His Secret Obsession Review (2022)

Commitment and Honesty are the biggest issues faced by any woman in a relationship.
The Dating and Relationship expert James Bauer claims to solve this problem in his best-selling book, His Secret Obsession.

Confused about what men want?

You are not alone. It’s a common scenario where women struggle to understand what men want or need. Even while being in a relationship, they feel alone. Many women convince themselves that men live in a completely different universe from theirs.

Several authors came very close to women’s aid and help them understand what goes inside the male brain. However, most failed to do justice.

While researching through such books we came across His Secret Obsession and its author James Bauer. Our experts review various products and services that claim to be life-changing. Several of our users keep requesting reviews of certain books, authors, and dating sites. That’s when we came to know about this life changing program and the hype around it.

Two of our experts (male and female) took the task to read the book cover to cover and try a few suggestions. To their surprise, they started seeing the results almost instantly. After a few months of several trials and errors, they gave their verdict about the book.

The below information is the amalgamation of our expert’s reviews and real-life reviews of our users.

What is His Secret Obsession?

His Secret Obsession is an excellent guide specially created for women to finally get the romantic relationship they have always dreamt of. The handy guide can help women break their endless loop of jumping from one failed relationship to another. This program taps into men's inner insight and explains in detail the primal instincts that dominate all their decisions. Although we cannot categorize all men into the same bracket, the techniques advised in the book works aptly to solve most of the common relationship issues.

The book in detail discusses male psychology and its mode of dealing with relationships. For example,

Why do men start losing interest in a relationship and what makes them feel challenging to engage in long-term relations?

His Secret Obsession PDF also explains why men pull out of a relationship at the most unsuspected time.

The exciting part about this awesome guide is how it surprises you. It breaks every traditional notion you had about relationships. This does not stop itself at merely explaining how to hold onto a guy. It goes much beyond that. It can help women break their own conditioning of believing “Men being Men.” It guides you on how to go beyond your own conditioning and understand the importance of self-love and self-confidence.

Click on the below link and learn how to amaze a man and create the relationship that you always dreamt of. Discover what all men are secretly obsessed with.

It’s something he craves…

More than LOVE…

More than MONEY…

Even more than SEX…

The one secret obsession that holds the key to winning a man’s HEART, ATTENTION, and DEVOTION.

Who is James Bauer?

James Bauer is a bestselling author, psychologist, and renowned relationship coach. James has worked with thousands of men and women for over a decade. He has been instrumental in strengthening their relationships and solve critical relationship issues.

During this duration, he extensively studied the psychology of men and the factors that affect their relationships. All his experience and knowledge sublimated to form his theory of “The Hero Instinct.”

His approach towards the men and women relationship is formulated by his keen observational skills and professional experience. He has a deep insight into human psychology and its nuances.

He has authored and co-authored a couple of well-rated books like “Relationship Rewrite Method by James Bauer,” “The Gender War,” and his best-seller of all times, “His Secret Obsession.”

Is His Secret Obsession legit?

James’s book restricts itself to tangible steps that a woman can easily incorporate. The book does not offer any out of the world solution to natural relationship troubles. It does not even claim to change everything magically. Although many readers claim the results are nothing but magical.

According to our experts, the simple techniques provided in the book help you change your in-built perspective about the relationship and its modalities. The shift of focus the book provides is a game-changer and has saved several relationships from falling apart. You can’t overlook the facts while going through the detailed explanation of the hero instinct and its interlinked impulses. It may even surprise you how all this was right in front of your eyes, but you never noticed it.

Is His Secret Obsession worth it?

James Bauer’s His Secret Obsession PDF and Audio Book is unarguably worth buying for all its techniques, strategies, and insightful explanation. The best part here is that the book answers all our relationship issues as a couple and explains in detail how to fix them. The book is full of little pearls of wisdom and tips based on human psychology.

To top it all, the book comes with a 60-Day money-back guarantee. 2 months is an ample amount of time to evaluate the worth of any product or service that your purchase. Therefore, we recommend the book is well worth the price when we compare everything it offers.

His Secret Obsession offers the wisdom and guidance of an accomplished relationship expert who had spent more than a decade in the industry. Even if you are not looking for a relationship, you can buy this book for its insightful revelation about your personality.

What is inside His Secret Obsession Book?

The book is broken down into several parts. All the parts individually cover different aspects of male psychology. The book follows a practical approach to provide women the interesting workings of the male mind. Below are the main sections of the book:

Section 1: The Hero Instinct Foundation

In this section, James explains the secret and primal evolutionary psychology that forms the foundation of the book. The main reason and force that keeps man obsessed with you. The book explains how Hero Distinct is deeply wired into men and how women can utilize this to their advantage. And ultimately build a stronger and long-term relationship with the love of their lives.  Scroll further to know more about The Hero Instinct.

Section 2: Practical Strategies

In this section, James explains to you all the techniques and tips that can help you trigger the hero instinct. It does not stop at merely providing you some bullet points. It further explains how to put these techniques into practice. These practical strategies are the golden nuggets and highlight of His Secret Obsession eBook. These techniques are described based on the relationship stages.

A glimpse of a few techniques:

  • The attraction stage: The book has several techniques you can use when you first start going out with the guy. You can also use this knowledge to attract a man.
  • The dating falling apart stage: These techniques can be utilized when your man tries to pull away from a relationship. The book clearly explains the reasons for such occurrence and how to resolve it through psychological insights.
  • The Re-spark stage: Not just men but women too can lose interest in relationships. The book helps women understand why men’s interest tends to fade away with time. Women can learn several techniques to keep the spark alive so that both can have blissful life together.
  • The Ex-back stage: Not just the current man in your life, James has techniques to get your ex-bf back. The tips explain how to connect to the old flame and rekindle romance, just like the initial dating stages.

What is the Hero Instinct?

Women who are keen on understanding how a male mind works must read this section deeply. James claims that every man has instinctive needs when it comes to romantic relationships. The amazing thing about these needs is that men themselves are not consciously aware of them.

The Hero Instinct is the primal and inner desire to be the everyday hero. Not your typical “Super-Hero,” but an everyday hero to the women they are in a relationship with. According to James, this instinct is so powerful that it supersedes all the others. It flows as an undercurrent and not easy to observe. Hero Instinct, in simpler words, is the basic psychological urge to feel needed and wanted.

James firmly believes all men are drawn towards partners who make them feel like a hero. These are strong claims, but surprisingly they work.

How do you trigger a guy's hero instinct?

The answer to this question is explained in the second section of the book “Practical Strategies.” This section is the actual blueprint for triggering the man’s hero instinct. The books explain 5 simple ways that you can trigger the hero instinct in your guy.

  1. Ask for his help: Start with something small, like a small errand in the house. Later escalate that to seeking their advice on an important decision in your life. When a man is part of your life, he genuinely wants to be the first person you turn to for help.
  2. Show your appreciation: Let him know the appreciation you feel for him for all the big and small things he does for you. Also, appreciate him for his achievements, however small they are—for example, skipping French fries as a step to a healthier life. This basic human instinct is inculcated and ingrained in our psychology. Irrespective of your gender, age, or background, we all love to be appreciated.
  3. Boost his confidence: One aspect of hero instinct is to be respected by his peers. This means not putting him down in front of his friends or work buddies. Though it is a bit ego-driven, providing a positive ego boost is not like feeding an arrogant ego. The crux lies in finding the balance between preventing a man’s pride and feeding his illogical arrogance.
  4. Make sure he makes you happy: If you talk about good men, they always try to supersede from providing the basics to the lovely woman in their lives. A man always strives to do more than just a roof over the head and a meal on the table. He always wants to make a woman happy. Help him to understand you better and the things that make you happy. Do not expect them to figure everything out on their own. It's good to keep a few things a mystery in a relationship, but these are genuine help that you can provide him to do better.
  5. Encourage him to be his best self: Most men are self-driven. However, they still need someone to push themselves to perform a few notches higher. A bit of encouragement can work wonders and help built his trust in you. This action can help him rely on you more and see you in a different light.
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His Secret Obsession 12 Word Phrase

This is the list of 12-word text that you can use on your guy to trigger the hero instinct. The book frequently shares the example of Rachel, one of James's close friend and client. Rachel always hung back in her relationship, which ultimately leads to complete silence from her boyfriend’s side.

James gave her these 12-word texts, which not only made her boyfriend break his silence, but he also came right back to her. And now they are happily living together where their bond is getting stronger with each passing year.

We can’t reveal the exact text here for the simple reason we are legally not allowed to do so. This list of 12-word text is a powerful tool to instantly trigger the hero instinct and has proven to be very impactful. You will have to buy the book to know more about the 12-word text.

How much does it cost? (Pricing of His Secret Obsession Book)

The book is currently available at the price of $47 for eBook and audiobook. The book is available for instant download; you don’t have to wait for weeks to receive it through the mail.

Ensure to grab the program only through the official website to get all the bonuses and 60 days money-back guarantee.

The Pros of His Secret Obsession

Everything we review comes with its own share of pluses and minuses. A glance at the pros and cons of His Secret Obsession can tell a lot in a few words. It can help you to form a decision, whether this book is for you or not.

Let’s begin with what we liked about this book.

Complete dating guide: The comprehensive dating guide of 200 pages along with few bonus materials is all you need to find success in your relationship. It provides valuable insight into how a woman must approach a relationship and how male psychology works. It is also an extremely valuable book for men as it can help them understand a lot about their personality. Being emotionally available is not a common trait in most men—the book advises how to develop the trait and be a more responsive partner. Moreover, men can also understand why their past relationship never worked out and how to approach the future one.

Practical steps: The book is far from the complicated jargon-filled language used by other dating advice books. James has simplified each process and gave practical solutions to otherwise complex looking problems. Remember that James has been working with several men and women for the past many years. He knows what works and what doesn’t. The book gives you exact phrases and text, and guidelines on when to use them. You just need to implement them and see the amazing results.

Backed by research: All of James’s claims are supported by the latest research in psychology. It is not another dating advice book that goes gaga over science but is far from reality. Although we do not agree with all the claims made in the book, most of the reasonings provided are compelling and very accurate.

Emphasizes on Communication: His Secret Obsession emphasizes a lot on communication—both verbal and non-verbal. The importance of communication holds more importance in today’s time when the couple hardly gets any quality time together. Books explain how the mode of communication differs for both genders. The women can utilize this to be a better communicator to make their partner more receptive.

Easy to understand: James has used engaging and straightforward language in the book. Simplifying the complex topic into easily understandable points is the writing specialty of James.

Money-Back Guarantee: Not many authors have the confidence to offer 100% money back if readers don’t like the book. The 60-day money-back guarantee makes this a no-risk deal. You have nothing to lose but to gain a lot.

One-click download: His Secret Obsession is an eBook and is instantly available in PDF format. All you need is to click on the download link below and make payment.

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The Cons of His Secret Obsession

We stick to honest review and tell you why the book might not work for you. We enjoyed reading the book, but we can’t look past some points which stop it from being the best dating book for women.

No paperback version available: If you are someone who loves the feel of paper in your fingers while reading, you may miss that in this book. The book is currently available in only eBook and audio format. We preferred the audio version more than the ebook format. The soothing and calming voice was an interesting way to understand the theories and strategies.

Putting all men in the same bracket: You can’t fail to notice that the tone of writing has tried to paint all men with the same brush. We found this point somewhat condescending. All humans have some common traits and some very distinct ones. You may even feel many characteristics mentioned in the book can also be observed in women.

Pricey: For an eBook, the price of $47 may not sound much for some buyers. If you reside in a country where the currency difference between the dollar and local currency is steep, the price can pinch you a bit more. The book also comes with a Free eBook, “The Attraction Triggers.” However, it is a limited time offer. So, grab it before it goes.

New Free eBook for 2022: The Attraction Triggers

Do you want to make men fall in love and stay always in love with you? Then this book provides you the critical insight into the common and predictable patterns men depict. You can utilize them to your advantage and make that special man fall in love.

The book can be termed as an extension of His Secret Obsession. The Attraction Triggers elaborates the practical techniques to trigger and activate aspects that can help you form long-lasting relationships.

Does His Secret Obsession really work?

His Secret Obsession is a complete dating and relationship guide that gives exciting insights to women. The simple and practical steps are easy to understand and easy to implement. The whole guide revolves around tapping into men’s Hero Instinct and effective methods to trigger it. It works across ages and socio-cultural backgrounds. However, you need to understand how to utilize these techniques to extract the best out of it.

Should I buy His Secret Obsession Book?

It is potentially one of the most detailed and realistic dating guides for women. Even if you have tried other books and failed to get anything good out of it. James Bauer has incorporated some new ideas that readers may not find anywhere else. The book is aimed at straight women.

Do not mistake this book to be a sex guide. It has a holistic approach towards heterosexual relationships and things surrounding them. You must not miss out on the book if you believe you need to change something in your relationship to make it stronger.

Real Results (Customer Reviews)

You can find tons of testimonials online, which can help you in decision making. Some people have praised His Secret Obsession for saving their relationships, while some have outright rejected it as a scam. But is His Secret Obsession a scam? We beg to differ. Our experts have definitely found it to be helpful and thought-provoking.

I read the book cover to cover in one go. I could relate to every word in it. It made me realize what went wrong in my previous relationships and helped save my current one. – Gracy Garcia

The book was a gift from my cousin, who knew about the troubles I was having in my relationship. I sat on it for weeks before finally reading it one weekend. I have just used some of the tips from the book, and the results surprised me. I am yet to use all of the tips but still want to say that this is book is worth your time. – Mindy Cooper

Thank you, James, for saving my marriage. My marriage was going through some rough patches after the birth of my second child. I never allowed my husband to help me. I was not ready to let go of my insecurities in seeking help. But this book helped me to break my pre-conceived notion about relationships and ask for help. – Martha S.

I am grateful to James for restarting our stagnant marriage. My wife has become more open to me and started sharing a lot of her emotional and physical load. – Steward Smith (Martha’s Husband)

Final Verdict

We review various online products and services, but we have not come across anything as unique as His Secret Obsession. The simplistic style adopted by James Bauer to explain male psychology and ways to maneuver through that is the best part of the book. The audio version has a smooth and confident tone, which is influencing.

All the bonus material that comes along with the book are definitely a value addition. Plus, you have a 60-day money-back guarantee, which gives you the confidence to go ahead without any risk. So, if you find that the book is not for you, you can always claim a refund.

The current price is fair and offers exceptional results to a woman who diligently commits to implementing the tips suggested in the book. The eBook has everything you practically need to build a successful, long-lasting relationship.