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Top 7 Mistakes Guys Make in Relationships

top 7 mistakes guys make in relationships

Mistakes Guys Make in Relationships

Relationships are undoubtedly one of the best things one can experience. But it can be tricky at times as well. It is always said to take care of your precious things. The same concept relies on your relationship. Even the slightest mistakes made unintentionally can destroy the bond. Hence, it is essential to be careful and devoted to the relationship.

But is maintaining a healthy relationship so simple? The answer is undoubtedly no. If it were so simple, there would be no such things as breakups, separations, or divorce. While there could be several reasons for breakups, one reason could be the silly mistakes committed mainly by guys.

Top 7 Mistakes Guys Make in Relationships

Humans are meant to err. It is impossible to be completely flawless. However, if you want to, it is still possible to better yourself. And how are you going to do that if you are unaware of those flaws? Thus, there are seven top mistakes enlisted below man perpetrate mostly:

1. Being Emotionally Unavailable While She Talks

Most of the girls complain about their partner not being attentive enough. You need to listen whenever she urges you to share her feelings or even her day with you. Most men indeed find the so-called “girl talk” uninteresting. But don’t forget people like to share their feelings with those they trust and love the most.

Thus, even if your girl is quiet and does not do anything on her own, attempt to take the initiative. Go on with asking how she is feeling, how her day was, etc. It will make her feel desired and show how valuable she is to you.

2. Not Having Enough Time for Her

It is impossible to be available 24*7 for anybody. But the fact of spending more time with your friends than her can make her mad. She surely might not want you to betray or eliminate your friends from your life. But you need to understand that when you are in a relationship, you have to prioritize.

You can balance both your friends and girlfriend if you have good management skills. You can make a schedule to hang out with your friend at least once or twice a week. And devote the rest of your time to your partner so that she doesn’t feel alone.

3. Being Unable to Speak for Her

Everybody desires to get a partner who is proud to have them. Your girlfriend might want and expect the same from you. Even if you genuinely care for her and think yourself fortunate to have her, it is all useless if you fail to express that.

There could be times when you need to choose between her and someone else in your life. If not that, there might be a time when she needs someone to stand for her. Those are the times when you must jump to speak for her before anybody else. You are the one who must defend or support her. It is you who she wants the most. Staying quiet in such situations makes you less worthy of her.

4. Being too Mushy

Being caring, romantic, and a bit possessive is undoubtedly the cutest thing. But anything beyond a limit can be dangerous. Nobody enjoys being constantly petted or baby-fed. At times, girls relish the feeling of being self-sufficient and independent.

Be it paying the bill by herself or taking care of her needs. These little things might not mean anything huge for you, but they mean a lot to her. Nobody likes to receive calls every five minutes to share their updates. You, too, must not give her the impression where she feels she needs someone every time.

5. Playing as a Pushover

One of the most critical challenges in any relationship arises when one of the partners begins to put on airs. Your misogynistic attitude can ruin your relationship. It is important to be liberal and have respect for your girl’s decisions. Generally, dominating habit comes from unfaithfulness or sometimes inferiority complex as well.

You need to trust your girl from the core of your heart. Also, there should be a sense of equality in your mind. You must not underestimate your partner in any way. Hence, listen when she speaks, ask for her consent or opinions on important matters as well.

6. Pulling Your Hands Off from the Relation

Nothing in life, including your partner and relationship, should be taken for granted. Yes, you might have spent some successful years together. But that doesn’t mean your job is done, and you can let the relation drive itself.

You need to put up the constant effort just as you did in your initial days. From noticing the littlest things to giving compliments, your every action must reflect your dedication to your partner and your relationship.

7. Betraying Your Girl

The worst you can do with her is betray her and her love. As soon as a girl discovers her genuine love in you, she can compromise or adjust to anything. And that may be conceivable only if she believes your affections for her are genuine.

Yes, you indeed encounter many girls better than she really is in terms of many parameters. That does not, however, permit you to mess with her feelings. Remember, there are so many fishes in the ocean, and there are several dating sites for women to make their work easy. Hence, stay loyal and don’t let your gem slip away from your hand.

Final Thoughts

It is true that for a romance to thrive, both parties must be willing to do the work. One person’s effort cannot make the entire venture smooth. However, one ready to take charge of his mistake can contribute more than blaming the other half.

It is generally the girl who ends up investing a lot more in the relationship after some years. And the guy begins to take it for granted. But he needs to remember that the more you invest, the more you get. As a result, put your relationship with your girl first, and don’t let any of the blunders mentioned above get in the way.