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What is the Success Rate of eHarmony?

Success Rate of eHarmony

eHarmony Success Rate

The popularity of the online dating industry has become pretty obvious in the last few years. Globally, the market worth was about USD 7.35 Billion in 2020, but by 2028, it is projected to go beyond USD 10.87 Billion.

eHarmony is known to be the best site for single people to find serious and committed relationships. Read the complete review of eHarmony. The site uses an innovative time-tested comprehensive personality test or the Compatibility Matching System that matches or gives recommendations based on varied compatibility criteria. The test looks for people with similar temperaments, backgrounds, interests, and life goals.

A short look into the past of eHarmony

eHarmony was founded in 2000. It was founded in Los Angeles by clinical psychologist Neil Clark Warren and his son-in-law, Greg Forgatch. It was the first-ever algorithm-based online dating site. Ever since 2004, the site has been reporting profits, and by 2009, the cumulative revenue of the dating site was in excess of $1 Billion. In 2012, the site’s market share in the American dating industry was 14%.

At present, it is owned by Nucom e-commerce which is a JV between ProSiebenSat.1, a German media company, and General Atlantic, an American private equity firm.

What Do Statistics Say About eHarmony’s Success?

User Stats/Demographics

  • Across North America, the UK, and Australia, the user base of eHarmony is about 20 million.
  • Overall, the online dating site has 51 million users.
  • The app is used in 200+ countries globally.
  • 200 million+ photos are exchanged and used on the site annually.
  • 15,000 and more people fill in the details of the compatibility quiz every day.
  • 15 million and more matches are made by the site every year.
  • 51% of the users are men, and 49% are women.
  • Every week there are 2.3 million and more messages exchanged on the platform.
  • The average age of the user in 2022 at the site is about 28 years.

Relationship Stats

  • Since its inception, it has played the cupid for over 2 million relationships.
  • About 532 marriages in the US daily occur at present due to eHarmony.
  • 2 to 4% of all marriages in the US are due to this.
  • Every 14 minutes, a new love match is formed on this dating site.
  • In its 20+ years of existence, the site has facilitated about 600,000 marriages.
  • On average, a user might take about 8 months to find a serious match or partner on this.
  • Almost 26% of people who meet on this dating site have lesser chances of heading for a divorce.

A survey on online dating sites covering nearly 4,000 couples compiled the following stats about eHarmony:

  • About 87% of people who met on eHarmony and married are still in love.
  • About 80% of these people are happy with their spouses.
  • An amazing 78% of the people who married, thanks to eHarmony, say they would marry the same person again.
  • The site features high user satisfaction – almost 97% – as most respondents in a survey have mentioned that they would prefer the site to others looking for love.
  • Only a negligible percentage – one out of ten people – said that they are not happy with their spouses found on eHarmony and regret their choice.
  • The survey found that every fifth relationship amongst the respondents had started on eHarmony.
  • 90% of users are likely to get married as per the study.
  • Another report states that almost 5% of US adults registered on this look for serious dates and long-term relationships.

The success rate of eHarmony as a dating site/app

The data above prove beyond any doubt that the site has a commendable track record in the online dating industry. The site has an impeccable and unparalleled 80% success rate, a record that probably very few online paid dating sites have been able to achieve. The huge success is attributed to the famed Compatibility Matching System.

The site features multiple couple success stories, which are pretty inspirational for all young singles looking for serious matches.

A study by the University of Chicago concluded that users of eHarmony have better chances of marrying, and there are lesser chances of a divorce. It is primarily because the psychology-based compatibility test that is responsible for matching up individual profiles. The site's algorithms are majorly scientifically-based. 

Is eHarmony successful?

As per eHarmony’s online dating statistics, 40% of Americans or about 40 million Americans, are going online to find their dates. Surprisingly men are using online dating sites more than their female counterparts. As per the report published in 2021, 52.4% of men were dating online vis-a-vis 47.6% of women choosing online apps and sites for dating.

Considering that most women are not looking for hook-ups and time-pass – only 33% want to fulfill their sexual fantasies – eHarmony becomes the ideal choice for people looking for long-term relationships to sign-up and look for a date.

Another interesting piece of data is the divorce rate of the site vis-a-vis the National Average. As per the latest data available from official sources, the eHarmony divorce rate is somewhere around 3.86%. The National Average is about 50%. The reason behind this vast disparity can be attributed to the Compatibility Quiz that matches partners psychologically.

The powerful algorithm of the site is the main driving force behind such outstanding results. The questionnaire focuses on 29 various compatibility factors or dimensions, which means that when you meet a match on this dating website, you both are in sync with one another. This becomes a thriving ground for romantic connections.

Instead of people finding their matches manually and then experimenting to find compatible traits with eHarmony, the site does most of the work. And, it is not a manual process but a tech-driven process – so the levels of accuracy are likely to be higher.

The other angle to eHarmony’s success rate is the kind of credibility and reputation the site enjoys in the online dating community. In the field of marital satisfaction, the site enjoys an incredibly high level compared to other sites. As the statistics and data above reveal, couples who have met and dated at eHarmony are far happier and enjoy higher levels of satisfaction compared to couples who have met and dated at other online dating sites.

So, if you want a serious commitment and wish to find a romantic partner for life, then eHarmony is the answer. eHarmony paid membership opens the doors to exploring new relationships with people who are compatible with you and share a similar dedication to finding serious dates.

Not just that, the site has special categories for different groups of people, for example, there are separate segments called eHarmony Senior Dating, Christian Dating, Black People Dating, Jewish Dating, Asian Dating, Hispanic Matchmaking, French Canadian dating, LGBTQ+ and more. The site works fabulously for one and all across multiple such groups and segments of society.