Dating Tips for New Relationship

Early stages of a relationship are exciting and fun-filled. The new partner brings glowing, exciting, and bubbly feeling which can be best described as new relationship energy. We all do cute relationship things when we just enter a relationship. The time when you respond to each other’s messages at once, have long silly conversations all night long, even the things you initially found meaningless start looking important to you. It all feels like you are in a state of perpetual bliss. No doubt how wonderful this feeling is, this won’t last forever.

Being in a relationship is tricky. It will ask you to do a lot of adjustments, especially if this is your first romantic relationship after a while. There are certain things not to do in a new relationship, which most of us tend to overlook. Don’t worry, here are some new relationship advice and tips for new couples. Embrace these tips and get your relationship up and running as smoothly as possible.

1. Take things slow

Learning how to be patient in a new relationship is essential. It may feel like a roller coaster ride filled with the excitement of love, but you need to know when to hit the pause button. There is no hurry to move onto the next stage. Make sure you are on the same page with each other and ready for a relationship. There are some often discussed and unsaid milestones of every relationship from online chat to phone; adding your love interest in your social media; introducing them to your friends or family. If you try to do all at once or too soon you may force them to take a u-turn.

2. Give it space to grow

Relationships are like tending to the garden. You will have to invest both time and effort to let it grow. When it's new, it’s tempting to stay in touch constantly. It is a joyful feeling that you are on someone’s mind all the time. However, the relationship flourishes when there is a balance. Sometimes couples do need space and personal time. A little space will also help your bonding from becoming claustrophobic.

3. Don’t rush into sleeping together

When most millennial relationships start with hookup apps, it is a bit old school to expect to avoid sex during the initial days of dating. However, experts say there are 3 things you never rush; boiling eggs, baking a cake, and making a good bonding with another person. It especially goes for ladies, there is a long list of what not to do in a relationship with your boyfriend. Let’s stick to this one at least. Though knowing whether you are sexually compatible or not is necessary, yet you need to take things slowly to avoid heartbreaks.

You also need to take care of what you eat and how your lifestyle gets changed when you start living together. Gaining weight when you are in a relationship is very common. So, you need to have a special care of yourself.

4. Set your expectations

“Expectations were like fine pottery. The harder you held them, the more likely they were to crack.”

~ Brandon Sanderson

According to relationship expert Kimberly Atwood, “I think expectations tend to sort themselves out throughout the course of the relationship in general. I am not sure that creating a firm set of expectations is realistic, though there do seem to be a few common non-negotiables, such as feeling respected.”

Even if you have just started your relationship you must set your expectations and convey that to your partner. Ask yourself these questions.

  • What do you expect from this relationship?
  • What do you expect from your partner?
  • What are your needs?
  • What do you want and don't want your partner to do?

5. Don’t reveal too much too soon

One of the worst things to do in a relationship is revealing too much too soon. We know couples who share their passwords within the first week of knowing each other. And we also know how those relationships end.

According to Dr. Kelly Campbell, professor of psychology, California State University, “My advice for couples starting a new relationship is to follow the theory of ‘social penetration,’ meaning you discuss superficial topics at first and gradually lead into more intimate topics,” she says. “People often make the mistake of disclosing too much too soon, and this can be disastrous for new relationships. At the start of a relationship, you want your exchanges to be reciprocal and gradual, not one-sided and not too fast.”

It is foolish to expect your new relationship to survive life-long. No one is saying it can’t but strongly believing that notion during initial days can be disastrous.

6. Communication is the key

This is our new relationship advice for guys, we mean especially for guys. Women are more vocal about expressing themselves and communicating their feelings. If they don’t like something, they will not hold it inside, they will express. However, guys tend to overlook those things and it keeps troubling them. When you fail to communicate your feelings, the relationship gets bitter over the period of time and unwanted disturbances crop up.

7. Don’t forget your friends

Don’t neglect the rest of your life. Though you might feel like to be with your new boyfriend/girlfriend all the time, there is a big part of your life out there. Keep communicating with the people who know you for long like friends and family. One of the biggest mistakes people make at the beginning of a new relationship is pushing aside the rest of their life and spending all their time and attention on their new love interest. Remember that you had hobbies and interests. So hold on to them. Spending too much time together with your love interest can place too much pressure on them to be your all and everything.