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How to Fix Facebook Dating Not Showing Up?

Facebook Dating Not Showing Up

Fixing the Facebook Dating not Showing up

Many a time, Facebook Dating users get messages like – ‘App not showing up' or ‘App not working' or ‘App crashing.' This content talks about why the App fails to show up at times and how to fix the issue.

Why does my Facebook Dating App not show up?

Below are some of the main reasons for not showing the Facebook Dating App:

  • Connectivity issues.
  • Age limit issues that will not allow you to continue creating your profile.
  • The cache on your mobile is not clear.
  • The feature is still not available in your geographic region.
  • Notifications are disabled.
  • You have deleted Facebook Dating. Remember it won't be available for seven days from the date of deletion.

How to Fix It?

Here are some of the ways to fix the issue of FB Dating not showing up or not loading or the problem of the app getting crashed continues.

  1. Facebook Dating App can be down: First of all, verify that the App is working alright for others. If the App is down, it will not show up or load. Check online websites' social media sites like Twitter, refer to official press releases, etc., for information from other users of the App.
  1. Update: Update the App if you have missed the updations. One of the first steps to take on priority is to check the App Store or Play Store if there are new updates to the App. If yes, go ahead and upgrade the application. If you turn on automatic updates while downloading the App, you don't have to do it manually every time. Once you have completed the process, run the application and check if it is working fine or not.
  1. Connectivity problems: It could be your Wi-Fi or Mobile Data. Sometimes the issue could be the internet connection. It could be slow, unstable, or bad. Please switch off the Wi-Fi connection and switch it on again after five minutes. Similarly, there could be an issue with your Mobile Data. Contact your service provider in case of a persistent problem.
  1. Turn on the Location: When you start to use the App the first time, you will need to keep the ‘Location' on your phone. You can set it from the Gear icon on the Facebook Dating feature. Choose ‘Location' from Permissions. Toggle on the option to let FB access your location.
  1. Turn on Facebook Notifications: Many a time, when the Notifications are not on, there could be an issue with the App. Go to Settings on your phone. Select Apps & Notifications – from the list, pick Facebook. The toggle button should be on to receive notifications.
  1. Clear your Mobile Cache: The device cache can get corrupted due to errors. In that case, FB will not load or open. So, it is essential to clear the cache from time to time. Open the App setting. Go to App, search Facebook. Click on storage and click on ‘Clear Cache.'
  1. Restart your phone: Sometimes, the App does not open due to the phone not working well. You could try by switching off the phone and then switching it on.
  1. App issues: There could be inherent issues with the App. Sometimes, an application can give you a problem. At such times, uninstalling the App and then re-installing the same can do wonders. In this way, if there are any app-related issues, they can be fixed.
  1. Facebook Support: Get in touch with Facebook Support Service. If the glitch continues and the FB application fails to load or does not show up, proceed ahead and get in touch with the Facebook help center. Send them an email or chat online to let them know the issue and accordingly either fix it or suggest ways to resolve it.


Although it's very easy to enable and use Facebook Dating, at times it can create minor issues. Different kinds of messages show up when the Dating App from Facebook creates problems. These issues are sometimes simple and sometimes complicated. It could be that the App is not loading, or the App keeps crashing. It could also be that the App is not showing only in the FB app. Sometimes, photos don't load, notifications do not show, and other features often fail to show up when using the software. Using the different methods mentioned above, you can try to fix the issues by yourself.