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How to Attract a Rich Man for Marriage?

Rich Man

Have you heard people say, “Don't marry a rich man. Marry a good man, he will spend his life trying to keep you happy. No rich man can buy that”. We say happiness seems to be far-fetched when you have to worry about the necessities of life.

“Marry a good rich man who can give you the financial comfort, a cushioned life, and fulfill your material desires.”

However, marrying into wealth isn't a fairy tale or a lottery ticket that you win by a stroke of luck. It happens when you work on your self-worth, self-belief, and confidence. Attracting and marrying a prosperous man is an arduous task. It requires an uplifted mindset and immaculate strategic planning and skills.

There are few ways to locate, attract, and get married to an affluent man. Though nothing is set on a stone that can give you definite results, a few things mentioned below have a higher probability of attracting a rich man. Remember, the universe conspires to provide you with what you want when you put your heart and soul to achieve it. So, put in the efforts, do the right things.

Find a rich man

To marry a wealthy man, you need to find one first. Life isn't a dream, where you stumble upon a handsome multimillionaire who would sweep you off your feet, and marry you. In real life, you have to get what you desire by working for it. A man with deep pockets and a fat wallet is not an easy catch.

To locate a millionaire, be strategically present at places for affluent people. Place yourself in proximity to where rich people are most likely to be. Hang out where the money is.  Of course, you have to spend a little or a lot of money around the ultra-rich man, but every penny spent is worth finding the man of your dreams.

Online dating: Sign up on reputable luxe dating sites like The League or Luxy, designed especially for the money magnets and tycoons. Make sure your profile and pictures are exceptional and impressive to grab the reader's attention.

The Gym/Sports club: Rich men invest in good health. They have a membership at high-end gyms, fitness centers, and spas. It might break your bank to be a member at premium gyms. However, gyms are favorite places to find single rich men. You can also visit or get a membership at an elite sports club to play or learn a sport and mingle with Crème de la crème.

Financial centers: Get a job in your city's financial district or visit the finance center during lunch or dinner time. The business centers and high-end restaurants in the vicinity are bustling with eligible and wealthy bachelors. Be impeccably styled to charm the rich guy. Manage to make an intelligent conversation with the man with silk stockings.

Luxury shopping: Go window shopping at luxury malls, opulent boutiques, and swanky stores to find a man of refined taste and deep pockets. Look enticing to attract his attention. Break the ice by seeking his help to select a gift for your brother or father. Make sure you don't look pretentious.

Business seminar: Attending a business seminar and networking event is the best bet to chance upon a wealthy and successful business person. Dress the part, strike up a conversation during tea/lunch break, talk about work, impress him with your smartness, seek his guidance and see how it moves forward.

Auction houses: Rich people are found at upmarket auction houses collecting eccentric and valuable art or artifacts. Get yourself educated about such antique and rare things and grab the opportunity to meet moneyed magnets at grand auction houses.

Dog parks: Visit a dog park in an upscale neighborhood with your furry companion. Talking about dogs is the most effortless way to strike up a conversation with a rich eligible suitor.

Five-star hotels: Rich people put up in five-star hotels and resorts. Whether it is business or a leisure trip, they spend time at the hotel's bar or restaurant. Put on an elegant dress, sit at the bar or lounge, look captivating and affable, have an approachable body language, and wait for the rich man to make his move.

Charity events: Rich people are benefactors, so they frequently attend charity galas and fundraisers. Attend the charity events to bump into a benevolent rich man. (Tip: the less familiar the cause is, the more likely benefactors will be wealthy)

Some other places to find a rich man are alumni events at prestigious schools, company events, race tracks, casinos, golf clubs, political rally or election parties. You can also move into an affluent neighborhood or make friends and network in monied circles. Frequently visit the places where single rich bachelors of your city hang out. Be a part of the rich crowd, but make sure you stand out.

It is pertinent to be at the right place at the right time to score a loaded man.

Woman alluring appearance

Have an alluring appearance

Appearance doesn't just mean beauty. Your beauty may attract many eyes, but only your appearance and personality will capture the hearts. An enticing appearance is all about feminity, elegance, and confidence.

  • Confidence: Your persona should radiate confidence. Present yourself as a woman of value. You don't need money or beauty to be confident; you need to be self-aware, have the right attitude and mindset.
  • Elegance: In today's world of glitz and pompousness, elegance is a rarity. There are many beautiful women, and beauty is highly accessible due to cosmetic surgery, filters, and beauty treatments. Men in high society appreciate elegance. They want a woman in their arm who is beautiful and natural. A poised, gracious, and elegant woman shall command compliments, not comments.
  • Femininity: If you want to attract a rich suitor, be feminine, classy, and refined. Rich men seek a well-groomed, sophisticated, cultured, caring, understanding, and nurturing woman.

Dress how you want to be addressed

Your clothing and style are forms of self-expression. The way you dress affects how you think, how you feel, the way you act, and how others react to you. So, always be tidy, trim, and neat as a pin. Keep your attire, shoes, and accessories simple, stylish, and classy. You can make heads turn when immaculately styled and spruced up.

Don't overdress or underdress—style and dress to accentuate your beauty and body. Avoid scintillating and skimpy clothes that are shouting to grab momentary attention. Dress not just to be noticed but to be remembered.

There are hints about what you are in what you wear.  Wear delicate and fine jewelry, not the kind that flashes right into your eyes. Wear subtle makeup, and always carry a smile on your lips.


Have a fit and toned body. Avoid using any medical or cosmetic help to augment your appearance. Sexy isn't always about boobs or butts. It's also the way you walk, talk and think. However, a rich man appreciates healthy habits, hard work, a disciplined routine, a positive mindset, and a fabulous physique. So, take care of your body and how you present yourself.

Having a strong and fit body, clear skin, toned muscles, and calm nerves coupled with a happy soul and a big smile can make you very attractive and irresistible.

Be attentive

Attention is the most basic way to express affection and respect. Pay attention to his interests, likes, dislikes, mood, mind, and temperament. If you want to express that you care, give your man undivided attention. Learn about his intellectual pursuits, interests, ask genuine questions, and talk about similar areas of interest. It helps to connect with him profoundly.

Be a good listener

The most powerful way to connect to another person is to listen with an intent to understand. Listen to the little things your Richie rich has to share or hear him out when he is pouring his heart. Be empathetic and assure him that he will be heard and understood without being judged. Being his go-to person for any conversation or confession will help you carve a special place in his heart. Listening intently also helps you know about his quirks and peculiarities. If he feels you listen and understand him, he won’t back off from commitment.

Have meaningful conversations

A rich man doesn't just want a soundboard. He likes women who are intelligent and confident conversationalists. Rich men love to talk to intellectually stimulating women. Airheads are a big turn-off for intelligent, rich guys.

If you want to impress the rich guy, strengthen your relationship with him, be well-read, and learn to initiate and hold a good conversation during social gatherings. Try to connect to him and his interests, be understanding and sympathetic towards him, share few words of encouragement and reassurance during trying times, give honest opinions and be emotionally available for open communication.

Leave some mystery

Have an enigma around you. Let him explore the layers of your personality to know you better. A little mystery at your end may challenge him, and rich men are always up for challenges. They would keep coming back to break the wall around you to know you inside out. Be a tease but don't overstretch. Converse, communicate but don't overshare.

Bring back the fun and merriment in his life

A super-rich person is capable of buying anything he lays his hands on. However, while chasing ambitions and wealth, he may miss out on life's thrilling and electric experiences. So, take the initiative and arrange fun dates. Try to make his life exciting and interesting. Help him regain his youth, vivacity, spirit, and energy.

Impress and amuse him by suggesting normal activities he wouldn't have done, hadn't it been for you. Help him get out of the shell and appreciate life better without spending too many greens. If he envisions an exhilarating life with you, he may fall for your head over heels.

Surprise him

Once in a while, go all out to surprise him with lovey-dovey stuff. Being cheesy may not be your style, nor his, but it will surely flatter him. Expressing your affection in a small or big way helps you bond and grow closer.

Cook an elaborate exotic meal for him. He would be smitten by the sweet gesture and notice how caring and nurturing you are. Bring his favorite coffee if you are meeting somewhere.

Do the small things, show him that you two can have a simple, blissful life together. Shower him with unconditional love and loyalty. He may ultimately take a significant leap of marriage.

Attune to his way of living

Try to attune to his way of living. Do not imitate his lavish lifestyle when you can't afford it, but rather share his interest and try to understand his life and way of living better. The similarities will help you bond, while the differences will help you complement each other.

Own your life

Don't make Mr. Richling the cynosure of your life. You have a life of your own beyond him. Too much focus on the man may make you look like a desperado. Men are turned off immediately by a clingy woman who is overly fixated or obsessed with them. They panic and start finding an escape plan or ghost you.

Rich people like busy women who are independent and have a healthy social life of their own. Spend time with your family, friends, colleagues. Once in a while, disconnect from him and let him miss your presence and company.

Lady in art gallery

Have a talent or passion

An affluent man is often impressed by artistic talent and values intelligence in their marital partner. Nothing is sexier than a woman with a purpose in life and driven by passion. Being talented in art, music, dance, literature, foreign culture, or sport can garner tremendous respect from the rich men who understand, acknowledge, and admire talent and passion.

Rich men like their lady to be hustling and grinding with her beauty and her brain. Marrying a woman who is an expert in any given field is a matter of pride and satisfaction for a wealthy man. So go ahead, pursue your passion and interest with zeal and enthusiasm.

Financial savviness

Affluent men are super impressed with a woman who have an understanding of business and is financially independent. Try to understand and get the hang of the money game. Understand the basics of the stock market, bonds, real estate, and the tech markets by educating yourself with the language of money. They like women who are not intimidated by money talk.

A woman with financial savviness shows intelligence and independence. A man rolling in money appreciates a woman who makes her own money, can match his intelligence, and has her finances in order.

Gain his trust

You can make a rich man fall in love with you, but getting him to trust you is the real catch. He won't commit or marry you till he trusts you. Rich people have trust issues owning to their experiences of being milked for gain. So, the onus of creating an environment of trust is in your hands. Be his confidant, do not judge him; give him the confidence to entrust you with his secrets and insecurities.

Stand out to beat the competition

Rich people have the best education, wealth, flourishing business, valuable assets, and inflated egos. An affluent man is used to have the best of everything, so he seeks a partner who matches his intelligence, class, and standard.

He has too many options to choose from. You need to steal the show amongst the array of women he crosses his paths with. The competition isn't just getting noticed or attracting the men of means; it's about capturing his heart and trust. While you navigate the waters of wealth, please keep in mind that most rich men understand that a woman with a beautiful body is good for a night or maybe a couple of them, but a woman with a beautiful mind is good for life. So, be a woman with a beautiful mind and charismatic personality.

Things to avoid if you want to marry a wealthy man

Don't be obvious

Keep your plans and dreams private. You don't need to advertise your intentions and silently keep working on what you desire. When you find the right kind of man you constantly wanted, don't be overwhelmed around him. Play it cool. Don't ask too many questions about his money or assets he owns.

Don't treat him differently

Don't be awed by his riches or his lifestyle. Don't treat him like royalty or make comparisons. He doesn't intend to impress you with his wealth. He desires a lady who likes him for his intelligence, personality, and sense of humor, not for wads of cash in his pocket. If you can make him believe through your words, acts, and deeds that you truly value the relationship, he would want to stick around with you.

Don't be the replaceable chic

Refrain from any distasteful and obnoxious behavior. Abstain from drinking, drugs, abusing, and atrocity of any kind. If you have the vibe of a flippy, flouncy and frivolous party girl, he will consider you good only for a cheap thrill. Don't let him see you as a cliché hottie who is easily replaceable with another hotter arm candy.

Be the woman he is scared to lose. Be gentle, courteous, and gracious like a lady. You can command respect, admiration, and commitment from him when you come across as a classy, sophisticated, cultured, and confident woman.

Don't dwell in the past

Steve Maraboli says, “Do not sabotage your new relationship with the poison of your past relationships.” If you want to be with Mr. Richie Rich, you have to stop digging and dwelling in the ruins of your and his past relationships.

Be mature, dignified, and mindful about accepting the past and moving on with the man of the moment. Lamenting about the doomed past relationship, negative experiences, and making comparisons will drive you away from the man of your dreams. Dating a grown and emotionally mature man requires maturity and dignity.

Don't have sex

Rich men always have beautiful women throwing themselves at his feet. So, getting someone in bed is no big deal for him. But you don't want to be his temporary fling, right? He will lose respect for you if you are too quick to have sex with him. Sex is not the ticket to a rock-solid marriage with Mr. moneybags.

Don't drop down your pant too fast too soon. Before you hop on the bed with that rich man, know whether he is interested in you or the sex. Be sure about commitment from his end before you indulge in any hanky panky. Let him chase you a little, intrigue him, build up the anticipation; he will appreciate you more when he finally gets you. Remember, you aim to be his life partner, not a flippant affair.

Bottom line

Desiring to marry a wealthy man doesn’t make you a gold digger. It’s just called having high standards. So go ahead, lady, be proud of yourself and keep your heels, head, and standards high. You can have both money and happiness. But remember, to find a man in the realm of wealth and prosperity, you must be determined and focused. Better be prepared than desperate.