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How to Ask a Girl to be Your Girlfriend?

Asking a girl to be your girlfriend

25 Romantic ways to ask a girl to be your girlfriend

For some people, asking a girl to be their girlfriend can be quite a dramatic event. After all, being friendly with women is one thing, but getting serious about one is nothing short of a hyperventilating phenomenon for many.  You may have flirted and dated a few before, but popping the question to a girl can be a different ballgame altogether. To top it off, if you are a beginner, you certainly need a bit of guidance to see you through this stage.

And once her answer is a yes, equip yourself with all that you need to know about the dating gamut with dating tips for a new relationship.

No worries! Read on to know about various ways of asking the girl to be your girlfriend.

Cute and Unique Ways to Ask a Girl to Be Your Girlfriend

Instead of letting loose your imagination, isn’t it a better idea to ask her directly and get clarity at the onset itself? One thing that you must take care of before asking her though is to be sure that the time is right and the setting is just perfect.  All set to ask to pop the question. Check out these ways:

A Few Old-fashioned Tried-and-Tested Methods

1. Pen It Down

Write a note or a letter to her to take her by surprise. A handwritten note is something that most people do not expect today. Whether or not, you are good at expressing your emotions and thoughts in writing, give this method a try. Your efforts will surely impress her, beyond words, literally!

2. A Special Dinner Date

You may have taken her out for a dinner date before, but this one has to be special. If this is your first dinner date, nothing could be more remarkable. On this date, cook for her. If possible, get a hands-down list of all that she loves to eat and drink. Understandably, this method requires a certain level of culinary skills. Why not attend a few cooking classes, online or offline, to learn the art or polish your talent? You’ll realize very soon how this talent works in your favor! Women love this kind of bespoke pampering. Pop the question when her taste buds are all satiated!

3. Send Her a Bouquet

This is probably one of the oldest methods of proposing to a girl and asking her to be your girlfriend. Flowers are such lovely dainty beings and you don’t even have to say too many words as they are so expressive. Channelize your emotions through a bouquet of red roses or lilac orchids. You can also go in for pink roses, tulips, carnations, and lisianthus.

4. Gift Her Chocolates

Does she have a sweet tooth? Great! Perfect opportunity to send her favorite chocolates, nicely wrapped with a note saying, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ If she is off chocolates, you can send her a cake, pastries, or any other sweetened item that she prefers.

5. Showcase Your Creative Skills

If cooking is not your forte and you found this idea a bit off the mark, then you can go ahead and win her with any of your creative skills. If you are a writer, write her a poem or a couplet. If you are good at singing, sing her a love song. You can also go one step further and write a poem for her, dedicating it to the special moment. Bake a cake if you are good at it.

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6. Take Her to a Movie

A romantic movie is a perfect date and also the ideal time to grasp her hand and ask her questions. Substitute the movie with a theater show, drama, music concert, rock show, or sporting event depending on what the lady likes to do in her free time.

7. Take the Help of Humor

If you wish to keep it straight and simple, try humor. Simply ask her with a hilarious overtone and see her reaction. If she says a yes, great going; and if it’s a no, you can always term it as a joke.

8. A Graffiti

Why not? Color up the walls somewhere – maybe a secret place – take her there, and give her a big surprise. Use her loved colors to paint up, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’

9. Shower Her with Praise

Women love to be complimented. So, yes, go ahead and flatter her. It could be her looks, her dress, her accessories, the way she walks or talks, her work, her marks, and so on. In the midst of all this, pop the question.

10. Ask It Over the Phone

Feeling nervous to ask the question direct, face-to-face? No stress! Pick up the phone and simply call her. During the conversation, go ahead and ask her without dilly-dallying. That’s also the best and the most honest way of getting things straight.

New-Age Methods

11. Google Event

Set up a Google Event calling for an urgent meeting with her. Ensure that she has no inkling of the meeting beforehand. Now, you can try out different ways of asking the D-question. One way is making the subject line of the meeting pretty obvious mentioning her as your girlfriend. To keep things a bit more subtle, you can pop up the question as soon as she joins the meeting.

12. A QR Code

Depending on the amount that you can spend, go in for a customized piece of gifting item for her – could be an expensive piece of jewelry or a cheap purse. Go a step further and print a QR code on the gift piece. Embed the question in the QR code so that when she scans the code, she discovers what and how you feel for her.

13. A Game of Crossword Puzzle

If you two enjoy challenging one another especially playing the game of crossword, then this is your chance. Prepare a puzzle and sit down together. Create a riddle that centers on her and seek her help to track it down.

14. A Scavenger Hunt

You can do this in a group or just the two of you can engage in hunting down clues and objects. In the last phase, keep the clues ready that will pop up the query replicating your heart’s desire. What a way to end the event especially when her answer is in the affirmative!

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15. Social Media

If you both use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat, then this is the time to use one of these platforms to your advantage. How? Drop the question as a message for her – remember to use some nice background pictures, or make a romantic video to impress her, making it difficult for her to say a ‘No’ to your proposal.

16. Create a Poster or a PPT

When it comes to using modern technology, there’s no end to ideas on what you can do to ask her to be your girlfriend. Try making her a PowerPoint presentation and email it to her. Or show it to her when she drops by at home or the office. Similarly, use Canva or any other tool to make a nice-looking poster. Hold it up and stand right in front of her window, maybe early in the morning. Or paste it somewhere near her office clipboard – ensure that she is the first to see it and is well concealed from other prying eyes.

17. Write a Software Code for Her

A brilliant idea for software programmers is to write an ‘ERROR’ code failing the program until she agrees to become your girlfriend. This can be a big surprise for her especially if both of you are from the software industry.

18. A Podcast

Make a podcast about your feelings and ask her the question. When she is not around or looking, slowly slip it into her iPod or her smartphone. Leave the rest for the podcast to do.

Other Interesting Methods to Ask Her to be Your Girlfriend

19. Take Help of Your/Her Pet

If both of you are pet parents, you can use the pets to communicate your thoughts to her. Get her a new pet (a pup, a kitten, or the baby animal of whichever she is fond of) and tie the question around the leash of the new pet.

20. Refrigerator Magnets

If you are a regular to her place or vice versa, you can use refrigerator magnets to get a better understanding of her feelings for you. Use the alphabet to pop the question during a casual evening at home. If you are 100% sure of her answer and want to propose in front of a crowd, you can plan it during one of the parties at her or your place.

21. Buy a Cup with the Exact Words

Go to a gift shop. Pick one of the coffee mugs. ‘Will you be my girlfriend’ mugs are available easily off-the-shelf. If not, you can customize one and write the words, paste a picture of you two, decorate it as you wish, and gift her.

22. Write it on a T-shirt

Bespoke tees can be created conveniently. Just order a monochrome t-shirt – one that is her favorite color. Get the question printed on the tee and gift her casually during one of the times you meet her. Take her by surprise as she opens the t-shirt and comes across the words from your heart.

23. A Kite Proposal

If she has a passion for kite flying, you can try this trick to pop the question. The kite’s tail can have the words printed or handwritten. You can also use the underside of the kite to convey your question.

24. Pass the Message in a Bottle

Get hold of an antique bottle set tight with a cork. Write out a poem or the question directly on a piece of paper and put the rolled paper inside the bottle. Place it outside her door to be discovered by her.

25. Hide the Question in a Basket of Fortune Cookies

Gift her a basket of fortune cookies and hide a message bearing your query. It is one of the sweetest ways to ask her, ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ To top it off, if the cookies are handmade by you, things could be even more romantic.

So, what are you waiting for? Get set go and choose that one way that suits your style. All the best as you gear up to pop up the question to her!