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What is a Vajacial and Why Should You Get One?

What is a Vajacial and Why Should You Go for it?

If you are not aware of the term ‘vajacial’ or ‘vagina facial' yet, then it’s time for you to encounter it. It is a spa treatment that focuses on the vulva area of the vagina. It doesn’t deal with the inner vagina but works on the outer labia and bikini line. It treats those ingrown hairs, hyperpigmentation, prevents acne, and maintains hydrated and healthy skin around the vaginal section.

The entire procedure is of around 50 minutes. The treatment involves cleansing, extraction of unwanted ingrown hairs, and mild enzyme exfoliant. And by the end, you will be rewarded with spotless, brighten-up, and smooth skin. The following are some facts about vajacial that would give you reasons for getting one.

How Can a Vajacial be Helpful?

If you are new to this, you must be having numerous questions. You can say that you have been relying on waxing till now. And it worked perfectly fine for you. Then, why should you switch to vajacial? Yes, waxing can indeed remove ingrown hairs for the long term. It even cleans those pesky hairs and is one of the best techniques to smooth the bikini surface. But a vajacial does more than just plucking up the hairs for you. It reduces the dark spots, inflammation and lightens stretch marks effectively. It not only makes you feel good but makes your mate fall in love with you again.

What Exactly Happens During a Vagina Facial (Vajacial)?

The step-by-step entirely depends upon the salon you are approaching. Everybody has techniques that can differ from one another. Few of them offer exfoliation, hair removal, and cleansing. Others also involve LED lights for antibacterial motives, vaginal steaming, and abdominal massages. One thing that you might find familiar everywhere is the usage of vajacial masks. It acts just like a mud mask for your vulva. Instead of this, one can also use a “high-frequency wand.” This is mainly used for enhancing your blood circulation. The procedure of vajacial is very much spa-like. But this treatment can also be beneficial for covering vulvar acne. All these steps eventually help to hydrate and moisturize your skin to make it smoother and brighter.

What Do Experts say about Vajacial?

Some experts suggest if someone wants to opt for vajacial, they must choose a professional. According to them, it is completely safe in general. But you must go with someone who had training and are comfortable in working with sensitive areas. Getting a vajacial by some poorly trained estheticians can lead to pain, disfigurement, and even infections. However, other experts believe it is best to avoid placing anything near such a sensitive bodily part. You never know what you'll get because everyone's body type is different. They advise being particularly cautious while introducing foreign substances and chemicals in your vagina.

Can People with Sensitive Skin get a Vajacial?

Not to forget that this particular treatment is designed for the area that is the most sensitive. However, everybody’s skin type is indeed different. But still, it is safe for everyone, including sensitive skin. But still, there are precautions taken before the treatment. A patch test is done to ensure you are eligible to get the maximum results.

What are the Additional Benefits you can get from Vajacial?

As mentioned, it helps to lighten up the skin tone around your bikini line. But that’s not all. It also intends to lessen hyperpigmentation, discoloration and kill bacteria. It is one of the best vaginal skincare routines one can adopt. It even prevents irritation caused by shaving or waxing. Remember, vajacial or vagina facial encourages body positivity too that grants you exceptional self-confidence.

Can One Perform Vajacial at Home?

There are instances when you can trust the method but not the hands performing the work. In such a case, you could feel compelled to carry out the first experiment on your own. Perhaps you might try the vajacial at home by yourself. The following home remedial process will help you to enjoy a professional-like vajacial:

  • You must begin by cleansing your skin. It’s better to go with a non-scented mild soap. Then use warm water to wash around your vulva.
  • It’s highly recommended to clean your vaginal area before starting the procedure after cleansing. Thus, remove the pubic hair with cream, or you can also shave it off with a razor.
  • Make sure to clean your skin properly before exfoliating. Try to use a gentle exfoliate to avoid irritation. You can opt for the ones you generally use for your face. The skin of your vulva is exquisitely sensitive and thin. Hence, don’t be hasty and use gentle motions for exfoliation.
  • After that, use tweezers to remove the ingrown hairs before applying the mask.
  • You can even prepare a mask by yourself with natural ingredients. One of the best mask types that you can try is the yogurt mask.

To prepare it, you can follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Begin with taking plain yogurt that has no additives
  • Add one-fourth slice of orange juice, including some of its pulp.
  • In the end, add one teaspoon of aloe vera to this mixture.

Apply this vajacial mask to your vulva region and let it sit for around five minutes. Then wash it off using warm water. If you don’t want to indulge in such hassle, you can simply go with the yogurt. Take plain yogurt and wait 20 minutes after applying it. Then wipe it off to get the best results. Remember every skincare regime must end with proper moisturization. Here, you can follow up by applying coconut oil or aloe vera gel to moisturize the skin.

Bottom Line

Taking care of your intimate areas is as important as you take care of your exposed body sections. Suggesting on vajacial, you can perform it at home if you feel like. But if you don’t feel safe enough, it’s better to opt for an expert.

The more hygienic you feel from the inside, the more confidence reflects outside. You must follow a scheduled skincare treatment at an interval of time to keep your skin healthy. This will not only gift you smooth and attractive skin but also keep the germs away.