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What Does Wearing an Anklet Mean?

What do ankle bracelets mean?

Anklets or bracelets that women wear on their ankles are getting trendier as they help spruce up their looks. These accessories blend well with all kinds of attire – formal, casual, traditional, or modern. There are anklets available in various designs, made from different kinds of materials, and can be bought at multiple price points.

While these ankle bracelets do add oomph to your personality and appearance, there are certain deeper meanings behind wearing these accessories. Not many are aware of these hidden implications though. In some cultures, wearing anklets is compulsory for certain categories of women with profound significance.

Continue reading to understand more about the essence of wearing anklets in women.

Ankle Bracelet Meaning

An anklet is also known as an ankle chain or string. It is an accessory that is worn by women around their ankles. Some wear it on both their legs, while some wear it on the right or left ankle. These ornaments can be made from precious metals like gold and silver or affordable materials like plastic.

Anklets have been around for centuries. In South Asian countries like India, it is a part and parcel of the married woman’s accessory. On the other hand, dance performers in certain ancient civilizations are known to have worn anklets with bells.

The earliest known anklets were made of wood, bones, and stones. Much later, precious metals like gold and silver entered the scene. In early Egypt and during the Sumerian civilization, the anklets were a symbol of social status. While the wealthy could wear golden and silver bracelets, slaves wore wooden or leather-made ankle bracelets.

In the US, anklets appeared around the 1950s. Nowadays, women across the world wear ornaments on their ankles to ramp up their fashion sense.

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Significance of Wearing Ankle Bracelet

Different cultures associate different meanings with wearing anklets. Some of these are:

Marital Status: In many countries, the anklet symbolizes the marital status of the woman and is often a gift from the groom’s family to the bride during the wedding.

This does not mean that unmarried girls are not allowed to wear bracelets around their legs. It is just that the anklets for married women are more ornamental and those worn by girls of all ages are mostly simple and not elaborately adorned.

Sign of Good Luck: Besides denoting whether a woman is married or not, many wear these ankle amulets as a sign of good luck or charm.

Energy Healers: Also called ‘payal’, there is a scientific reason behind wearing anklets. As per traditional beliefs, our hands and feet emanate energies. Wearing an accessory made of precious metal like silver is believed to stop these energies from getting released and wasted. Positive silver ions help in re-radiating the energies which are then re-vibrated within the body making the wearer stronger.

For Pain Relief: Women, who experience pain or numbness in their lower body including their legs, and sciatica, are believed to benefit by wearing amulets around their anklets. So, women are advised to wear silver anklets to provide relief from such pain.

Immune Booster: Silver ankle bracelets especially is said to help boost the immune system of women. Positive silver ions help stabilize energies across the body; thereby helping activate the lymph glands that are directly responsible for immunity.

Fashion Accessory: In the west, when the trend of wearing amulets on legs started, it was noticed that most women wearing these accessories were a part of the so-called ‘sexual revolution.’ Most women today wear this to enhance their look with graceful bracelets on their ankles.

There’s a bit of confusion though whether you should be wearing this accessory on your left or right leg. Just like the general confusion about what hand to wear your engagement ring on.

Meaning of the anklet on the right leg

Wearing the bracelet on the right leg means that the lady is single and is looking for a lover. She is ready to mingle. Though most women who wear the anklets on their right leg may not be aware of the hidden implication but traditionally, wearing it on the right ankle signifies that she is looking out for a partner and is keen to date. If the woman is interested in a causal relationship and nothing serious, she will probably wear a heart-shaped anklet.

When married women wear the anklet on their right leg, it means that they are looking for a fling; a relationship outside their marriage.

Meaning of the anklet on the left leg

A few women wear the amulet on their left leg as a talisman, a sign of charm, or protective gear. In many cultures, it was believed that the route to diseases and germs to the body is through the feet. Wearing an anklet, especially on the left leg helps ward off diseases as these are the closest to the ground.

Another interesting interpretation of wearing this ornamental amulet on the left leg is that the lady is interested in a lesbian or bisexual relationship. Wearing the anklet on the left leg to attract attention from both men and women, shows that the person is comfortable with her bisexual identity.

Interpretation of Ankle Bracelets by their Color

As far as wearing an ankle amulet is concerned, there are color interpretations too.

White: Wearing white colored bracelets on the ankle symbolically means that the person wearing them has pure thoughts and loves peace around.

Green: Green signifies nature. Wearing green anklets mean that the lady loves nature, and natural essences. She is usually calm and composed.

Yellow: Yellow mostly stands for sparkle and cheer. A woman wearing a yellow-colored anklet could be fun to have around as she spreads warmth and happiness.

Red: This is a fiery color. Wearing red ankle amulets not just makes the wearer look hot, but also means that she is the bearer of good luck.

Pink: Pink is mostly associated with feminism and romanticism. Women in love usually choose to wear pink-colored ankle bracelets.

Black: This is a color filled with intrigue and mystique. When women wear black anklets, they create a mystery around themselves.

What does an Ankle Bracelet Mean Sexually?

In many countries, wearing anklets, especially by married women has sexual connotations. In many Western cultures, a married woman wearing the amulets on their legs, right or left, is often called a Hotwife. It means that the wife can have sexual relationships outside the marriage with other men besides her husband, or, with women with the permission of her legally-wedded spouse.

If the anklet has heart-shaped designs then it means that the woman is committed to her husband but is open to sexual encounters outside the marriage. If the bracelet has a Q design on it or there’s a tattoo of the Spade symbol near the bracelet, it means that the lady prefers black men.

Even if women may be aware that anklets come with certain sexual undertones, not many know of the deeper implications. Most women today wear these as accessories to beautify their feet and for the charming designs that add grace to their attire.

When and Where Should I wear Ankle Bracelets?

These cute ornaments look extremely elegant with short skirts, minis, leggings, denim shorts, or jeans.

The petite dainty accessories look amazing when you are dressed casually. When partying, swimming, at the beach, on a vacation, at a festival, or meeting old friends, you can experiment with bolder designs.

With formal wear, choose gold or silver anklets as they are well-suited for the office environment.

It is best not to wear these amulets on your legs when you are visiting the church, cemetery, or library as these can look a bit out of place.

Always select anklets that are loose around your ankles; else, the material could be cutting into the skin.

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Myths About Wearing Ankle Amulets

There are plenty of misconceptions about ankle bracelets. Here are some of them:

  • Women wearing bracelets around their feet are ready for homosexual or lesbian relationships.
  • In some places, it is believed that only sex workers wear anklets to enhance their sexual appeal.
  • Some myths say that women wearing accessories around their ankles and feet want to be in an open relationship. They seek partners for lust and not love.
  • There's also this misconception that women with anklets are wayward and irresponsible.
  • Many believe that ankle bracelets made of silver should be worn rather than those made of gold. This is a myth, especially in East Asian countries where gold is believed to be the metal of gods. Therefore, wearing it on the feet or at a place where it can touch the ground is considered inauspicious.


Just like other ornaments and accessories, anklets are a part of our cultural past and heritage. While traditionally they have symbolized different meanings, most women today wear these bracelets on their ankles because these add elegance and style to their personalities and their dressing sense. It is one of the best ways to beautify your feet, giving them a chic look. With innumerable varieties available in the market, you are sure to find a few that suits your feet shape and skin tone. Look good, and add charm to your gait with a pair of petite anklets!