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Exactly What to Do When She Stops Calling and Texting

What to Do When She Stops Texting and Calling?

Coming back home after a long tiring day and you text your girl about your day. But there are no responses from the other side. How does it feel? It sucks, right? And you know that there must be something fishy when she stops texting or calling. You might be wondering and recalling if you made any mistakes. And guess what? You still feel blank and find yourself out of answers. Since you are a human, you might feel like giving up and even coming up with ideas like stop texting her. But it doesn’t guarantee a positive result. And this might be the sign that the relationship is over for her. But, don't worry as you will get some ideas on tackling such situations here.

Getting ghosted by her is not something that is felt by only you. While you might be busy figuring out what to do, you need to focus more on “why did she suddenly stop texting me?” Also, you need to monitor what you are doing in between the period of silence. You must avoid anything that can make the situation worse. Generally, when she stops responding and you get confused, a part of you suggests you stay calm and take it easy. To assist you to get out of this bind, we've compiled a list of 15 suggestions that will help you deal with such a scenario more effectively.

15 Things to Do When She Stops Calling and Texting

1. Realize You are Not Alone

This phase arrives in every relationship. And every guy comes up with the same question, “why did she stop texting me?” Every man undergoes a similar situation sooner or later. Hence, you don't have to doubt your relation or take any serious steps.

2. Don't Take the ‘WHY' Too Seriously

Instead of wasting your energy, time, and emotions, you need to be practical in this situation. Analyze the possible reasons, take time, and figure out the best solutions you can try. Thinking ‘why' she is doing this won't change the situation. You better focus on ‘what to do in accordance to alter the scene.

3. Don't Underestimate Your Inner Potentiality

One of the major ingredients of attracting a woman is not freaking out or crying over why she stopped responding. You can take help from your previous experiences, like the way you felt when she texted you on time. Keep up the same confidence and positive energy by controlling your emotions to fix the situation.

4. Try Not to Fly off the Handle

Losing your temper and allowing your emotions to control you might not be the most thoughtful way to handle the situation. It might be challenging to cope when you communicate with someone regularly, and then the communication stops. Remember, girls are more attracted towards men who handle every situation with maturity and calmly.

5. Don't Jump into Conclusions

When you notice her sudden behavioral change, it is evident that you start getting thousands of ideas. You might even feel like become a spy and find out who she's texting. But you are not supposed to do that. All you need to do is sit back and become Argus-eyed. Try to understand what's going on in her mind. Avoid cooking unnecessary stories inside your head.

6. Convince Yourself with the “Whatever” Attitude

If you want to calm yourself, you need to carry a careless attitude. But make sure you feel it only inside of you and don't express it in front of her. When a girlfriend stops texting, the ‘WHATEVER' attitude can help you with the situation. But don't confuse it with letting go and making her feel you don't care about her.

7. Understand You are Not in Charge of Her Activities

You might not worry about her sudden ignorance if you can't control her activities. As a result, instead of thinking to yourself, “how could she,” “it's not right,” and so on, wait for the time she tells all. Try to instead control your emotions and behaviors in such circumstances.

8. Don't Judge Yourself

There can indeed be something wrong. It is also possible that you made an unconscious mistake. But you don't need to take the entire blame. Wait till you get to know the actual reason. Blaming yourself and repenting won't make you look attractive at all. Try to accept the mistake and rectify it with an approach of moving on from the issue.

9. Patience is the Only Key

You might Google what to do when my girl stops texting. You might also find results like gifting flowers and chocolates or perform a heroic scene. But the best advice is to stay loyal and keep patience. Women are comparatively emotional. They require time to process and then channelize their thoughts and patience.

10. Keep Yourself Engaged

Don't confuse the term engage here just because she stopped texting. It doesn't mean that you get involved with any other girl just to make her jealous. Try to keep yourself busy and happy. You might be able to maintain patience better this way. Otherwise, waiting without any motive or positive sign can distract you from the course.           

11. No Need to be Paranoid

Even after her ignorance, the world will continue to spin in the same manner for you. You don't have to be concerned about why she stopped replying. Assume you made a minor error, as a result of which she opted to draw a distance. What will happen if things get more complex once she becomes your formal partner? It is preferable to get rid of transitory individuals early in your life.

12. Don't Present Yourself as a Creep

You might have ample time to think or search- “what to text a girl who stopped responding examples?” But you got to control that and must not text her repeatedly if she feels uninterested. Calling or messaging her continuously will only tarnish your image and make you appear creepy.

13. Stop Victimizing Yourself

There are billions of people around you. Any particular girl's ignorance shouldn't make you feel like it's the end of the world. Ghosting nowadays has become a trend like flirting. You are not the only one to experience this. Thus, take a chill pill, do what you love, order tasty healthy meals online, and feel good about yourself.

14. Think about Your Standards

You might not want to get tagged as the whiny creepy guy. So, why act like one? There are numerous fish in the sea. Instead of worrying about ‘why did she stop texting me, ‘try your luck somewhere else. In accordance to keep abreast of your image and standards, you must act maturely.

15. Respect Her Decision and Yourself

A true man won't whine about why a girl stopped responding. You must respect her decision even if it is not in your favor. More than anything, you must have self-respect. There is no point in getting demotivated or damage your mental health for anyone.

Final Thoughts

Nobody is meant to stay forever. Everything in life is temporary. Then why bother about a girl's ignorance? However, everybody could not be the same or carry the same mentality. In case you are unable to control your emotions, you can follow the tips mentioned above.

Remember, life is short, don't waste it blaming yourself and worrying about what to do if she stops texting. Nurture your charming skills and make more people fall in love with you. But don't forget to maintain your loyalty once you commit someone.