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10 Signs You’re Dating An Emotionally Mature Man

Emotionally Mature

10 Signs You are Dating a Grown Man (Who’s Emotionally Mature)

Out of all the different types of men that you meet as a potential date, there are a few that leave you thinking about them. Of these, some touch your heart so bad that it skips a beat every time you see them. He brings a smile to your face each time you see him. There is something about this man that is difficult to ignore. This is the one who makes time for you, handles all situations maturely, and makes you feel safe.

There are telltale signs that your relationship with him is mature. In such relationships, both the partners are emotionally, mentally, and physically of age. Therefore, their decisions, actions, and mannerisms come across as perfectly cultivated and cultured.

As a woman, your heart knows you are dating a mature and responsible man. This is a person who has an integrity of character, is honest, believes in both ways of communication, respects you for who you are, is decisive and thoughtful, and has a purpose in life.

So, what are the visible signs that you are dating a grown-up man or that your relationship is mature?

10 Signs You are Dating a Grown Man

1. Considers you Equal

One of the first signs that you are dating a mature man is when he treats you as an equal. He is not possessive; he doesn’t want to own you or look at you like a prize possession he won in a competition. On the contrary, he listens to you, gives equal weightage to your opinions, and respects the difference of opinion. At all costs, he values you and the relationship and won’t do anything to hurt that.

2. You are his number one priority

Leave alone everything else! The sign that he is a mature and grown man is the kind of effort he puts into the relationship to keep you happy and smiling. And, you will know it in your heart instantly that all his moves are honest and not a showoff that will fade with time.

3. He is there for you

Even if he is traveling or stationed miles apart from you when you need him, he will be there for you. And this does not just mean his physical presence. He will constantly be there by your side emotionally, psychologically, and mentally making you feel safe and protected. If you mention your boundaries or have a special request, he will make sure to adhere to the same, making you feel valued.

4. Honest

When you date a grown man, you will not have to keep guessing what he wants, how he looks at the relationship, or where you stand with him. It will all be crystal clear, right there in front of you. This person knows exactly how to communicate and will tell you precisely what you mean to him. Don’t expect him to keep repeating though because his actions will follow his words. His behavior and mannerisms will reflect what he feels for you in his heart.

5. Ownership

A grown man takes the onus for decisions taken by him. His actions that are dependent on his decisions are completely responsible. He does not indulge in complaining and finding faults with others. Without holding others responsible for failures and mistakes, he is ready to own up and learn from them.

6. Decision making ability

A grown man does not dilly-dally with his decisions. When it comes to choosing from multiple alternatives, he takes into account how the decision is going to impact in the long run and accordingly makes a choice. He acts and behaves independently and might ask you for suggestions and advice but makes the final choice.

7. He knows his mind

A mature person knows what he wants in life. His eyes are fixated on the goals, crystal clear about his priorities, is a daredevil, and does not shy away from going after what he wants. As his woman, you will never feel unsafe and not know what his next move will be. He will not indulge in mind games, alternating between hot and cold.

8. Purposeful

A grown man is driven by a purpose. You will never see him wiling away time. He has a set goal, and he knows his path. If the path turns out to be the wrong one, he is ready to take the risk and unravel it. When things do not work the way they were planned, he is never ashamed to try and keep trying newer ways and methods.

9. Problem solver

This is a person who doesn’t get cold feet when there is a problem. He looks positively at problematic situations taking them as learning opportunities. He is open to discussions and looks at different alternatives to arrive at the best solution.

10. Accountable

A grown and mature man knows the value of his time and respects others' time. He might be working hard to be rich but also fulfills his commitment to his personal life.

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What age does a man emotionally mature?

Certain studies show that a man attains emotional maturity at the age of 43, whereas their female counterparts are emotionally grown by 32. The studies, however, are not conclusive because these are far and in between. Whether age really has any bearing on emotional maturity or not in human beings needs to be more extensively researched. And, till there is scientific evidence to prove the relationship between age and maturity, we cannot label it or have a thumb of the rule. This also leads to no fixed rules for an acceptable age gap for dating.

The fact as of today is that an older man can be as immature as a young man and vice versa. The biological clock of the body has no role in how well-developed one’s emotions and thought processes are. It could be genes, childhood conditions, how you have been reared as a child, your role model, your parents and their relationship, your friends' circle and social connections, etc., that influence emotional growth and maturity.

How to be mature emotionally?

Being mature can be a cakewalk if there is the will to act as a grown man or woman. And one doesn’t have to be born mature; one can learn, imbibe and make it a part of their nature as they grow up. Ways to be emotionally mature:

Being empathetic: Being good at heart is at the core of an emotionally mature person. You will not want any harm to befall anyone. You will try and do good to others, understand their thought process, be in their shoes, and extend a helping hand whenever and wherever possible.

Being honest: One of the best and the most-respected traits of a mature person is his or her honesty. He says what he feels. He does not lie or cheat, come whatsoever. Even at the risk of losing a dear one or a relationship, he will be straight on the face.

Being responsible: Mature people do not find excuses. Wrong or right, they are ready to own up. If it’s a mistake, they do not shy from owning the mistakes. If there’s work to do, they are not going to run away. Complaining is not a part of their nature. They believe in actions and doing things.

Handling relationships fairly: Be it the lover, spouse, parents, siblings, or peers, a mature person sets healthy boundaries. He is not there to interfere and meddle with others’ affairs. But, when there is a need, he is always there to offer support. Every relationship is valuable for him, and he believes in treating everyone without any prejudice.

Having clear communication: Emotionally matured people are always in control of their emotions and thoughts. If they feel vulnerable and need help, they will ask for it without shying away. With everyone around, especially their partners, such people are open about their feelings and clearly communicate their needs and wishes.

10 Signs of Maturity in a Man

Want to date a grown man and make him think about you all the time? Lookout for these signs to distinguish a mature man from a not-so-grown man:

  1. He listens. Yes, he speaks, but when he is with you, he will be patient, giving you all the attention. He will not be diverted but hear every word you say or don’t say.
  2. He is forgiving. This man does not hold anything to his heart because he knows that moving forward comes with being tolerant and compassionate. You will hardly notice him getting into unnecessary fights with anyone.
  3. He is a problem solver. This is because he has a progressive nature. He doesn’t believe in holding onto the problem for a long time. Rather, he will swiftly get into action and find a solution to the issue.
  4. He is caring. This is a genuine form of care and not a show-off. Your heart will know instantly as his love and affection will touch you down there.
  5. He wants to learn. This is a person who is keen to know more and keep learning. Never will you face attitude-related problems from him. He will not have the typical I-know-it-all behavior.
  6. He helps. Whether you need help with household chores or emotional support during an emergency, he’ll be the first one by your side.
  7. He is flexible. This man loves peace. He doesn’t avoid conflicts but ensures that conflicting situations hardly arise. He is ready to bend his rules to accommodate others.
  8. He is forthright. No concealing things or beating around the bush. This man is going to be direct on the face and sincere to the core.
  9. He knows what he wants. Clear goals and preset priorities not only helps a man to succeed professionally, but also makes him good in dealing with personal relationships. Dating a professional man brings stability in life.
  10. Confortable to have Uncomfortable Conversations. Every relationship has ups and downs. A mature man doesn't run away from the awkward situations and solves the issues with clear communications and proper understanding.

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How to be mature in a relationship?

Being mature in a relationship is no rocket science. In many cases, maturity comes naturally to many men and women. But if you are not blessed with the ‘adult’ genes, then you can inculcate some of the traits mentioned below and try the following ways to become mature in your romantic alliances:

Stop being argumentative with your partner. If you and your date are spending most of your time fighting with each other, the relationship is doomed. Such relationships have a short lifespan. Listening to one another, respecting the thoughts and feelings of the other person, and appreciating their presence in your life are three main things to remember when you feel like getting into an argument with your other half. Arguments happen when dating a mature man, but these are not ugly. In mature alliances, such disagreements are often light-hearted to reach a productive result. These do not end in both of you spending the day and night separately, fuming and feeling like giving up.

Trust your partner. Do not let the green-eyed monster raise its ugly head because the farther it is from you, the stronger your bond will be. A mature person does not indulge in activities like checking the phone of their partners secretly or quarreling when they are partying with opposite-sex friends and peers.

Do not indulge in comparing. If you have any regrets about dating a person, it is time to say goodbye. Don’t linger on. In a mature affair, you smile and enjoy each other’s company and not regret being with them.

Be honest with your partner. Opening up the communication channel is one of the best ways to build a strong, trusted relationship. Don't hold anything; bare it all with your other half and take the affair to the next level of maturity.

The ‘I’ no longer matters as ‘We’ becomes the new normal. It is no longer about your life, your ambitions, your interests, etc. It is about sharing, starting from small little dreams to finances.

Mutual respect is the foundation stone of a mature romance. There's respect in every small or big aspect, be it their profession, character, outlook, goals, and more. Start by respecting the thoughts and beliefs of the person, and the rest will automatically.

Bottom Line

Every relationship has ups and downs. When entering the dating scene, you will come across different types of men – some making you really comfortable while some still stuck to their stubborn, childish nature. Some go silent after the first meeting, while some playfully pursue you till you say a ‘yes.’ A grown man will walk the tightrope in a balanced manner. Most of all, your heart will tell you that this is the person you have been waiting for and has finally arrived!