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15 Signs That She Likes You and is Interested in You

15 Clear Signs that a Girl Likes You

It is not easy to know if the person you are interested in likes you or not. However, be it a man or a woman, telltale signs tell the other person has feelings for you. Just like there are signs that a man is falling in love with you, similarly, there are indicators that tell a man that she likes you.

It is commonly said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. The connotation points to men's struggle to understand what women want. Most of the time, they are clueless.

When it comes to knowing whether she likes you, you could be as clueless as any other man. She may be smiling and laughing at your jokes, and you may catch her glancing at you on and off and still be unsure about her feelings for you. She could be flirting around with you, but you may never know if it's because that's her nature or because she is really into you.

So, the big question is – are there any signs that she likes you? Dating experts believe there are.

15 Easy Ways to Know That She Likes You

1. She Goes Out of Her Way to Make You Feel Good

You will find the lady in question making all efforts to please you and make you smile and happy. Be ready to get free compliments and hear her laugh loudly at your silly jokes. She might also be ready to jump at others, siding with you during conversations and arguments.

2. Her Friends Give Away

If you cannot interpret her reactions, try gauging the attitude of her friends. If you find them glancing your way often or giggling at you, it means that she has communicated her feelings for you to her friends. Sometimes, you may find that the group of friends, including her, stop midway in their discussion as soon as you approach them. Chances are that they were discussing you!

3. She Cooks For You

This is definitely one of the biggest giveaways of her feelings for you. If she often brings you homemade food and shows interest to keep cooking for you, chances are that her heart skips a beat when she sees you. She will try to find dishes and cuisines you love and get your favorite eatables regularly. She is one of those that believe that the way to a man's heart is through the tummy.

4. Her Family Knows About You

Get ready to be introduced to the closest people in her life – her family. If she invites you for a day out or a trip with her parents, siblings, cousins, etc., she is likely keen to have a future with you. You may run into her at a mall where she's shopping with her sister, and the way her sibling greets and meets you will tell you if she likes you.

5. She Wants to Continue The Conversation

She keeps texting you or finding ways to converse with you in person, indicating her interest in you. If she asks too many questions and continues to do so, get the hint she likes you. Not just that, you'll find she is ever so prompt in replying to your messages. She'll also pick up the phone in a ring or two on seeing your name on the mobile screen. The girl, for sure, has a thing for you!

6. Look at Her Body Language

Her body language will do much of the talking if she really likes you. There are contrasting ways that women react, though, in this case. What you need to do is to watch her body language closely to understand what she feels. These are two ways –

  • She will always turn towards you, indicating open body language. Her body positioning would usually be quite close and turned towards you. Sometimes, she may make the first move by placing her hands close to yours or trying to touch you. And, when you put your arms around her, she will generally not recoil. All in all, she will have a very comfortable stance when you are around her.
  • Girls react when the man they are interested in is in the vicinity by getting nervous and closing up. Many females get into the ‘flight or fight” mode because they want to protect their feelings and not get hurt; therefore, they do not want to show their real intent. You can easily understand by the way she fidgets or her nervous mannerisms when you are around. She may also unconsciously touch her hair or neck to attract your attention.

7. Eye Contact

Just like her body language gives her away, her eyes will tell a lot about her feelings for you. Typically, the way women interested in you look at you can differ. For example, you may find her staring at you more often than not.

Once you catch her staring, she might continue to hold your gaze or glance away the moment you look at her. Either way, she likes you. The latter reaction says that she is shy to accept her feelings, while the former response is a stamp of confirmation from her end.

8. A Random Hug

Beware, not all girls will do this, but a few may. If she likes you and has no inhibitions, she might give you a random hug once in a while. Even if she is the bolder kind, don't expect hugs all the time but on special occasions or when your actions and words touch her. The hug is a way to express her affectionate feelings towards you. Some guys may misinterpret the hug, thinking the lady wants to jump into the bed with them. Don't do that. If you do not wish to reciprocate her feelings, refuse the hug.

9. She Talks About Her Life

You'll find her talking and discussing different aspects of her life with you. She will share details that she would probably do only with someone close to her, like a best friend. So not only will you get to know the lesser-known facts about her, but she will also expect you to open up and share stories from your past, childhood, etc.

10. It is Easy to Please Her

She likes you – so you'll only have to do a little work to impress her. All her attention is actually on you. So, you will experience that it's simple to impress her. Even silly little things on your end will make her weak in the knees. You'll have a cute little puppy following you all around and eagerly awaiting your look, a pat, or a word.

11. Blushing

What can be a better giveaway than this? You will find her going red even with little attention, a compliment, a smile, etc. So if you want her to feel perfect and extraordinary, make sure to praise her from time to time.

12. She Dresses to Impress You

When she likes you, she will make sure to dress to make an impact on you. While she may not change her style, she will use her natural self to impress you. She will get picky about her clothes, especially when you meet her. Her lipstick and makeup will also reveal a lot about her feelings. The clothes may get smarter, revealing, accentuating her figure, etc. She will also try to understand what kind of dresses you love for women, and suddenly, you will notice a change in her wardrobe choices.

13. Playing Damsel in Distress

Big, small, and of all sizes – get ready to help as Mademoiselle asks you directly for favors. For every last thing, she will look to you for advice and suggestions, emotional support, and physical help. All of this makes things obvious, and if you are still not getting the hints to ask her out for a date, then you need to know more about asking a girl to be your girlfriend.

14. She Knows a Lot About You

That's true! You may not realize it, but behind your back and even right in front of you, she has been working as a detective to get more information about you. So next time you hear her saying something that she was not supposed to know about you, remember girls are more intelligent than you thought!

It is not surprising that she has studied your profile on social media platforms thoroughly and even knows the names of your friends, family members, and pets by heart much before you could tell her.

15. She Drops Hints That She is Single

She is serious about you if she slips in comments mentioning that she is single and ready to mingle. She is giving the cue that she is available for a date. It's your turn now to take it up or let it be.


These are the 15 signs that will tell you if the girl is interested in you or otherwise. Look for a combination of signs; a single hint might not be enough to indicate her feelings. However, at least four or five signs are adequate for you to conclude that she's into you.