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How to Make Him Think about You All the Time?

How to make him think about you?

Making someone get crazy over you is no rocket science. With your charm, persona, and charisma, you actually can make your boyfriend, fiancé, or husband go weak in their knees for you. If you have a crush on someone and you want him to reciprocate the same feelings for you, then you are in right place here.

We are going to help you navigate a systematic way through which you can hone your flirtatious skills to a level where your guy will have no option other than to think about you all day, all night. And the best thing is that you would come across completely effortless in his eyes.

Some might think that all it takes for making a guy think about you 24*7 is good looks. But you might be surprised to know that anyone, literally anyone irrespective of how they look has the ability to make someone go gaga over them.

A Guide to Making Him Think about You Forever

Sometimes dating can be a bit tedious since you don’t know what guys are specifically looking for. As a result, you are left in a state of confusion and you keep wondering, “Should I do this?” “Should I do that?” “Am I doing too little”? “Am I doing too much?”

And before you realize what is going on, you find your guy becoming someone else’s catch. But, it doesn’t have to be so from now on. With some effective planning and implementation of few skills, you will always be on the top of his mind.

Now, we do understand that not all men are the same. But the tips that we are going to provide you with work on almost every guy because they are designed in a way that they would directly talk to their raw masculine instinct. As such, it would generate the result you are looking for instantly.

With the following tips, your man would not look at anyone else but you, and you will stay on his mind all the time.

Make sure You are the One to End the Conversation

While having a conversation with your man, you should know when to draw back. What most people don’t realize is that when someone is the first one to end a conversation, it inadvertently gives them an edge over the person they are talking to.

This will make him want to respond to you more desperately and he would keep waiting for your reply. When it comes to text messages, its effect is multiplied because your guy would constantly look into his phone to see whether you have responded to him or not.

However, make sure that you don’t leave in the middle of the conversation. That is simply rude and uncalled for. Conversations have a flow to them and they gradually move through stages. It is at the end of a particular stage that you need to realize that it is time for you to go.

Some people struggle in finding this exact stage in a conversation. It is a skill you will slowly learn. The practice would make you more perfect.

But, if you want some expert advice on this, click on the following button to find that sweet spot in a conversation where you need to leave. Part of the ‘Relationship Rewrite Method’ program, it is specifically built for women seeking advice in relationships.

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Ask for His Help

Sometimes, you need to stroke the ego of a man by asking for mundane help with even the simplest things in life. It can be anything from fixing your laptop to lifting a heavy box at the house. Maybe you can get the job done by your own self, but if you make him involved, it will go a long way in helping you.

This is because every man wants to feel that they are valued and that their presence is essential. This comes from the savior complex in men where they want to be the hero in the partner’s life.

When he sees that you are coming to him in need, no matter how big or small the problem is, his affection towards you will shift from ‘liking you’ to ‘loving you’. So, as you see, it will have long-term effects on your relationship and he will keep spending his time figuring out how he can be of your service next.

Charm Him through Subtle Body Languages

Being seductive is not only about having sex. It is about making him want you, even out of bed. You might think that you have to pull out some major stunt, such as buying expensive lingerie or a fancy face mask to draw your man towards you.

But in reality, the unadulterated feminine charm is enough to make your guy go weak in his knees for you. When you are around him physically or when you are doing a video chat with him in the case of online dating, just focus on giving him subtle hints without being too obvious about it.

These can be anything from playing with your hair while talking to him or laughing at his jokes. Make sure you make direct eye contact with him, more than what a normal friend would. Give him that effective coy smile to make him know you are interested in him without saying it in too many words.

If you are around him physically, then place a hand on his thighs while laughing and then immediately take away your hand. The sensation that he will experience will drive him crazy. Try and lean onto him when he is talking to you.

Your guy would notice your body language first. The subtle aforementioned gestures will make you stay on his mind even when you are not physically around him.

Take Small Breaks from Social Media

The internet has done a tremendous job in making the entire world connected. You can keep a track of what a person is doing by following them on their social media accounts. The posts, stories, and pictures that they put out on the web give you an idea of how they are doing.

As bizarre as it may sound, this is a reason why people don’t miss physically seeing each other that much as it was in earlier days. Just think about it, even 20 years ago, if you had a crush on someone, you would go on a date and then come home and spend time thinking about your date.

But today, you can sit at home and scroll through their pictures and see what they are doing the entire day. How can your guy miss you if he has complete access to you online? This is why we recommend you in taking small breaks from social media.

Don’t upload pictures on Instagram, don’t put a status on WhatsApp, don’t release a Facebook story, and don’t make a tweet for a couple of days. Your guy will uncontrollably be waiting for you more than ever.

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How to Use Social Media While being in a Relationship

Know His Preferences

In the process of building a healthy relationship, the base needs to be strong. And the essence of the base lies in little things. It is up to you how to take advantage of that in strengthening the pillar of your relationship.

Try to take a note of what kind of coffee he likes – does he prefer a latte, cappuccino, mocha, Irish, or flat white? What kind of drinks does he prefer – whiskey, champagne, gin and tonic, wine, or good old beer? What does he like for breakfast – cereals, oatmeal, French toast, or a fruit salad?

Surprise him with the breakfast of his choice on the bed the next night out you two spend together. The next time you go to a restaurant, order his choice of coffee or drink on behalf of him. He will certainly be impressed that you remember his preferences.

As such, he will make an effort in getting to know you more. He will spend his time knowing your preferences. The fact that you made these small gestures towards him will make him feel on top of the world and he will blush thinking of you the whole day.

This is especially true for new budding relationships where both individuals are still trying to get to know each other better.

Leave Your Accessories “Accidentally” with Him

Bring out your mischievous side and play with him a bit. When you leave one of your belongings with him, it will have a more positive impact on your relationship than you might think.

It can be anything from a scarf to lipstick, a bracelet to a comb, a handkerchief to a piece of lingerie. Not only it would generate a meeting quickly since he would feel the urge to return it to you, but that piece of belonging will constantly tease him, reminding him of you.

His mind will linger all day looking at that lipstick, and his desire for you will get multiplied. Believe it or not, that simple product will serve as a symbol of kink for him. He will feel that with that product, a piece of you is with him.

Whenever he will look at it, it will lure his mind into being naughty for you and he won’t be able to brush off your image from his mind. He will drive himself crazy for you.

Know When to Say “No”

Don’t always give him what he wants. If you say “yes” every time he asks you for a movie or a dinner date, then he might think that you are always easily available. As such, you might not be as valued by him in the long run.

Try to space out your meetings with him. Occasionally, say “no” to his invites. This will make him want you even more. Each time he gets “no” for an answer, he will spend his entire day missing you.

Therefore, the next time you say “yes”, it will be even more worthwhile as he will cherish each moment with you.

Making him miss you is part of the process of strengthening his connection with you. However, be mindful of not coming across as arrogant or too demanding. There needs to be a proper balance. If you try too hard or say “no” on a rampant basis, he might lose complete interest in you.

It is a tricky process to navigate and not everyone can manage it well. If you need assistance with it, be sure to click the button below.

Encourage Him in Taking Some Time Out for His Loved Ones

One of the effective keys to a successful relationship is in ensuring that you are not binding your man to shackles. Giving him his space will not only make him happy but also increase your worth in his eyes.

So, every now and then, encourage him (if he wants to) to go meet his family or make a boys trip. You don’t have to always accompany him everywhere. You don’t want to be the chain around his neck.

Letting go is as important as spending time together. If you are around him 24*7, you are not allowing him to miss you. Sometimes, being distant is important in realizing each other’s worth.

Only a confident and secure woman knows how to give space to their partner – a quality that successful men look for in their partner.

When he goes on these trips, he will surely miss you and when he realizes that you value his space, it will make him go wilder for you. At the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for all.

To Conclude

At the start of a relationship, usually, men are gaga over you. But as time fades, he misses you less. So, it is up to you to keep that fire going. Making a man go crazy for you and think about you all the time is not as difficult as it sounds.

The aforementioned tips that we mentioned are simple changes that you need to incorporate to bring major positive results. So, keep your mischievous and confident avatar alive and make your man think about you all the time.