If you are in a hurry and looking for the best sober dating site, we recommend eHarmony.

Opting the life of sobriety is one thing, but finding a partner is another.

Whether you are recovering from alcohol addiction or always been sober, we know that your struggles are real. The search for a partner who understands and respects the sober life is not something that comes easy to sober singles.

Going back into the dating pool once you are sober and single can be intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be that scary. There are plenty of sober dating sites for individuals seeking people like them who value sobriety. These dating sites for sober singles can help you find genuine connections with people who know how to have a good time without getting intoxicated.

Unlike, other dating sites, these sites can help you find partners who won’t judge you for drinking water instead of wine. So, we have gathered a list of the best sober dating sites that support the sober thought process. The following list consists of few mainstream dating sites and several exclusive sober dating websites. The mainstream sites have numbers at their advantage and their advanced filters will lead you to your right match. While on sober dating sites everybody is sober, but they have a concise dating pool.

Top 10 Dating Sites for Sober Singles


eHarmony Dating Site

Relationships: Long term, serious and deep relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender Ratio: 48% male and 52% female*
User Base: 4.2 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 9 million active users worldwide*
User Rating:  4.8/5.0*

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eHarmony is the go-to site for finding true and lasting love. The site has managed to retain the leadership position with a very high success rate. Unlike other mainstream dating sites, eHarmony has not evolved much when it comes to its core value. It still strongly upholds the value of celebrating truly committed relationships. However, the site has several updates in the questionnaire and overall look of the site over the years to suit the changing lifestyles. Beyond that everything remains the same including the 29-Dimensional compatibility matching system.

Special features:

Matching methods are precise and targeted.
With Free basic membership, you can receive daily matches, send likes, and get free deep personality reports.
Update or change your profile anytime.
You can only access the profile that matches you. No searches are allowed.

eHarmony is pretty confident about its sophisticated match system, that is why it defers from allowing search function. Moreover, they also provide a 3-months free subscription if you fail to find someone in the first 3 months.

12 Step Match

12 Step Match

Relationships: Friendship, date, romance
Profiles: All sober singles*

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12 Step Match calls itself the original recovery program. The dating site is well suited for anyone who is at different stages of the recovery program. From AA, gambling, narcotics, eating disorders, gaming addicts, and several other types of recovery programs.

Special features:

New profiles are displayed on the home screen.
Free membership lets you initiate dialogue with almost anyone instantly.
It organizes plenty of off-site events where sober singles meetup with each other.
Numerous resource links and eBooks to educate newbies about online dating and safety.

The profiles on the site and in-depth details can help you get a feel for your potential date. Its ease of use and free features puts it in the list of best sober dating websites.

Sober Singles Date

Sober Singles Date

Relationships: Friendship, date, relationship
Specialty: Free to join and use*
Profiles: All sober singles*

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Sober Singles Date was created by sober individuals for sober singles. The site is preferred by singles who are into a more streamlined introduction and matchmaking. The site emphasis transparency thus, it encourages members to be themselves while interacting with other members. Above all, it is one of the free sober dating sites, which lets you explore all the features for free.

Special features:

Instant messages and live chat feature available on all profiles.
You can choose to go for a video chat.
Easy and quick sign up.
You don’t have to be a part of any recovery program to register on this site.

The site claims to have approximately 47,300 members and the majority of them are from the USA. It lets you search for members based on age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, education, etc.

Sober Dating Service

Sober Dating Service

Relationships: Friendship, date, flirt, love
Specialty: A part of Online Connections dating network*
Profiles: All sober singles*

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Sober Dating Service has all the perks of mainstream dating sites but allows only members who are non-drinkers. The site has managed to create a healthy community of sober singles who explore flirty romantic relationships with other members. Sober Dating Service aims to help those who have difficulty navigating through the social scenes because of their sobriety.

The site is free to register, and you can use their chat and other communication tools, but with limitations. Paid membership has its own perks.

Special features:

You can pay to get your profile featured on the searches and home page.
Active chat rooms connect you to several like-minded people.
Featured members get additional messages.

The site excepts people from all backgrounds and ethnicities without any prejudices. If used accurately this can be your “THE SITE” where you find your happily-ever-after.

Single And Sober

Single And Sober

Relationships: Friendship, date, relationship
Specialty: A recovery community for help and support*
Profiles: All sober singles*

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Single And Sober as the name says, if you identify as both, then this is the site for you. The site aims to create a recovery community with sober singles. The site claims that they are a growing community where a new member signs up on the site daily.

Special features:

Members can showcase their recovery dates and length of sobriety.
Most of its members are concentrated in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.
Messaging is a paid feature on the site.
They have a strict no refund policy.

Single And Sober is a recovery dating site with an established recovery community. It has a strict pricing policy to ensure only serious and committed people come on the site.

Love In Recovery

Love In Recovery

Relationships: Friendship, Support, Love
Specialty: Integration of sober dating communities*
Profiles: All sober singles*

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If you are looking for a crazy romantic love story, look no further than Love In Recovery. Its main platform is integrated with other sober dating communities which opens a greater pool of sober singles. With a free membership, you gain access to standard features.

Special features:

Go for paid membership for advanced features like messaging.
Efficient customer support team
The calendar on the site helps you manage your date appointments and keep you updated about the events for sober people.

The 12 step program of this recovery dating website can help anyone in recovering and improving life. It offers a vibrant online platform to find friendship, support, love, and hope.


Loosid dating site

Relationships: Friendship, date, love
Specialty: Available only as mobile apps*
Profiles: All sobar singles*

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Loosid is more than a sober dating site. It’s true that sober dating is a part of this site, that is why we featured it on our list. The site aims to build a community of like-minded individuals committed to an alcohol-free life. The sober dating app offers everything from recovery support, to boozless guide in your city, to the alcohol-free event, and above all sober dating.

Loosid has been featured on many publications both offline and online. Some of the names featured on their home page are ABC News, People, Forbes, Reuters, etc.

Special features:

It is only available on the mobile app version if you want to connect with people.
You can read about the site and its features on the website.
Get notified about all the alcohol-free events in your city.
Seek help and support in your recovery journey.
Find restaurants and travel destinations where you can enjoy without the temptations to drink.

If you are looking for an exclusive sober dating app, Loosid is one of the best options. Once you get matched, it will suggest a number of places where you can meet each other.


Relationships: Serious committed relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender Ratio: 43% male and 57% female*
User Base: 2 million visits/month*
Popularity: : 82% members are university educated*
User Rating:  4.7/5.0*

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Many professional singles are now opting for a life of sobriety as it makes them more focussed on their professional and personal commitments. Elite Singles is the ideal place for educated professional singles to look for a match for a lifetime.
Just like eHarmony, Elite Singles also brags about its personality-based match system. This unique match system is based on the 5 key personalities, that lead you to highly compatibility matches.

Special features:

82% of the user base are at least graduates.
All the profiles are verified by customer support.
Uses extreme security measures, like SSL encryption and fraud detection system.
A well-designed site with a clean and organized interface.

Because of its high-quality user base, Elite Singles is in our list of top sober dating sites. If you think you are ready for a serious commitment with someone who is as professionally qualified as you, try Elite Singles.


Relationships: Casual dating, friendship, romance, long-term relationship
Profile: All singles*
Gender Ratio: 45% male and 55% female*
User Base: 37 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 10 million premium members worldwide*
User Rating:  4.9/5.0*

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Just like the above two Match.com is also a serious dating site. However, it does not discriminate you, based on the kind of relationship you are looking for. The site is all game for casual dates, friendship building, or romantic relations.

Match.com is a part of one of the largest networks of dating sites owned by IAC, based in New York. Since its inception in 1995, Match has witnessed all the ups and downs in the online matchmaking industry.

Special features:

Easy and quick registration process.
Extensive search filters lead you to your right match.
You can upload up to 26 photographs on your profile.
Easy navigation and clean layout make browsing fun.
The mobile app may cost you a bit extra.

With a user base of around 30 million people all over the world, you can find as many sober singles on Match as on any other sites, and that makes us include it in the best sober websites list. Match offers its users 6-months free subscription if it fails to find a date in the first 6 months of paid subscription.


Zoosk Dating Site

Relationships: Flexible dating, fun & short term dates, serious relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender Ratio: 48% male and 52% female*
User Base: 3.9 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 40 million active users worldwide*
User Rating:  4.7/5.0*

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From a small dating app on Facebook, Zoosk has grown to be one of the largest dating sites and apps in the world. Zoosk has the best of both worlds. You can enjoy the casual dating experience of Tinder and the serious dating vibe of eHarmony, all in one place. Though the site is not entirely dedicated to sober singles, yet we found it worthy to be in the list of top sober dating websites. All because of its friendly, matured, and a rather young user base.

Special features:

Easy to use and attractive interface.
Intelligent behavioral matchmaking algorithm which learns from your activities on the site.
Strict verification process like picture verification.
Quality user base spread across the world.

Zoosk is available in multiple countries and in 28 languages. It makes it highly popular and provides you the opportunity to meet sober singles near you. Read full review of Zoosk.

Bottom Line

Sober singles who are on the road to recovery have several ways to meet other like-minded people. AA meetings are the best way to interact with other individuals. However, that still is a very narrow dating pool and all the members are not essentially singles or ready to mingle. These sites can help you widen your dating pool and get connected to sober singles who are on the same mental wavelength.

Dating another sober individual enables you both to imbibe strength from each other and hopefully end up in a blissful, long-term relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you date someone sober?

If your idea about having a good time is sipping in cocktails, then dating a sober person would make you feel puzzled all the time. However, many claim that dating a sober person has opened their eyes to many fun and creative things. Now they know many activities that can be done together without getting drunk.

The majority of sober people don't have issues when their partner has occasional drinks. Occasionally a part of you may even wonder what if your date could also drink socially. You need to understand that sobriety is one thing they achieved with a lot of effort. In a way, it shaped the person they are today. So, please don't force them to give up sobriety; rather, try to find common ground where both of your lifestyles can survive mutually.

Is there a dating site for non-drinkers?

When the bar is considered the default location for a date, non-drinkers have a tough time finding dates. According to Zoosk, 73% of daters prefer going out for drinks on their first date, 46% consider bars a less formal and easy dating venue, and 27% believe alcohol helps make a conversation with your date. In a nutshell, even online dating can be challenging when you are sober.

However, several dating apps and sites are designed especially for non-drinkers and people recovering from alcoholism. Sober dating sites such as Loosid, Single And Sober, and Sober Dating Services are some of the names that stand out. Few of the mainstream dating sites like Match, eHarmony, EliteSingles, etc., are also embracing people recovering from addictions and creating a congenial environment on their sites. These sites offer an excellent platform for you to create a genuine connection with sober singles and singles who don't mind dating a sober person.

Where can I meet people that don't drink?

People embrace sobriety for many different reasons like religion, health, recovering from addiction, etc. When your sobriety becomes a roadblock in dating life, it's time to look for alternative options. Firstly, you need to stop connecting sobriety to your dating life. The reason that you are a non-drinker can actually help you to bond with like-minded people.

Still wondering …
Where can I meet the women besides bars and clubs?
Where can I find dates if I am sober?
The answer is plenty. However, there are a few venues that are favored by all sobers.

Church: Churches offer plenty of opportunities for individuals to connect with God and each other. Apart from weekly service, church groups and church functions like shared meals, parties, and events provide plenty of opportunities to meet someone. If you are looking for someone spiritual, you will also have the opportunity to connect with spiritual singles.

Volunteering opportunities: If you are a community-driven person, volunteering services offer another great avenue to meet new people. And who knows, you end up meeting the love of your life there.

Hobby classes: Whatever your passion is, there are hobby classes available for it. There are several activities and hobby classes for adults like pottery, gourmet cooking, salsa, DIY furniture, etc.  Not only do they provide you an opportunity to indulge in creativity, but they also provide an excellent way to find a new date that shares similar interests.

Health and fitness events: If you are a recovering addict, it’s great to involve a fitness regimen in your daily life. There are various groups and events related to fitness, like yoga/meditation groups, running clubs, cycling clubs, etc. By joining these places, you can put yourself in a place where participants are more likely to be on the same page as you.

Music venues: While most concerts and musical events endorse alcohol heavily, few music events are more about getting high on music. There are events like classical music concerts like symphonies and coffee shops organizing live music nights. You can also get tickets for Country music concerts or other broadway shows or even live concerts. It’s easier to make an instant connection with people in such venues because you have shared an experience together.

Personal and business development seminars: The seminars of this nature are usually conducted for more than a day. People generally indulge in several group activities, which means plenty of opportunities to interact and meet awesome people. 

Where do sober singles meet?

It's hard to find a place where you can enjoy the company of your date while not getting distracted by booze. When a significant number of people are embracing the sober lifestyle, the hospitality industry is also trying to accommodate them. You will find several alcohol-free restaurants, sober events, and sober travel opportunities.

Should I date someone in recovery?

Recovery programs suggest people recovering from alcohol abuse to make significant decisions within the first year. Sobriety takes commitment and focus. Thus, if you plan on going to date someone fairly new to a sober life, avoid it completely.

A rather sad thing about recovering sobers is that they are always in the process of recovery, even after leading years of a sober life. Having said that, it should not restrict you from dating someone in recovery. Recovering addicts usually leads to an ideal lifestyle, and the process of recovery teaches them some essential human skills. Some of the skills they develop are:

  • They don't need to be taken care of; they are quite self-sufficient and have a wonderful set of fellow recovering addicts to support them.
  • Along the recovery path, they develop honesty, integrity, and decision-making abilities.
  • They develop profound knowledge about life and simple ways that bring happiness.
  • They are in a perpetual state of self-improvement.

Tips for dating during recovery

When you are getting sober, recovery is part of your relationship. Before you decide to jump into the dating pool, you should discuss it with your sponsor and other sober companions. It would be best if you are emotionally well before making any major changes in your life, and dating is one of them. Some tips can come in handy and help you date smarter.

  • Never neglect your therapy.
  • Always share with your date that you are a recovering addict.
  • Take time to develop a relationship. Too much too early is not something that recovering addicts must indulge in.
  • Don't date someone who takes you to places that reminds you of your addiction days.
  • Whatever happens, always remember your sobriety comes first.

First date ideas for sober singles

None of our experts suggest involving alcohol on your first dates or anything that may affect your ability to think logically. Moreover, when you are sober, it is obvious to look beyond bars and clubs. There are some fun first date ideas for sober singles to spend plenty of time and space to get to know each other.

  • Coffee or tea
  • Street food
  • Walk in the park
  • Ice-cream and cookies
  • Bowling alley
  • Museum or art galleries
  • Open mics