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Good Online Dating Profiles to Copy for Females

Good Online Dating Profiles to Copy and Paste

If you are reading this here, it could mean that you have already signed up on a few trusted online dating sites and apps or you are interested in online dating. Hopefully, you have uploaded your best clicks because photographs are so crucial in getting you to your ‘Mr. Right.’ What next? Of course, the dating profile.

We’ll talk about a few catchy and impressive dating profiles online that you can simply copy and get started with the dating game. However, before we do that, here are a few tips for writing striking profiles in case you wish to put on the creative cap and write your own.

What is a dating profile?

Online dating is changing the way we meet potential lifetime partners, spouses, short-term lovers, and so on. This has become one of the best places for interested men and women to meet one another.

A dating profile or bio is like your introduction – the very first few words that you tell the other person about yourself. This is the line (or a couple of texts) that not just describes who you are but also tells the reader about what you want in a partner.

There is no rule of the game, so it can be as contextual as you wish it to be. The point is to use words that help beat the swiping culture that seems to have been growing steadily ever since online dating took birth. Especially when using dating apps, people just swipe through. Your purpose should be to catch the attention of one or multiple of those swipers who are bored with the same old stuff.

Why is it essential to write good attractive profiles?

You would ask when photos can be uploaded; why bother with words? That is where the catch is. Photographs undoubtedly attract a lot of attention; in most cases, unwanted attention too. It is easy to get caught in the virtual trap of meeting people who are just there for fun, to have sex, to sleep around, and move on. Some scammers are simply looking at taking advantage – emotionally, physically, and financially.

That is why it is important to use words to filter out such people. Also, with an appealing profile, you will seem to be more legit than many others who just randomly put anything in their bios.

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Tips to Write Captivating Online Dating Profiles for Females

  • All dating apps work differently, even if they seem to be the same. This means that one-size-fits-all doesn’t really work here. Try and create different profiles for different apps. What might work for eHarmony won’t certainly work for Tinder!
  • Your profile should be as brief as possible. It should be just enough to catch the attention of a potential partner.  Maybe a line long, not more than that.
  • Your profile can be clever, funny, inspirational, emotional, intriguing, and so on.
  • Stick to honesty because you never know who will fall for you. You wouldn’t want to come across as fake later on.
  • Make your profile look positive to attract positive people.
  • Point out the specifics rather than keep things very basic and generic. That way, you will catch the eye of a like-minded person or someone who finds the attributes challenging.

25 Great Dating Profiles to Copy for Females

1. Daring and bold, enthusiastic conversationalist who loves to brood, talk, discuss, and listen. That’s me. I am looking for a partner who can digest all of these with a pinch of salt. You are the right one if you have a sarcastic sense of humor.

2. My ideal pastime is taking long silent walks on beaches with my special man. The idealistic romantic I am, I love the concept of hand-in-hand. If you are someone who doesn’t mind taking occasional vacations (almost every weekend) to the beaches, I think we are meant to be. Why not drop a line?

3. I have your name carved on my heart. I know it for sure. I can feel it as I live with it day and night. Can’t see the name, though, obviously, as it’s inside me! It’s your turn to bare your heart and show me if it has my name on it or not. Let’s do it soon!

4. Looking for companionship, not any serious relationship or marriage whatsoever. Just want to have a nice fulfilling, and memorable time together. If you think the same, let’s meet. Else, all the best in your search.

5. I love guys with messy hair and crisp beards. I love when they make funny noises to irritate you throughout the day. Want to spend the Sundays and days off with you, catching up on the latest on Netflix, red wine, and pizzas. Game?

6. A weirdo, an IT nerd, always with my bags packed for official travel for a new project. Too less spare time, but wish to spend it all with that one special guy who is willing to be all mine without any complaints.

7. Me love all things good in life. Your smile, a glass of wine! Read, write, and dine. Intend to travel extensively one day – wish to cover the depths of the sea and the heights of the mountains. Am in search of someone who can be with me through all these life experiences.

8. If you are someone who doesn’t take yourself too seriously, looks at life with a non-monochromatic lens, and is willing to enjoy every moment, at times, indulge in a few goofy activities here and there. Some comedy, then you are my kind, and we can rock together.

9. Original, hard-working, intelligent, and at times meditative. Love adventure, yoga, dancing, music, and spirituality. I also love to throw parties, be the perfect hostess, and go out clubbing once a month. I know it’s a bit too much to handle but promise I am pretty lovable and attractive.

10. I suck at crosswords but write algorithms like the best in the world. I love all fancy things in the world but am shit scared of driving a car. I have grown up aiming to be an astronaut, but carnival rides give me bad vertigo. So, you see, I am the perfect example of all things opposites. You can get to know more about me by getting in touch.

11. I have excellent health and an hourglass figure, and work really hard to maintain it. No, I am not a skinny model but an animator by profession. My gleaming whites look perfect, and so do I in all kinds of dresses and attire. I want a person who is equally health-conscious and confident about his dressing sense. If you are still reading this bio, I think you are the one. Why not contact?

12. Are you looking for someone who is mad, crazy, lovable, and fun – all at the same time? If yes, you are at the right place, Mr. I am all this and more – your antidote on a gloomy rainy day. Your soulmate throughout this life’s journey.

13. Well, good looks are something, but I don’t intend to spend all my life bragging about my physical beauty or finding a match who is equally good or better. Love for me is a serious affair that goes beyond the superficial. It’s skin deep. I am here to find someone who agrees with me or convinces me otherwise with his logic. Who is up to it?

14. No planning, never have followed any plans. I am someone who lives for and in the moment. Takes the wind on her face, you know. No regrets, no looking back, just forward and onwards. Don’t mind taking frequent pauses for soulful reflections, understand the lessons, and go on.

15. This is an invitation to try and discover me. Not just the physical me but the entire package. I promise it’s going to be an enjoyable sojourn for you. You’ll certainly not miss your X or Y. That’s a woman’s word. Pretty, fast, daring, bold, and beautiful.

16. I am an intense person. I love to celebrate relationship milestones. Every small step that we take together makes our bond stronger; I believe that. Be it as your friend, lover, or girlfriend; you’ll get 100% involvement from my end.

17. I am a nurse and love my job to the core. It’s a good feeling when you care and give to others without any expectations. My man is someone who has a good sense of humor and is ready to take on life with grit.

18. I’m a great cook, but I reserve my talent only for the best. I am an art teacher by profession and love all things colorful. My home has a vibrant ethos throughout. You may find it a bit intimidating at first, but after some time, you’ll love the energies and the vibes.

19. I am a modern-day woman with vintage streaks. I mean, I adore men who hold the door for the lady to pass or pay the bills at the restaurant. Chivalry doesn’t hurt; in fact, it impresses my heart beyond words.

20. Stand by for the best thing that is yet to happen in your life. You are still to meet me, and once we meet, you’ll fall on your knees for sure or pick me in your arms like the shining knight in armor. Don’t lose any more time; get started!

21. Horror movies, dangerous stunts, scary drives, gory talks – this is all me. Does it sound common? Even if not, do you want to know me and more about things that give me the kick? Don’t wait; message.

22. Versatile skills, both on the professional and personal front; you are sure not going to have any regrets once you know me. I am not scaring you, but I am serious about dating and finding the right guy. If you are, hurry; if you are not, then please don’t bother.

23. I had aimed to be an artist but am a medical professional. I have had the best of childhood, but today am posted miles away from my hometown. I am a bit of an old-world person. Love to visit heritage places, and stock things that are vintage. Old connections and relationships are important to me and hold a special place. Anything common?

24. Marriages may be made in heaven, but I know that you have to work really hard on Earth to find the person to walk down the aisle. I am all set to do my part, are you?

25. Songs, dogs, the holiday season, my phone, and you. These are a set of things I would always like to have with me. Would like someone who doesn’t mind putting my things on priority. I am going to take care of yours too.


Serious about dating? Looking for a lifelong partner? Not interested in commitment but want to have someone to share the good and the bad of your life. Whatever your reason for dating, your bio should reflect you and your thoughts eloquently. Copy from one of these or create your own but give it some time; don’t just leave it blank or fill it with arbitrary stuff.