional cost.

Right from its inception, the team behind the site has strived to create a safe and trustworthy online space for heterosexual individuals to find their perfect match. Overall eHarmony is proving all the statistics that show it is a reliable love matching system.

To sum it up, whether you are meeting online date for the first time or you have tried several sites before, if you are now serious about your relationship, eHarmony worth a try.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is eHarmony free?

The site offers free registration, but to enjoy it completely you might have to unlock some paid features.

Is eharmony worth it?

It all depends on what are your expectations of online dating. The site is well worth the amount you pay for premium services as it increases your chances to find a potential partner interested in long-term relationships.

How does eharmony work?

eHarmony utilizes its 29-dimensional personality test and based on your answers the system finds you a decent number of matches daily. You can contact these profiles after going through them.

Does eharmony work?

This site’s divorce rate is lower than the national average of 3.86% vs. 50%. This itself is one of the biggest proof, that the relationships formed on the website are meant to last. You will find thousands of couples who met through the site and are now happily married.

How much does it cost to join eharmony?

The subscription fee for premium services is relatively higher on eHarmony than other dating sites. For 6 months plan, you will have to spend $29.90/month, for 3 months its $29.95/month, and for 1 month it's $59.95/month. However, it does offer a 3-day free trial in which you can try all the features for free. If you are not happy with the trial, they will refund the full price.

Is eharmony a scam?

You may find few claims online claiming the site and its services as a scam and rip off. However, when you go in details you will find that they never understood the process and purpose of the site. Moreover, the reluctance to fill in the questionnaire diligently was the main reason for the failure. Also, one needs to understand there is a wide variety of online dating sites and none of them has a 100% success rate.

Is eHarmony safe?

All sites have their own measures to prevent scams and fake profiles. eHarmony ensures safety by preventing scams by validating members' profiles and they regularly filter the fake and inactive profiles.

How good is eharmony?

eHarmony has plenty of numbers, which shows that it is a good online dating site. According to the Wall Street Journal on an average of 15 million matches are made every day on this site. They are also responsible for 2% of US marriages in a year. No other online dating site can claim that.

What is the success rate of eHarmony?

The success rate of any website can be understood by two parameters. One of the successful matches that it created, and the divorce rate of the marriages created through the site. Approximately 542 people get married every day who were matched on eHarmony. According to Bloomberg, the divorce rate of couples who met on eHarmony is 3.86%, which is minimalistic in comparison to the national average rate of 50%.

Is eHarmony for serious relationships?

Yes, it is, very much a serious relationship site. A little heads up for people who are impatient and progressive people, or anyone who is looking for hookups; this site is not for you.

Why is eHarmony so expensive?

eHarmony is one of the costlier dating apps or sites in the industry. Read on to understand why the app/site is so expensive and why the price is justified. Reasons why eHarmony works out more expensive than other dating apps are:

  • eHarmony means serious business. It is not for people looking to hitch up one-time, have a single nightstand, or go on a no-committed non-serious one-night date. The platform invests a lot of time and resources in helping the users find serious partners or soulmates. That kind of investment from the platform entails money, more money than platforms offering usual services.
  • The higher costs also ensure that only serious people sign-up, and there are no fraudsters or pranksters as users. The increased monetary amount keeps the non-serious group of people at bay. It is a good sign for serious users since they can be confident that they will meet only committed people on the platform.
  • The matching algorithm entails heavy financial investment for the platform. It uses proprietary software for personality matches that involves a complex algorithm to determine the compatibility of one person with the other. The algorithm is pretty accurate and has been developed by the platform over several years. To access such service, there is, of course, an incremental cost that the user needs to pay.
  • eHarmony offers premium services to users and has credible branding to live up to. To create exclusivity in the market, it needs to invest in various campaigns involving digital and print ads that cost money. This is one of the reasons why it has priced its packages considerably higher than its competitors.
  • It is also noteworthy that clients who sign-up with this dating site are willing to pay the high costs, which adds to the exclusivity and reliability of the platform. Additionally, there are some great success stories that add power to its presence. That is why clients are eager to sign-up for their premium services and don’t mind paying a higher amount. Since service buyers are ready to pay, there is no reason to reduce package pricing for paid subscriptions.
  • It offers premium paid services to users like messaging, emailing services, and even video calling services where clients can get in touch with one another without getting all contact details. Users can also look at who viewed their profile.

eHarmony process is very detailed, unlike many other dating sites where you sign in and start to look at pictures and chat almost instantly. This calls for additional charges that make the process very trustworthy. Here, you cannot just start the communication process with potential matches. It begins with questions about yourself, quizzes, etc., building up the excitement levels.

It is a very effective process in helping many people find their soulmates and settle down. The higher costs are due to such well-defined and high-end personalized services. Also, it is a safe platform, much safer than many competing dating sites. All of this, for sure, comes at an incremental cost.

Does eHarmony perform a background check?  

eHarmony does not conduct the conventional background checks that you would expect from a matchmaking company. It is, however, still one of the leading dating platforms in the world. It is due to the 80-question smart Compatibility Quiz that grills the user when answering questions to get to the bottom of the intent, interest, preference, likes and dislikes. Its algorithms have been aligned to encourage healthy and long-lasting relationships. The last thing you will ever encounter is spam or fake profiles, though the possibility always exists.

At all costs, eHarmony does not conduct criminal background checks but keeps a lookout for unusual activities online on the platform.

What is an eHarmony free trial?  

eHarmony offers a free trial for users wherein they can experiment and find if the site suits them and meet their expectations or not. Under the free trial, you can:

  • Create your profile
  • Upload your photos
  • Search for people in your near vicinity
  • Read the profiles of these matches.
  • Sometimes, it offers certain free promotional offers opening a few of the paid services for new users on a free trial. However, the official confirmation about this and relevant details are available at the official site only.
  • Access some features of the Compatibility Quiz.

Remember, the free trial has plenty of restrictions. For example, you cannot see the photo of the profile you are interested in. Or, you cannot contact the other person, send them a message, call them, and so on. To enjoy premium services, you will need to sign-up for a paid subscription. The fact is that the paid membership has so many customized services that it will take your dating scene to the other level.

How to unblur eHarmony messages? 

eHarmony keeps messages and photos of clients blurred until and unless you have taken paid subscription. For clients on the free trial, the platform allows you to create your profile and search for compatible profiles. Still, you are not allowed to send a message, communicate or see the photograph, access communication details of the other profile, etc. All of these features are blurred, which is unblurred only when the user becomes a paid subscriber.

Thus, you have no other way to unblur the messages and photos. The only way is to join the premium membership of the platform and access all top-end customized services offered by the reputed dating site. Once you have paid and become a premium member, you can message and communicate with all profiles who are interested in you and vice versa.