Online Dating Tips During Self Isolation and Social Distancing

7 Online Dating Tips During Self Isolation

It’s supposed to be romantic- enjoying lunch at your favorite restaurants, strolling through the park while holding hands, and choosing outfits beforehand to set the perfect first impression. But Alas! the world has come at a standstill where wearing masks is normal and also considered a fashion choice. Several people have resorted to self-isolation as a precautionary measure and adopted online dating as the new normal to maintain a social life. With this health crisis in place, people have grown fonder of meeting people online and seeking connections rather than physically meeting their prospective partners. Keeping this in mind here are 7 Online Dating tips to keep in mind during Self Isolation.

Pay attention to your background

Self-Isolation has made us limited to how we can express ourselves. Online dating may not be as easy as it looks. Hence curating a good backdrop that portrays your likes are a good way of expressing your interests. For example, if you love painting, it will go a long way if you opt to hang some of your paintings in your background. It can also be a great conversation starter while you are on your date.

The key is finding the perfect spot

Did we ever think that this would even be a thing when it comes to dating? Finding the perfect location has been prevalent in the dating world but finding the perfect spot in your own home feels a little absurd. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t contribute to having the perfect first impression. Bumble’s Vice President, in a recent interview, talks about sitting in your living room or your couch for the first few dates. Sitting in a bedroom on the first few dates makes a casual impression. You might want to put into a little effort since there’s not much work involved. It is also wise to opt-in for a little soft music to create the perfect ambiance for your date.

Dressing up still stands

The basics of dating remain constant even when it comes to online dating during self-isolation. However, dressing up from waist up is the classic move we’ve all been adopting whether it’s business meetings or zoom calls or dating online. Even though your date won’t be able to see your complete look from the laptop screen, dressing up will put you in the mood. For women, opt for a cute funky top with a captivating neckline. Finish the look with nude makeup and a pair of drop earrings. For men, wear a nice shirt which highlights your gym body and style your hair with a little bit of hair gel and you are good to go!

Lighting Setup

Having a dimly lighted room will create an ambiance you need for your date but unfortunately, a date on a video call cannot provide you with the resolution you want. Hence having a bright lighting setup becomes crucial when you are serious about online dating in this Pandemic era. The best light that you can use for an evening date is a ring light since it highlights your face evenly and makes your skin look bright and radiant. You can also try using candles and put them in a way that doesn’t create a shadow or the kind of lamps that enhances your looks.

Sunlight, however, does the trick for your lunch date. So get your lights set up in your perfect location and pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the company of your date.

Online Dating Tips During Social Distancing

Start the Conversation

Online dating may be the new normal but getting the conversation started is the challenge. Consider having a list of questions that you may want to know about who you’re dating, like their preferences, views on life, their likes, and dislikes or hobbies. You don't know whether the other person loves golf or soccer. So, don't be in a hurry to know everything immediately. Keep it easy breezy so you don’t scare off your date on the first night. Avoid talking about the Pandemic for too long since it is already something that we are familiar about and talking about it will create the mood you don’t want to be in. Keep the conversation fun and enjoyable and you are all set!

Listen to your body language

Our bodies have their own way of communicating. Body language can be an essential part of your online date since it might be useful in communicating that you are interested in that person. There are several ways our bodies communicate. For example, if you slouch it can show that you lack confidence or when you smile or laugh at their jokes it usually shows that you are interested.

The Weird Pauses

Sometimes there may be weird pauses in between conversations and the virtual date may feel a tad awkward but its best to be your authentic self. Talking about things like what moves you or what are your travel plans are when the situation is better may reduce the pauses. You can also add a romantic love quote or dating quote to break the silence. Don’t stress about how everything looks or how you look on screen. Instead, go with the flow and try to connect with your partner.

It is essential that you pay attention to your partner during the date. Texting your friends or constantly being on the phone will not serve the purpose of you trying out online dating. So try to vibe with your partner if you want to score a second date.

In conclusion, doing everything virtually has become a new reality. The sooner we accept the new way of life the better we will be at playing this game. So embrace this gorgeous mess of our lives and make the most out of it.