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Why is eHarmony So Expensive?

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Why eHarmony subscription is so expensive?

eHarmony is one of the most reliable dating sites. It was voted as Number 1 Trusted Dating App in 2020, as per a survey covering 1,067 respondents from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia. An eHarmony review opens up Pandora’s Box on the brilliant features of the site powered by its science-based 32-dimensional matchmaking system or the Compatibility Quiz.

It is, beyond any doubt, one of the world’s best dating sites for singles. If you have been a part of the dating scene for some time now, you may have realized that the site offers free sign-up. If you want to benefit from the site’s powerful features and find a committed serious date, you will need to sign-up for the premium membership.

At $65.90 per month, however, it can seem to be an expensive bargain. If a comparative analysis is done with all its closest competitors and other popular dating apps like Tinder, the rate works out to be pretty high. Considering that the app is targeted at people looking for serious and committed relationships, the subscription cost can be a big deterrent.    

Why does eHarmony cost so much?

One of the first things that come to mind when you review the eHarmony rates is, “Gosh, the subscriptions cost a lot.” The other thing you can wonder is whether the site/app is worth this money. Should you subscribe to the paid membership of eHarmony or switch to another site or app that costs relatively less. But, before you consider switching or have any other doubt about the site’s price factor, consider these points below:

1. eHarmony's unmatched success rate

A quick comparison of the site’s features and successful results with any competing site’s record will prove why the former is so very popular in the dating community. The reason for its astounding success rate is its algorithm. It was the first in the dating niche to use technology to create compatible matches, and the algorithms were also created with human psychology in mind.

In the long run, it makes it easy for its hundreds of users who do not have to manually find compatible matches. The results of the Compatibility Quiz are more than enough for most people to find their future companions and lifetime partners. This kind of high-tech investment entails high costs. That is why the cost of eHarmony is higher than other dating sites.

2. Negligible Scammers

Another reason why eHarmony is expensive is that it successfully weeds out people who are looking for fun, casual sex, trollers, scammers, etc. Most of this crowd will not pay for engaging in fun or spamming others. They would mostly be active on completely free dating websites where it does not cost them a penny.

By keeping its costs high, eHarmony ensures that the non-serious dating crowd is left out. Only people looking for serious relationships are attracted as a financial commitment binds them.

3. A team working on different aspects of dating

The platform is all about serious business. The site/app has hundreds of staff working day and night at the headquarters to ensure smooth and memorable experiences for users. Technical team members ensure the safety and privacy of data of individual customers. The platform has millions and millions of members, and it is no easy job ensuring seamless connectivity and safety for all users.

To create and maintain such an ecosystem, the site needs money, and a part of it comes from premium subscriptions. Every last bit of the money is invested in ensuring awesome services to users.

4. High marketing expenses

eHarmony spends a lot of money on marketing its site and app and taking it to the right people in the market. They are known to maintain a class of their own with exclusivity to their marketing campaigns.

Not just that, the company features regular ad campaigns that involve high costs. And this is done across multiple channels, social media platforms, review sites, etc. To cater to a market that is spread across 200 countries worldwide is no simple job. Their marketing efforts pay off well for the end-users too. The higher the reach of the platform, the better it is as it means enhanced chances of finding compatible partners.

5. Safety aspects

Since the site is heavily dependent upon new-age technology, it needs to invest money to keep it safe for users. The privacy policies and the terms and conditions of the site have set precedents for others to follow.

To top it off, there are multiple levels of authentication including phone number verification. The contact details or photographs of paid members are not freely accessible for all to view. They are also known to scrutinize every user profile thoroughly. Such high levels of security can come only at premium costs. Therefore, the membership costs are comparatively higher.

How much is eHarmony per month?

The app has three different membership plans wherein one can save money by paying in advance for the 12-month and 24-month. The three plans are – Light, Plus, and Extra.

There is also the Basic Plan, wherein one can sign-up for free and participate in the Compatibility Quiz and browse profiles for free. But there are restrictions, and if you are serious about finding a date for a long-term relationship, then you should go in for either of the three plans mentioned above.

The cost of the Light Membership is $65.90 per month. This plan is available for six months. The Plus Membership is for twelve months and costs $45.90 per month when paid upfront. Likewise, the Extra plan is for twenty-four months and costs $35.90 per month. 

Is eHarmony worth the money?

First and foremost, before answering this question, you need to clarify your expectations from a dating service provider.

What are your objectives?

If you are looking to find someone to be seriously involved with you, maybe marry and settle down, then eHarmony is the site for you. The success rate of eHarmony for long-term relationships is a stunner. The Compatibility Quiz is scientific, logical, and psychology-based. Therefore, the match recommendations are pretty perfect and as close to reality as possible.

Yes, the costs are high, but the results are superlative. It's personalized as per your preferences and interests, and that is what makes this dating site so unique. The quality of matches is the best while the time spent to come across the matches is minimal – thanks to the Compatibility Quiz. Plus, there’s much more in terms of features and services. The new Video Date feature, the dating advice, view unlimited photos, unlimited messaging, etc., make it all worthwhile.

If you are still not too sure, you can always start the journey by signing up free and taking the free trial.

eHarmony Free Trial

Understandably, many people want to take cautious steps before putting in their hard-earned money for a product or service. If you are one of them, no issues. eHarmony has the perfect solution for you. You can try the free trial of the site/app and get a first-hand experience of the site’s top-end features and quality services.

The free trial is valid for seven days. It allows you to take the Quiz, create your profile, browse profiles of other users, and so on. Once you are confident, you can go ahead and upgrade your membership.


To sum it up – yes, eHarmony is expensive. The costs are relatively higher when you compare them with many other dating sites. But, the quality of matches you can access on the site is unparalleled. If you are all set to settle down or engage with a like-minded person on a long-term basis, eHarmony is the best place to be. With a paid subscription, the chances of fruitful results are pretty high.