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How to Enable, Set Up, and Use Facebook Dating?

Enabling Facebook Dating

How to Activate Facebook Dating?

Facebook launched its dating feature in 2019. Ever since, there have been various updates. The good part is that Facebook dating takes the best of both worlds – Tinder and Bumble, in this case – both are popular relationship apps. One of the pros of Facebook Dating is that it is absolutely free, unlike many other platforms from the same niche.

This is a guide to help you activate, set it up, and use Facebook dating from your Android and iOS devices.

Facebook Dating is a mobile add-on or app, which means that users cannot access the feature from their desktops or web browsers. Users need to be 18 years and above to use this feature of Facebook. Also, this feature ensures your details are all kept private and are not shared even to your FB Account.

Setting up Facebook Dating

Here are the steps to activate Facebook Dating:

  • Download the Facebook App. Open it.
  • Go to the menu (three lines). You will find the lines in the lower-right corner.
  • Go to the ‘All Shortcuts Section.'
  • Search Dating.
  • If you cannot find Dating, you can scroll down and click on ‘See More.'
  • Click or tap ‘Dating.'
  • Dating gets started.
  • Follow the instructions thereof to finish the setup process.

Enabling Facebook Dating

  • You can choose between ‘Complete profile manually' or ‘Preview suggested profile.' In this case, you can share your photo and location to activate your Facebook Dating.
  • Your Facebook Dating profile is visible to every one of the Facebook Dating communities.
  • You need to enter – Name, Age, Gender Identity, Hometown, Job Title, Company, High School, College, Grad School, and more. In most cases, Facebook will automatically import data from your Facebook profile. But, you can still add specific details to your Dating profile.
  • Use the location feature only if you are looking at meeting people from your local region.
  • Mention your height, religion, and other details like if you are divorced, number of kids, etc., if you wish to share such details with others.
  • You need to click on confirm to publish and activate your profile.
  • In case you wish to edit any detail or item, tap the Pencil. To delete an item, you need to tap on X.

How to use Facebook Dating?

Every time you want to use the Facebook Dating app, you need to go to the three-line menu and click on Dating. To use the app, follow these tips:

  • On the top, there are three buttons – Profile, Liked You, and Matches.
  • At the top right, there is a Gear button.
  • The profile button can be used to make changes to your profile. You can add and remove photos and text using this button. Any detail concerning you can be tweaked from here.
  • Liked You button is a button that gives you information about someone who has liked your profile. If you respond by liking the profile, then the particular profile will appear in your ‘Matches' section.
  • The Matches button shows you profiles where you and the opposite party have liked each other. The profiles will appear as photos, and you can click a photo to initiate a conversation. All active chats appear in the lower part of the page.
  • The Gear button is used when you find an ideal match. You can use this button to customize your profile further for that person. For example, you can enter your age, gender, language, etc.
  • When you open another person's profile, the photo of the person will occupy the central part of the page. You need to use the Heart button to like the profile. Alternately, you can use the X button to dislike the profile.
  • If you want more details about the profile, you need to tap on the photo.
  • You can swipe left to dislike a profile and right to like a profile.

You will find another interesting section on the app called ‘More to Explore.' Here, there are multiple options. These are:

  1. Second Look – This option lets you look at profiles you had previously disliked.
  2. Events in Common – When you sign-up for Facebook Events, its algorithms work to find matches for you based on people attending the same event.
  3. Groups in common – Similarly, if you are part of a Facebook Group, the FB algorithms find matches for you from the same groups.
  4. Secret Crush – You can use this button to mark someone as a crush. You can choose from your Facebook friends' list or even from Instagram followers. Remember to link your Instagram Account with your FB Dating profile for this. At a time, you are allowed to add up to nine crushes. Once you add a profile as a crush, the person gets a notification. If he/she also marks your profile as a secret crush, your identity is revealed, else it remains concealed. However, if your secret crush is not yet on Facebook Dating, or they do not add you to their secret crush list, then they will not know that you have a crush on them.

Tips to find a match on Facebook Dating

  • When setting up the profile, you will be asked to enter the gender/s you are keen to meet using this service.
  • There are options like cis woman, cis man, trans woman, trans man, and non-binary person. Choose as per your preference.
  • All your information will be confidential and never shared with any potential matches.
  • FB will recommend matches only from profiles who are signed up for FB Dating.
  • All recommendations will be solely based on your interests and preferences. Some of the suggestions will be based on what you do on Facebook, like FB Groups or events you attend.
  • None of your FB friends will make it to your ‘Matches' list until both of you mark each other as a secret crush.

Tips on contacting a match

Once you have found a match, how to contact him or her. These are the things to do:

  • No need to swipe or do anything else.
  • Simply comment on the FB Dating Profile.
  • You can alternately like the profile to show your interest in them.


Facebook Dating is safe for you to meet someone online. But, before meeting the person face-to-face, engage and converse with him or her and get to know them a bit better. Also, keeping your friends and family informed about this new person is a good idea.