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What Hand to Wear Engagement Ring On?

What is the finger for engagement ring?

In Which Finger To Wear An Engagement Ring?

Engagement seems to be the closer most steps towards marriage. This is like an official announcement where you gladly tag each other as ‘mine.' In English, the term engagement is often referred to as ‘betrothal.' While you might experience those little butterflies inside your stomach, the excitement might confuse you with which finger to put forward. But you are not alone in this journey. There are couples and even non-couples all around who find it confusing enough.

Generally, it is the fourth finger of the left hand considered as the “ring finger.” It has been a common practice for so many years. But, contrary to popular belief, it is not the sole choice. The engagement ring finger is associated with a variety of ideas. And various countries have distinct customs when it comes to ring ceremonies.

History of the Engagement Ring Finger

The engagement ring signifies a promise of marriage. As per the Ancient Romans, a vein links the fourth finger of the left hand to the heart. They named it the Vena Amoris, meaning “vein of love.”

Another tale about the engagement ring exists. In the 15th century, the Austrian Archduke introduced the engagement ring. That's how he asked his future bride to marry him. The diamond ring stated and keep states an assurance of forever love amidst two people.

Is there any Significant Proof Supporting the Vena Amoris?

It is undoubtedly romantic to think the way the Romans narrated. But sadly, there are no such valid proofs to support the concept. There is no such vein that connects any finger directly with the heart.

However, there could be a few practical explanations you can take under consideration for wearing the ring on the left hand. Since the majority of the population is right-handed, it makes sense to wear it on the opposite hand. There are fewer chances of it getting lost or damaged if worn in the not-so-active hand.

Different Traditions Related to the Engagement Ring Finger

Not every country, however, believes in the same history. The engagement ring is worn on the right hand in several nations, including India, Russia, Norway, and Germany. The reason behind this is people here consider the left as unlucky. This notion is believed to come from Latin, where ‘left' means ‘sinister.'

In Chile and Sweden, they intend to follow a different tradition. It is not just the would-be brides who receive the engagement ring there. Even men get to enjoy the same experience. In Chile, they prefer to wear the ring on their right hands. Later they exchange the ring onto their left hand.

While some countries rely on ring exchange to mark their engagement, few countries have their own tradition. In China, it is an exchange of goods and money that tags the couple as engaged. Similarly, the Samburu warriors of Northern Kenya wear ornate beading on their necks. The ornate has to be a mixture of specific colors used to hint engagement.

Is it Okay to Wear the Engagement Ring on Your Right Hand?

The answer generally varies among different groups of people and their beliefs. Unmarried people often prefer to wear their engagement rings on their right hand. There is no hard and fast rule of wearing the “promise ring.” You can even wear the ring on a different finger if you have any medical issue with the fourth finger of the left hand.

What Happens to the Engagement Ring After the Arrival of Wedding Ring?

Couples often get confused during their wedding days. There is serious tension about what to do with the engagement ring while an upcoming wedding ring is waiting for that spot. While the former symbolizes vows, the latter solidifies those promises. Hence, both are of equal importance.
Well, you need not worry as to where there is a will, there is always a way. In many countries, couples exchange their engagement rings from their left hand to right hand just before their wedding. Then, after completing the ceremony, they place the engagement ring on top of the wedding ring.

However, it was a traditional solution of pairing rings. Couples nowadays come up with solutions as per their preferences. People today often put the wedding ring on the top of the engagement band. Some opt with adjoining the two rings and making it one. Doesn't it feel more romantic to merge the most beautiful days of your life into one? This way, you don't have to compromise with anyone ring or need to worry about making space for them. It doesn't matter how you choose to wear them, and you just need to ensure that you put on both the rings and cherish their feelings.

However, there can be other options as well. If you are not a ring person and don't like to wear a lot of them, you can go with something else. People sometimes hang it on a necklace to keep it closer to their hearts. You can even wear your engagement ring only on special occasions if you feel like it.

Bottom Line

While the engagement day and the V-day are important in their own right, they are equally crucial to you. And the rings will serve as a lasting reminder of those special days. It's not only a ring that adorns a part of your body for individuals in love. A person's present to their lover is evidence of their eternal love, promises, and certainty.

There could be a time when you might feel the relation is getting difficult to manage. But imagine all of a sudden the shine of the ring reflects on your eye. And bring back the memory of every moment that you both spend loving each other. The littlest things that mattered the most once and brought you people closer day by day. You get to relive every second of those beautiful days through those rings. Then, why should not one take special care of that little expensive piece that is filled with so many hopes, dreams, trust, and, most importantly, love!