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Dating Tips for Men

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21 Dating Tips for Men

Dating and connecting are two overtly used terms in the present-day world. With a significant rise in dating apps like Tinder, Happn, Bumble, OkCupid, eHarmony, and many more, the dating scene has become more familiar and comfortable to connect and know people. However, it all depends on how the two people connect and behave in person when it comes to the actual date.

If you are a man who’s new to the dating world, look no further. You’re exactly in the right place! Everyone’s looking for a special connection, but when it comes to that, our compass points in a million directions as there are several options available nowadays! It’s easy to say that men can pull off a great date, but most of them are often left stunned and speechless when it comes to meeting. Hence, we have come up with the best dating tips for men.

And guess what? We’ve included the women’s perspective here too!

First things first, romantic movies are good to watch, but they are unrealistic. So, if you’re expecting your perfect woman to be like Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman, you’ll never find her. The chauvinistic, womanizer male character such as Barney Stinson from ‘How I Met Your Mother’, who many of the male population looks up to for no good reason, is not right in reality! So dating advice for men from movies is a big no.

Best Dating Tips for Men

1. Dating can be stressful: Yes! Even the first few months of dating, the first few dates can be very stressful with managing both your date and work-life together. But it gets better and more comfortable with time. So hold on and don’t worry.

2. The first impression is crucial: Unlike popular expression, the first impression isn’t the last. But the first impression nevertheless is super important. Try to make yourself look presentable for your first date. By which we mean the simplest of things and not getting overdressed either. Suits are fine, yes, but what’s also fine? A properly ironed shirt. A well-groomed gentleman makes an excellent first impression. Don’t go a little too overboard and present yourself to be someone you’re not. Keep that in mind.

3. Be a good listener and don’t do all the talking: Good conversation is the license to the second date. Make sure you make her feel heard and listen to her when she’s speaking. Don’t talk too much that can be a major turn-off.

4. Confidence is the key: Surely, confidence is the key to success and a successful first date, but overconfidence isn’t. Be confident when you speak, walk, and talk with people around her. If you’re a shy guy, try choosing a topic you’re enthusiastic about. This should help you speak more comfortably.

5. Keep it light: Avoid the usual rants about your friends, work-life, and other personal problems on your first date. It can make the conversation too dull for someone you’ve just met. Maybe after a few dates with the same person, you can start sharing personal stuff.

6. Avoid the ‘Ex’ conversation at all costs: You still might be thinking about your ex and trying to get your ex girlfriend back, but talking about your ex is strictly prohibited. Talking about your ex can make her feel uncomfortable and awkward. She might even think you’re still hooked with your ex. Now, boy, you wouldn’t want that!

7. Turn your phone off: Phones are a distraction- a major distraction! If you keep your phone on, it’ll keep popping for every other notification you receive. Now, imagine she’s talking about her hobbies, and you receive a message in our office group about the cancellation of tomorrow’s meeting. Excited, you immediately check on that, wouldn’t you? She wouldn’t like you to be distracted. So better keep that thing off.

8. Manners Maketh man: Nothing can ever go wrong with this famous phase. Show her chivalry isn’t dead. Good manners, politeness are prized by most women. Try using please and thank you when it’s needed to be said. Do not interrupt her when she’s speaking. If you’re at a restaurant, be friendly to the service staff.

9. Don’t play games and be honest: Didn’t we all learn in school that honesty is the best policy? That’s most certainly true. If you think the first date went well, ask her for a second date. Avoid waiting for weeks to ask her again. If the first date didn’t work for you, avoid ghosting her and tell her that clearly over a text or call. It’s a more mature way to confront.

10. Don’t move too fast with her: Before meeting your date in person, try talking over the phone, over a video call, and text. Make her feel comfortable with you before taking her out. The forwardness can make her a little uncomfortable, so be patient and wait for some time before asking her on an actual date.

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11. Meet in public: Keep the first few dates in public places like cafes, restaurants, or movies. Try exploring more places together and know each other better.

12. Always call her to confirm: Chances are you wouldn’t pick her up for the first date. So make sure to ping her up before the date to make you look like you’re enthusiastic and interested in meeting her.

13. Keep the conversation fun: Be funny and witty. Crack good jokes because that always makes the way. Leave the serious topics for the second date and let the first one be all about having a good time.

14. Do more than just dinner and drinks: Drinks and dinners are ideal perfect date ideas, but you can certainly do better than that. How about a movie afterwards? A long drive? Or walk around the city with her? Don’t try to cut your date short. Spending more time together will ensure knowing each other better.

15. Don’t forget to compliment her: Tell her how pretty she is. How perfectly the dress fits her. How beautiful her eyes and hair are? She has put in a lot of effort and time for the date, so she’ll love the appreciation.

16. Stay in the moment: Like they say, ‘Seize the moment’ or ‘live in the moment.’ A moment today will be a memory tomorrow. So try to make it a good one if not the best. Make the moment feel special for the two of you.

17. Let her take the first step towards intimacy: If she’s comfortable, she’ll like to move forward with the next step with you. So wait until she is. It will be worth the wait.

18. Make sure you feel comfortable: If you don’t drink, avoid a bar or a pub for your first date. If you are a gentleman looking for sober dating, clearly communicate that to your date. It’s essential that you feel comfortable wherever you are. You are a priority as well.

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19. Ensure she gets home safe: If you plan on driving her home yourself, that’s good. But if she’s going on her own or in a cab, make sure to make a call or text to check if she reached home safely.

20. Curb any excess enthusiasm: Making her feel important and comfortable is essential but prying into personal matters isn’t. If your date doesn’t feel like sharing something with you, respect her boundaries, and stop nagging her with your questions. She’ll consider that for sure!

21. Leave a little mystery for the next date: I don’t mean some dark secrets revealed when I say mystery. Keep some fragments of your story for the next meet. That’ll keep her wanting to know the remains of the story, and who knows, she might be the one to ask you out.

The dating apps are currently changing the game of dating. It is becoming trendy and very efficient, and most of the features come for free without paying for anything extra. Following are the best dating apps in the United States that can help find ‘the one’ for you.

  • Tinder: Hands down, tinder is the best dating app. It is also the most popular one with a massive tinder community. It helps to find you a match with just a single right swipe.
  • Bumble: Bumble is another popular dating app that is raising the bar. One of the best features of Bumble is that after a match, it lets the woman make the first move within the first 24 hours, thereby breaking the stereotype.
  • Happn: Happn is another fast-growing dating app. Its unique algorithm lets you connect with another Happn user you pass your way throughout the day. It would be a match if both of you liked each other’s profile.
  • TruelyMadly: TruelyMadly is a famous dating app and has most of its features similar to that of tinder. However, it has a strict verification process, and you need to prove that your account is genuine. But once your account is set, you’re good to go.
  • OkCupid: It’s another fast reaching dating app. OkCupid tries to find real compatibility by finding your matches based on the set of questions you answer instead of focusing on the pictures alone.

I hope you have a great dating experience. Good luck!