Best Gamer Dating Sites Review

Are you someone who loves to play online games? If you are an online gamer who is hunting for a gaming partner, then we got you solved. Gamer Dating focuses on helping the entire gaming community meet. It provides gamers a route to meet like-minded people online, while also rewarding them for using the platform.

Gamer dating websites help you find matches of common interests. You also get to know various games that other gamers play. Many gamer dating websites offer the latest releases and popular games that you can play with your partners.

We have brought in the concept of combining gaming with your hunt for love. This helps you not only interact with other gamers but also serves as your wingman.  We become your guide to help you meet potential partners who share the same love for gaming.

Here's a list of some amazing dating site for gamers and nerds. These websites are perfectly tailored as per your requirements. Choose whichever you like!

Top 10 Gamer Dating Websites


eHarmony Dating Site

Relationships: Long term, serious and deep relationships
All singles*
Gender Ratio:
51% male and 49% female*
User Base:
4.2 million visits/month*
Over 9 million active users worldwide*
User Rating:

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Imagine how cool it would be to find someone who shares the same interest in gaming. Such a person is more likely to be a suitable long-term companion.  eHarmony is an online dating website and app where gaming is not only embraced but is also seen as a distinct category of dating. eHarmony is one of the best dating sites if you need a compatible gamer partner.

Now, it has become easier to communicate and meet fellow gamers because of eHarmony.  They believe that gaming is an important mutual interest that would make a relationship deeper & stronger. Their specified algorithm brings members of similar interests together by establishing a relationship with potentially compatible partners.

Special features

  • Free trial for any new subscription.
  • Best compatibility matching system in the industry.
  • There are almost 5 million monthly visits to eHarmony, which means you have a large pool of daters.
  • Tailored for your requirements. You only meet people that are compatible with you.
  • Meet and date gamers who share a similar love of gaming.
  • If you subscribe to the premium edition, you might get a lot of incentives.
  • As per individual preferences, various membership alternatives are open.
  • Amazing techniques for conversation such as icebreakers and smiles.
  • Validated with amazing happy customer success stories.
  • Comprehensive features for privacy and protection.
  • There’s an unrestricted contact on a premium subscription.
  • Thorough method of profile-building.
  • The functionality of inbuilt video chat.
  • Aimed to help you get a strong and satisfying relationship.

If you want to marry after the relationship, eHarmony will help you get people who are looking for marriage and a serious relationship rather than mere temporary dating. eHarmony is by far the best site to find the most compatible soulmate without much effort.

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Zoosk Dating Site

Relationships: Flexible dating, fun & short term dates, serious relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender ratio: 48% male and 52% female*
User Base: 3.9 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 40 million active users worldwide*
User Rating:  4.7/5.0*

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Wouldn't you feel more comfortable socializing on a gaming-focused website? Well, we know you would. But one thing that all gamers realize is that the tougher the challenge, the greater the payoff. It could be worth giving a mainstream platform a shot and trying to meet gamers there, rather than sticking to gamer-centric dating sites. Why not try Zoosk?

Zoosk is one of the largest and best dating sites out there. Because of its millions of users, it might have more gamers than a gamer dating site. Zoosk has been consistently matching people together with resounding results for almost 15 years. That's because it has an awesome dating algorithm.

Special features

  • Accessible in 80 geographical locations and 25 languages.
  • Zoosk Insignia system provides added security.
  • Zoosk also integrates with social media such as Facebook and Google Account.
  • Synchronize your accounts quickly and make it easier and quicker to sign up.
  • What's also great about Zoosk is that it offers extremely comprehensive profiles.
  • More than 40 million members.
  • Excellent matchmaking algorithm.
  • Get the specialists' dating and relationship advice.
  • Personalized dating insights and reports.
  • Enabled as applications for both Android and iOS.
  • Quick sign-up process.
  • Its algorithm helps singles quickly and easily find similar matches.
  • The probability of finding like-minded matches is high.

Before you've even made your first contact, you get to know a lot about an individual. So, you're very likely to see many gamers hanging around this network as well. And with all the cool features, such as personalized dating tips, a sleek mobile app, and a fun dating profile carousel, you can definitely find the perfect gaming companion for you for life!

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Girl Gamer Dating

Girl Gamer Dating Site

Relationships: Date, friendship, romance, serious relationship
Specialty: 100% Free Gamer Dating Site*
Profile: All Gamers, Nerds, Geeks*

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Girl Dating Gamer is all about games. In a non-judgmental and friendly atmosphere, it helps gamers to come together where they can find other gamers who are in search of love and companionship. Girl Gamer Dating has an outstanding gamer forum where you can explore various games.

You would love the photo galleries & music collections on this website. Not only can these features keep you interested and amused, but they can also provide you with useful insights into the type of individual you are engaging with.

Special features

  • Totally free dating site.
  • Music library and photo albums.
  • Large community forums for gamers.
  • Safe and secure.
  • Chat with single gamers.

Girl Gamer Dating is exclusive to all gamers, nerds, and geeks. Girl Gamer Dating takes pride in itself in being a safe and free framework so that gamers can feel easy interacting with other members. People can interact without the fear of safety or security. You can find other gamers, exchange gaming tips, and learn about the latest games in the market.

Gamer Dating

Gamer Dating

Relationships: Friendship, date, relationship
Profile: All Gamers, Nerds, Geeks*

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The mantra on is “Love is Here“. GamerDating is a website that is 100 percent designed for gamers, as the name suggests. It is created by gamers who are passionate about offering this service to you. The site is authentic and one of the most popular dating sites for geeks and gamers. You'll need to subscribe to reach out to your matches.

With the subscription, you will get a lot of fun free games. If your perfect partner is right next door or anywhere else in the world, GamerDating will find them for you. They provide a personal library where you can add your favorite games. It also has an engaging forum where you can rate and review games with fellow gamers.

Special features

  • The sign-up process requires you to list your favorite games to your library.
  • You can sign up, search, get matched, and find your match all for free.
  • Provides news, blog posts, and advice on topics such as esports, gaming, and online dating.
  • Search for & add favorite games on your profile.
  • Profile verification via real photos.
  • Free games rewards.

This worldwide GamerDating platform has assisted thousands of single gamers in their search for love. GamerDating is a website that provides you with a distinctive type of forum for gamers. These hardcore gamers share similar hobbies or interests, so they naturally build a close relationship with each other.



Relationships: Friendship, chat, date, love
Profile: All geeky singles*

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Unlike other gamer dating sites, SoulGeek is not just about gaming. It is rather about geek culture as a whole. The name is a pun on “soulmate” and the platform focuses on matching individuals with different mutual interests. The self-proclaimed hub for fans of geekdom is Soul Geek.  The platform was designed with gamers in view.

Soul Geek has strong features for searches, enabling you to search by location (even country), interests (i.e. game types you are in), profession, and typical style. It is the right address for you if your interest ranges from Sci-Fi to fantasy, video games, horror, cosplay, conventions, cartoons, comics, or even anime.

Special features

  • Fun and humorous profile questions.
  • Easy search functionality.
  • Music and videos sections.
  • Genre oriented.
  • Easy to find out what interests other users have because profiles are extensive and expressive.
  • Filtered searches (such as searching by “interests” or “style”).
  • You can also see members who have birthdays today, which can be used as a simple icebreaker to start the conversation.
  • Soul Geek also has a fantastic section dedicated to video and audio content created by users.

Soul Geek has some cool features that allow you to see who is checking you out, who is living around you, and who is on the network with your friends. It has a refreshingly diverse network of gamers at its best.  If you classify yourself as a geek, there's a high possibility that you will find a suitable partner on this platform.

LFG Dating

LFG Dating Site

Relationships: Love, romance, serious relationships
Profile: All gamers*

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Another site that is exclusive for gamers is LFGDating. Aptly called, the dating site Love of the Gamer (aka Looking for gamers) is primarily targeted to gamers. LFGDating dares you to be the same as your gaming self; bold and beautiful. It also lets you meet other singles who want to share many games with you.

It has a brand-new smartphone app that makes it easy for tech-friendly gamers to sign up, chat, and manage accounts from anywhere. LFG Dating hosts thousands of individual gamers who are like-minded. To create accurate matches from the dating pool, it uses a data-driven algorithm.

Special features

  • Clean and professional.
  • Lots of truly free features.
  • Excellent iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • Cheapest gamers dating site.

The site is affordable, professional, and as a passion, it embraces gaming. LFGDating provides users with a service that is just as good for casual matches as it is for serious matches that last a lifetime.


MaiGamer Dating Site

Relationships: Date, friendship, gamer community
Profile: All video game players*

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MaiGamer is a dating service focused on the location that lets you find other single gamers in your neighborhood quickly. To get the discussion rolling, build a free profile, browse through the network, and leave feedback on the profile pages of other members.

MaiGamer also has a video game log feature that makes it easy for you to find other gamers who enjoy playing the same games as you. MaiGamer is a great choice for you if you are someone who cares more about games.

Special features

  • Strong community.
  • Video game log.
  • Private messaging.

Those interested in meeting a large number of genuinely committed people would profit from joining MaiGamer, with members being able to interact just as easily as via platforms through personal messages. Join MaiGamer now and find your best gaming partners.


Gaming Passions Dating Site

Relationships: Date, friendship, romance, serious relationship
Specialty: 100% Free Dating & Social Networking for Video Game Lovers*
Profile: All Gamers, Nerds, Geeks*

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If you love gaming, you will surely love GamingPassions. It provides single gamers a double win for everyone who loves gaming. It is built to be both a social network for gamers to find love with the convenience and a friendly interactive gaming platform.

What’s more, there is no epilogue to the social interactions accessible from this amusing gaming solution. It is a perfect blend of dating and gaming. GamingPassions offers everything in terms of dating services, including rich profiles with images and details, videos, and online chats.

Special features

  • Part of a dating site network.
  • Detailed profile customization.
  • Free registration.
  • Free online chatting.
  • You won't need your wallet for anything on GamingPassions.

GamingPassions is one of the top dating websites for gamers, particularly video game lovers, regardless of whether your console of choice is Nintendo, Playstation, or Xbox. Plus, you’ll always be surrounded by people who “get it.”


Relationships: Casual dating, friendship, romance, long-term relationship
Profile: All singles*
Gender Ratio: 45% male and 55% female*
User Base: 37 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 10 million premium members worldwide*
User Rating: 4.9/5.0*

Visit Site is one of the world's largest dating platforms. If you are on the hunt for prospective matches that share the same passion for gaming as you then this website is the best for you. Match is a wonderful place with millions of singles in the database to find thousands of other gamers searching for love just like you.

It makes it easy to locate other gamers by using filtered searches. is extremely effective in pairing individuals regardless of where they are and what they are in search of. Once you visit this gamer friendly dating site, we assure you that you will find your perfect gaming partner.

Special features

  • The site is well-designed and easy-to-use.
  • It is quick to sign up and it also includes a free trial.
  • The site also makes it easy to search for users based on their favorite games.
  • Search by keywords.
  • Search by game titles like “World of Wars” or “Undertale”.
  • Find your mate with sophisticated matchmaking techniques.
  • Option to make private voice calls or to find matches in reverse. (Reverse matches are profiles in which you do not match well. This is for those looking for something new to try.)

At, love is the core element and it offers various methods and functionalities unique to gaming culture. So, if you are a gamer looking for a long-term relationship, you are very likely to find other gamers who are looking for the exact same thing on this online dating site for gamers.


EliteSingles Dating Site

Relationships: Serious committed relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender Ratio: 43% male and 57% female*
User Base: 2 million visits/month*
Popularity: 82% members are university educated*
User Rating:  4.7/5.0*

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There are a lot of dating websites and apps online. Whether it's catering to a particular market or individual or providing a special feature or service, they all strive to stand out in their own manner. One thing all of them have in common is the promise to increase your chances of finding that special someone.

So, if you are looking for someone special who meets each and every requirement, we suggest you visit EliteSingles. It’s because they have an amazing and easy-to-understand filter system to help you figure out your matches. Choose your gaming and dating partner with this elite dating site.

Special features

  • Aims to match people with common work ethics and lifestyles.
  • Realistic and personable questionnaire.
  • Great for seeking serious relationships.
  • Fine-tuned outcomes using an intelligent algorithm for matchmaking.
  • The highest rate of success in finding love.
  • Verified profiles (to eliminate frauds and scammers).
  • EliteSingles Magazine: A blog that offers tips and tricks for dating.

If you are a gamer and serious about dating, the right dating platform for you is EliteSingles! It claims to have found the online formula for love, particularly for gamers who are looking for real relationships.  So, what are you waiting for? Register on EliteSingles now!

Bottom Line

What any gamer wants is that the profiles on this site are detailed and authentic. With these websites, it has become easy to search for interesting gaming partners.  To find yourself a compatible partner, you can visit any of these websites. To learn what kind of genre and games he or she plays, you can also browse through his or her gaming library.

The best benefit of this is that if you visit their profile, you will instantly have a lot of understanding about another user. Of all the niche dating platforms, these 10 websites have the lowest number of false profiles. So don’t wait anymore, register for these websites, and find your perfect gaming companion.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a dating site for gamers?

The concept of combining a niche dating site with your hunt for love and your gaming quests is here. All the dating sites listed above helps gamers interact and play with other gamers. All these websites are very personalized. What if you enjoy playing games, but you don't really play popular games? There are several dating websites that will help you find a gamer who is searching for the same thing.

Gamer dating sites don't only eliminate the traditional “gamer” stereotype, but they also promote gaming passions. Some sites are also informative. They let you see the games that you may like and also the platform on which you can play them.

Is there a dating app for gamers?

There are several dating apps for gamers, but they are mostly from big dating sites. It is likely that the users are not all gamers. Popular dating sites may have a mix of all members from the various niches into one large database.

Many websites enable you to join with unique profile fields that only a gamer would like to answer. You can fill in interesting information such as your secondary dream vehicle, or let you show off your favorite games so that you can find someone with common gaming interests.

How to date a gamer?

Do you want to date a gamer?  If you are not a gamer yourself, one thing you can be sure of is that it will be a different experience altogether. While gaming is not a hobby sport, personal opinions do exist for gamers.

You first have to accept the fact that gaming can be someone’s hobby and passion. Do this before you even think of dating a gamer. It is as healthy as playing scrabble or guitar. Moreover, you should never disrespect them by being least enthusiastic about gaming with your partner. (even when that is not your intention. )

An offhand remark or a rude comment about the gaming habits of your partner could possibly damage your relationship. When there is no mutual respect from both sides, it is hardly possible to maintain a relationship. If your partner is an enthusiastic player, it is important to respect their passion.

Dating a gamer, primarily in the attention department, comes with its own challenges. Your partner may have been in a game for a couple of hours and they might not respond to any of your messages at that time. Some days, you might feel like you're crying for attention from your partner.

Giving them space and respecting their interest in games is very important, bonding over games can also turn out to be great. Therefore, together, you both need to work on your relationship. Make space for adjustments, develop a great deal of patience and mutual respect, and be honest at all times with your partner.

Where can I date gamers?

Many niche gamers dating sites, including those who love fantasy and anime, are built for geeks, nerds, and everybody else who falls into a similar category. These niche sites eliminate the stigma and encourage gamers to discover matches in a positive, judgment-free zone.

They offer an online dating community that is filled with members who proudly fly their geek flag. These dating websites just don't do away with the usual “gamer” stereotype, but also promote gaming desires.

Many enable you to access unique profile fields that only a gamer can appreciate the response to, such as your anime avatar type. Some sites are also as extensive. They let you see what games you may like.

How to talk to a gamer girl?

Well, it isn’t much of a task. Is it?

Make sure that you tell her a good joke, and don't be afraid to talk about games with her. Invite her to spend time together. Most importantly, respect her gaming interest if you want to date gamer girls. Play with her if she agrees, and don't fear winning. Ask her on a date confidently if you think she is interested.

Gamers are clever individuals. Nothing attracts them more than your brain. Girls who like games are still one step ahead of other females.  After all, you can address the last fights you won together, what an extremely difficult boss you went through, and wait for a new part of your favorite game to be published.

Once you start playing for her and with her, you can enjoy asking questions like “What are the developers doing if there are no updates for the whole week?!”  You can also select a new keyboard or a gaming mouse together. That is what would help you bond like never before. So, we suggest you start learning and playing her favourite games with her.

What do gamer guys look for in a girl?

Guys usually become very happy and grateful if they can get a life partner who enjoys video games. It is such a fun experience to remember all the good memories when you play an old game with your partner again. In addition, boys love to see more female characters in-game roles.

Guys love to geek out and have someone cute who is interactive with them. Their intense excitement and gaming fanaticism is a strong build for a relationship. Guys particularly like to experience more inclusive and enjoyable gaming partners. And what better than turning a gaming partner into a life partner.

How to deal with a gamer boyfriend?

Girls are more socially involved than boys, more often than not; and when the boy is also a dedicated gamer, he has a group of friends of his own, even though he may never have met them face to face. But that sort of relationship is not as different as you would assume from normal ones.

Friendships between online gamers are focused on mutual interests, shared passions, and a lot of communication. Rather than to go out and drink, he'd rather stay home and play on the computer; well, for all the jealous ladies out there, this is a God-sent! You don't have to fear that he's late and drunk at home.

What are the pros and cons of dating a gamer?

It's true that there's a bad rep for gamers. Everybody dated that high school guy who overlooked them for their video game match, and it left them with a sour taste for dating gamers.   Gamers aren't just easy to scale.  Both girl gamers and guy gamers vary drastically.

Based on the consoles they use or the game genre they enjoy, you can also find major changes.  If you're into Xbox games, but your guy is a die-hard PS4 fan, it might make an amusing relationship.

A gamer boyfriend or girlfriend always has a way to amuse themselves and is more likely to make it all more amusing for you.

If you and your gamer date really settle in together, they will always have a daily entertainment source. But you will always be off the hook. Be prepared to let them play their games all the time. It is what they love, and it is their profession sometimes.

You can maintain a healthy relationship by giving them time and space to just get into their games for a few hours. During this time, you can get your own personal space which is good for you too. You don't really need constant togetherness but if you want to be included, pick a gaming controller for yourself and give it a shot!

Each personality is different, but gamers are a special bunch, so never ignore them. It is always interesting to date a gamer guy or a girl. Understanding every aspect of their mind and soul can not only help you understand them but also deepen your romance!