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Senior Dating

Dating Over 60 Advice

Dating over 60 Advice

Advice for Dating after 60

Dating at 60 is not unheard of but can cause you a bit of stress and tension. After all, not every day does one decide to find love after 60. The heart certainly misses a beat every time you think of meeting someone romantically. You are nervous too, just like you were on your first date, probably a long time back. Also, if you have been out of the dating scene for some time, you can find things a bit more challenging.

But, let us begin by telling you that it's okay to be dating after 60. There's absolutely no need to be edgy – yes, since the hormones are excited, it could give a few sleepless nights. But that's completely normal.

Considering that the dating scenario has changed phenomenally in the last few years, at least from dating in the 1960s, you may find things daunting, thanks to the growth of online dating sites. But, there's no really need to be intimidated by technology – it can be a powerful armor in your weaponry!

For one, there's a lot of information readily available at your fingertips. You can sign up and take free or paid memberships of the best senior dating sites online. These are safe, ensure confidentiality and offer you the chance to meet people defying geographical boundaries. With in-depth personality tests and analysis, these sites help match profiles, which means that you have readily available data to start finding a partner without wasting time or effort.

Secondly, there are many sites offering dating tips for new relationships. The content is created by experts so that you can brush off all unsettling thoughts and focus on finding the right date for you. If you cannot find the best dating site for over 60s, you can start by browsing dating sites for over 50. The point is that there are plenty of resources online that can be meaningfully used when embarking on a new relationship, even if you are getting back into dating after a considerable time gap.

Follow this write-up on dating over 60 advice to spare you from some awkward and nerve-racking moments. So dating in your 60s is as enjoyable as during your teens. These middle-age dating tips apply universally and can be followed by one and all, men or women.

Dating over 60 – Tips and Advice

First things first. The usual question that comes to mind at this age is, “Is 60 too old to date?”

The answer is, ‘No.' Certainly not. Love, as we all know, has no limits and boundaries. Like many other human feelings and emotions, it is an emotion and does not come with an ‘expiry date.' So, yes, if you are 60 and single again, looking for love and partnership, there is no reason or no person that can stop you from doing so. As a man or woman over 60, getting back to dating is entirely normal.

Let's get started now with some hands-on practical dating over 60 advice.

Get comfortable with the whole perspective

The first dating over 60 advice is about being happy and comfortable with the thought of dating. ​​It is essential to make up your mind first about getting back into dating after a long time. It should not disturb you or make you feel guilty. Whether you are dating after 60 and widowed or after a divorce, the overall thought of meeting and having someone new in your life should excite you and give you happiness.

Remember, dating is one way of getting back into living a fulfilling life – you should be open to involving yourself again in all aspects of daily life, work on strengthening your self-esteem, and have the courage to face the challenges again. Separations, deaths, and divorces can leave one sad and full of grief. Ensure that you are detached from all past misgivings, regrets and heartaches before you enter the scene of dating at age 60.

Come to terms with what you want

The next dating after 60 rule is knowing what you want from the new relationship. Are you simply looking for a partner with whom you can have a good time meeting once in a while? Or, are you looking at something more serious like a dedicated relationship, maybe marriage, etc.? Identifying your need makes it easy for you to adjust to this new scenario. If your thoughts about romance after 60 are still jumbled up, leaving you confused, maybe you should wait a bit longer till your views are better sorted out. Identifying your wants will help you shortlist the aspects you want in your partner. Please remember that the chances of finding love after 60 can be better when your search is focused and not haphazard.

Be choosy

One of the do's and don'ts of dating after 50 and 60 is that you should refrain from wasting your time with people who do not fit your set parameters. It is of no use, and let's face the truth, do you really have so much time or energy for experimentation! It is not like dating when you were a young man or woman. Things have changed, and so has your biology clock.

You can step back when you feel a mismatch of mindset, philosophies, or goals. It is the best thing to do as it is always better to be single than be with a person who is not suitable for you.

Take the help of the virtual medium to meet the right person

One of the ways to find a date is to let your friends and family know that you are open to over sixty dating. This can be a bit embarrassing for many, and everyone might not be comfortable with the thought.

In this context, the best dating sites and dating apps for over 60 can be really helpful. Some of the top sites are eharmony, SilverSingles, and SeniorPeopleMeet. Interestingly, many of such sites have special categories for older men and women. If you are not too sure, you can start by completing your profile on the best free dating sites. If you are over 60 and a widow, you can try the best dating sites for widows.

If you are not too technology-savvy, there is no need to lose heart. You can meet a potential partner at your local church, a volunteer group, office, etc. You can get in touch with an old flame from school or college, connect back with an ex-partner, etc.

Meeting the person

The next step is to meet the person you have been in conversation with for some time now. Who should make the first move? Anyone can. There is no right or wrong here. Maybe in the 1960s dating, men had the onus to make the first move. No more does this hold! Whether it is meeting the person, going for a holiday, or even a senior dating first kiss, anyone can initiate as long as you are confident that this is the next logical step. Ensure that you are well-prepared when meeting an online date for the first time.

In the excitement of meeting your new date, however, there are certain senior dating rules that you should keep in mind:

  • Don't rush your partner. Give them time to settle into the new relationship.
  • Meet them with the perspective to have fun and enjoy the entire experience. Be light-hearted.
  • Gain enough knowledge about your date to fix up the meeting accordingly. Take care to read their bio thoroughly before the meeting.
  • Keep a close family member or friend informed of where you are going and the purpose for safety's sake.
  • Try meeting at a restaurant, coffee house, library, or any public place.

Why should you consider dating over the 60s?

Everyone has their personal reason to date. Being 60 and single again may leave you feeling lonely and unloved. Some people are prone to depression and anxiety. Without having a companion to speak to or share your thoughts and feelings can be gloomy.

The loneliness stems not just from the fact that you are widowed, separated, or divorced. It is also when your body is undergoing significant changes, both men and women. To top it off, your kids have probably all left to pursue their professional and personal choices. This adds to the feeling of desolation and alone.

Even if you are adventurous, mingle well with others, and have an active social life, you can feel the heat of being all alone once in a while or more often. And, when the chances of finding love over 60 are pretty good these days, why not find someone who shares the same belief and love for life as you?

And, if you are shy, withdrawn, and introverted, there are more reasons to look for true love once again and dating in the 60s. It is required for your mental and physical health and well-being.


Getting back out there to date once more, after ages, can give you the goosebumps, but that's okay. The crux is to enjoy the experience, irrespective of what it turns out to be finally. Pep yourself up, show interest, keep your humorous side up and take it as an enjoyable journey. Don't get too serious about anything. And if the relationship is becoming toxic, you always have the option to walk out. Take the help of the online medium, loved ones, and the community at large to enter the over 60 dating scene. One good way is to first read the best dating sites reviews to begin on the right note.

Good Luck! Someone once said, “With you, life is always an adventure.” Treat your date over 60 just like that!