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10 Ways to Make Him Crazy About You Over Text

How to Make Him Crazy About You Over Text?

Words are the most convincing element to change someone's way of thinking and life. If you can utilize your communication power and play with your words, you might break the code of unsolved riddles. Likewise, expressing your thoughts to your man confidently and convincing him to fall for you is not less than an art form. Whether you are seeking attention or trying to fire up your budding romance again, texting is an effective tool to drive the mind of your guy incessantly.

If you are affectionate to someone, never hesitate to open up as you have the opportunity to message him. Though, you may need to understand some tricks and tips before you start a chat with your man. A deep understanding of the psychological and physical drive between two individuals needs to be clear before jumping into a conversation. You may need to check the perspective of your male friend, whether he possesses some feelings or it's just an infatuation over you. Once you understand the depth of your relationship, it might be easier to strengthen the heart-to-heart talk with him. Here are some creative and fruitful texting ideas that might help you create a remarkable impression and make him think of you.

10 Ways to Make Him Crazy About You Over Text

1. Open Up Some Space for Him

Every person loves to get some attention from their partner, be it a man or woman. For instance, you may show some interest in his daily life and initiate a conversation by asking more about the regular activities. You can open up some space for him by sending these quick questions to make him understand that you are verbally approachable.

  • You may start the discussion by sending a message- “How was your day?” or ask him if he has any plan for the later evening or not? You may talk more about his day at the office and how work is going on? These simple messages might help you to know him personally, and you get a chance to see if he is excited or nervous about anything or not. He may sense your presence and appreciate the initiative, which will lead to a good follow-up optimistically.
  • Make him realize your visual existence by telling about the dress you are wearing right now. If you tease him with this kind of text, it might inflame his desire to see you.

2. Use Felicitous Smiley & GIFs to Add Better Tone to Your Writing

Over-texting and monotonous questions might make you sound robotic and boring. Sometimes, it's hard to understand what you are trying to convey through your text that might lead to a misunderstanding. Instead, you may add Gifs and Emojis to balance the tone of the texts. Though, using the smilies appropriately as per the context of the discussion matters a lot. Exaggerating a chat with unwanted emojis might turn down the mood. So, get your favorite Gifs and add them accordingly to transform your chit-chat into a happening one.

3. Crack A Joke to Cheer Him Up

It sounds like a scripted speech when you always speak on the logical ground. You can make it both heartfelt and humorous by telling a joke or sharing some amusing and touching memories. Play with your words by sending a funny text containing a secret message and double meaning. This will excite his fun urge to connect with you for future discussion, making him more intrigued.

4. Missing His Presence

It is one of the most incredible ideas that instigates him to call you automatically. Every individual loves to feel the physical presence of their close ones. So, the best way to start texting is by saying you are feeling alone or asking him indirectly about a dinner or lunch outing. These simple questions give clear indications that you want to share quality time with him.

5. Try to Avoid Debatable Topics

Chatting helps you to build a deep connection. Hence, try to avoid the subject or topic that makes you engage in a conversational debate. For instance, stretching a text on these specific areas – politics, ex-boyfriends, religious contexts, etc., might create some differences because every individual has their own beliefs. If you feel he hates talking about all these topics, better not proceed with one to avoid misunderstanding.

6. Ask His Suggestions

A man needs a woman, and vice versa. If you ask for a suggestion or advice from a man, it won't affect your feminist nature or contradict your thinking abilities. Sometimes, it might open up gates for you with new ideas and help you accomplish a critical task with his one suggestion. At the same time, he might feel that you consider him a valuable person, and his advice or words matter a lot. Likewise, if you buy a new dress, any gadget, books, and other essentials, asking his suggestions might give him a sign of his importance in your life.

7. Compliment Him

Another technique to make your boyfriend interested is to play with his psyche. Complimenting him is one of the most effective ways to continue this process. Even you feel good when a guy praises you. The same thing goes for a man, applauding him for his work, any achievement, and personal activities that might make him feel special.

8. Rejuvenating Good Memories You Have Had With Him

Probably it won't be applicable for new relationships, but if you have had a good memory with him, focus on that to nurture his mind. For example, your first date with him or the memories of the first road trip are a few beautiful moments that make him remind you. Especially if you are not in touch for a long time or sharing a long-distance relationship, talking about good memories might create an enchanting ambiance. It's best to let him know whether you recall his favorite meal, his body fragrance, or a song or movie that unites you two.

9. Tonight's Gonna Be Fun

It's not logically possible for any man or woman to overlook sexual desires. When it comes to sexual feelings, men are always active and passionate about it. So, sexting has become a common form of showing your interest to share your erotic fantasies. Talking about his touch and physical attributes might trigger his mood and make your communication bond stronger. Try to show him that he is the right person that gives you sensual pleasure and comfortability. If you are sure about that guy, you may exchange your pictures and take them to the next level.

10. Don't Act Negative

Whether you had a bad day or you feel low for some reason, never burst it out on your guy. It's essential to show a humble and polite attitude rather than complaining about small things to him. Unnecessary texts, panicking, or mourning might turn your healthy relationship into a negative one. Most importantly, never get into any arguments or freak out aimlessly. Try to nudge him. If you need some company, ask him if he is available or not? As per the saying, communication is one of the vital facets of dating to start a new relationship. Hence, bring positive energy with your words and make head-to-head linking an impactful one with your texts.

Bottom Line

There are several fruitful ways to draw the attention of your man towards you. Still, there are no alternatives to texting for influencing him to catch feelings for you. Always remember the first impression is the last one. So, tactfully and heartily do the communication through texts as you cannot understand the motive and reaction of that person. Too much texting or excessive negligence might eradicate the whole thing. The above mentioned are 10 clever texting ideas that will make him think about you. Therefore, try to be more creative and be confident with your words for transforming your chatting experience.