A shared set of values is the foundation of a successful relationship. Having a disagreement is healthy. However, having opposing views will make for a rough ride. You'll need to follow the same path. Everyone has their own opinions, but when you spend so much time together, it only makes sense to be on the same page morally.
The question arises, where can I find someone who thinks like me? Finding a vegetarian date can be a challenging task in itself. A vegetarian is a minority in a world populated by meat-eaters. A raw-foodist or fruitarian's dating options are even more limited.

The best option is to use a vegetarian or vegan dating site, or at least one that allows you to sort by food preference. Here we have listed the best vegetarian dating sites and apps to help you connect with vast numbers of vegetarian and vegan singles around the world.

Top 7 Vegetarian Dating Websites Review


eHarmony Dating Site

Relationships: Long term, serious and deep relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender Ratio: 51% male and 49% female*
User Base: 4.2 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 9 million active users worldwide*
User Rating:  4.8/5.0*

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It is the world's largest and most well-known online dating service. Since eharmony is accessible to all adults, you will find a large number of vegetarians among the members.
This is the site that invented the compatibility questionnaire. Based on your responses, you will be linked with other vegetarians who share your interests. It has a bunch of great, yet easy, functionalities to help you have a more fruitful online dating experience.

Special features

  • Members from across the globe.
  • Massive numbers of vegetarians.
  • Makes recommendations of other potential matches.
  • Easiest to use interfaces.
  • Fairly equal gender balance.

For singles looking for truly committed relationships, the site is a huge win. You have the option to create your profile manually using your email address or logging in through Facebook. Vegetarian singles on the site are abundant and of excellent quality. eharmony also does an excellent job of removing any spam or fake profiles.

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Green Singles

Relationships: Friendship, date, love, serious relationship
Speciality: Part of Conscious Dating Network (CDN)*
Profiles: All singles*

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Green Singles is a popular dating website for vegetarians and other ecologically and morally conscious singles. Members aim to build intense, conscious, and developed partnerships, religious connections, and companionship.
There is no cost to create a portfolio, take the individuality matching questionnaire, send and receive messages, or express interest. Green Singles is a very credible site, so it is reliable from the start.

Special features

  • Absolutely free.
  • Large and active community.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Straightforward interface.

Green Singles is the ideal option for anyone who adores nature and is concerned about the future of our planet. Vegetarians, animal rights activists, and environmentalists from all over the world are members who share their viewpoints. This service is completely legitimate and safe to use.

Veggie Connection

Relationships: Casual date, romance, committed relationships
Profile: All vegetarian singles*

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Veggie Connection was founded in 2003 and is a dating and companionship service for vegetarians, vegans, and health food aficionados. It attracts individuals from all across the globe and has a stable and dedicated fan base that has grown over the years.

Veggie Connection is a non-profit dating site that assists vegetarians in developing friendships and romantic relationships. VegNews magazine named them as “Top Site to Find a Veggie Mate.” With millions of fellow vegetarians and vegans online, this site is the perfect chance for you to discover your vegetarian soulmate.

Special features

  • Register an account for free.
  • User-friendly search tools.
  • Members from across the globe.
  • A lot of complimentary features.
  • Affordable subscription plans.

This site is an excellent choice for those who desire to live a vegetarian, vegan, and other alternative eating lifestyle but find it difficult to discover individuals in their neighborhood who share their food habits.

Spiritual Singles

Relationships: Friendship, date, serious relationship
Profiles: All spiritual singles*
User Rating: 3.2/5.0*

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Since its inception in 2000, this site has been connecting spiritually-minded singles with one another. It is a progressive dating atmosphere for vegans, vegetarians, and animal rights activists. After signing in, you'll be surrounded by others who share your views.

When it comes to relationships, it's critical to connect with people who share your beliefs and values. If you are a considerate single, this site is for you. The platform's main concept is long-term serious relationships. The neighborhood is very welcoming, and the atmosphere is warm.

Special features

  • User-friendly interface.
  • A lot of services are free of charge.
  • Affordable pricing.
  • Ocean of filters can be applied.
  • Ensures user data protection.

Thousands of hearts, souls, and minds have already been connected by the website. Values are important when looking for true love. This platform will assist you in opening your heart to other people who share your values.

Vegetarian Dating Online

Relationships: Friendship, love, long-term relationship
Profile: All vegetarian singles*

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Vegetarian Dating Online has thousands of individuals just like you who are searching for pleasure, companionship, romance, and that distinctive long-term relationship. Joining the website is entirely free, and it costs nothing at all to send a quick smile, so you can start reaching the individuals you like right away.

Full members have access to additional features that enable you to disclose more of your individuality, such as your dating diary. As other individuals learn further about you, such functionalities encourage them to contact you more frequently.

Special features

  • Profiles are private.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Live-Chat.
  • Prevents fake profiles/members.

Its mission is to encourage online dating with like-minded people who actually know what they want in a companion. This dating site employs a matching algorithm to determine members who are most similar to you. The website is accessible via any laptop, computer, or smartphone.

Veggie Date

Relationships: Date, social networking, romance
Profile: All vegetarian singles*

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Veggie Date is a leading vegetarian dating platform in the world. Members include vegetarians, semi-vegetarians, vegans, Lacto vegetarians, pescatarians (fish and vegetable eaters), and vegetarians-to-be, among others. It is also a great way to meet like-minded mates and partners, such as those who live a healthy lifestyle and prefer vegetarian or vegan food.

Established in 1999, Veggie Date is a dating site that falls in the Special Nutrition-Dating segment. This website is open to people of all sexual orientations, including straight, lesbian, and gay vegetarians.

Special features

  • Free registration.
  • Over 400 new members join monthly.
  • Loads of features are free.
  • Responsive web design.
  • Well established site.

Going out to dinner or making plans for a meal is much more pleasurable if your companion comprehends your dietary restrictions. Users no longer have to search through mountains of profiles in search of another vegetarian. This site has already sorted that out for you.

Vegetarian Dating Service

Relationships: Date, romance, serious relationship
Profile: All vegetarian singles*

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The Vegetarian Dating Service connects vegetarian men and women. Whether you're a full vegetarian, a semi-vegetarian, or even a vegan, the site has a plethora of veggie singles to help you find a match. It is an ideal platform to meet single vegetarians in search of love.

When you sign, you will get access to all the member tools, which will make your internet dating experience as simple and pleasant as possible. You could further filter your search by choosing from categories such as vegetarian, white, black, Hispanic, gay, lesbian, and others.

Special features

  • Fee basic features.
  • Profile video creation.
  • Group-Chat feature.
  • The site is well established.
  • Webcam chat feature.

This dating site employs a matching technique to identify members who are most similar to you. It also allows you to block specific members from attempting to contact you. If you use a mobile device, such as a smartphone, there is a mobile version of the site for easy browsing.

Final Thoughts

In an age when status updates are made on social media sites and individuals are expected to condense their innermost feelings into just a few characters, it almost seems natural to seek love on the internet. You search for solutions on websites and online encyclopedias, then why not search for like-minded singles on the internet?

It is a blessing that the internet has made it so much easier to connect with people who share similar interests. In fact, online dating has led to hundreds and thousands of successful marriages.

There are lots of veggie dating sites and apps. The internet has made the job easy for you to find that special someone, who shares the same dietary needs as you. Good luck with your search to find the right partner to help you become a better and more focused vegetarian or vegan!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a dating site or app for vegetarians?

One advantage of online dating is that you can be open regarding your personal preferences and interact with other singles who satisfy your must-haves and do not meet your alarm bells. This can be a key differentiator for vegetarians or vegans since it permits you to funnel anybody out whose style of living does not align with yours. In any dating platform, implying your vegetarian choice in your profile is a great way to save time and communicate with only singles who will endorse your way of life.

With online dating, ample websites and apps cater to vegetarians. Fortunately, dating sites like eharmony, Green Singles, Veggie Connection, Veggie Date, etc. allow vegans and vegetarians to meet, so you can be confident that your next hot date is willing to share a meal of meat-free curry with a side of avocado.

A vegetarian dating app may be more enticing to mobile phone singles of a young audience than a webpage. Apps provide the same advantage of pre-filtering priorities upfront, as well as the comfort of quick access on your phone. For vegetarians looking for romance and relationships, there are quite a few options including Grazer and Veggly. It is as simple as a right swipe for likes and a left swipe for dislikes.

How to meet vegetarians?

If you're new to a vegetarian diet or vegan eating, or an experienced individual, having a support network of like-minded companions is essential to sustain your happiness and, in certain cases, your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

For singles with specific interests or lifestyle values, participating in events that mirror those values and interests is the greatest way to meet people who share similar beliefs and goals. Joining a vegetarian or vegan book club, Meetup group, or even participating in volunteer opportunities at your local animal shelter will help you develop a network of people who share your values. In addition, there are numerous Facebook groups dedicated to specific regions or cities. These can assist you in learning about future events in your area.

How to date a vegetarian?

It may seem evident, but if you're dining with someone you don't know, find out their preferences. You'll come across as considerate and prepared, and you'll need to do fewer experiments. So, inquire. Ideally, before you go on your date.

It's a good idea to try to figure out the reason behind your date's food choices. It demonstrates that you are curious to learn more about your date, and it truly provides you with information about your possible partner. Ask for information if your date has converted to vegetarianism or has been one since childhood. A few people are religious, some were raised in vegetarian households, some want to make healthy choices, and some are anti-animal cruelty.

Express your gratitude for their food. Disrespecting someone's meal is not acceptable. A vegetarian may have a viewpoint about yours too, but a wise one will keep it to oneself. Sharing foods also makes the meal more intimate, so sharing a salad bowl or an appetizer is a decent step to make irrespective of your date's diet.

Where to take a vegetarian on a date?

As there are several kinds of vegetarians, so it's a good idea to find out which one your date is. It helps to be respectful of your vegetarian partner's lifestyle choices. It exemplifies that you are concerned. You don't have to transform yourself, and you don't have to force someone else to change for you. You may also discuss with your near and dear ones and find out few common places to go on a date.

If you partner agrees, you can take them to restaurants offering both vegetarian and non-vegetarian meal. Most vegetarians eventually come to terms with eating at non-vegetarian restaurants. Keep your fingers crossed and hope your next date does too. Restaurants that serve seafood, on the other hand, should be avoided at all costs. There really is nothing vegetarian in those establishments. It will completely turn off your companion, and he or she may develop negative feelings for you as a result.

Alternatively, you can go to an ice cream shop, a coffee house, or a bakery. They are mostly indifferent about the food, particularly an ice cream parlor. 

How to date a vegetarian if you don't like vegetables?

Being a vegetarian is not easy, given the amount of criticism that one typically receives. When a vegetarian goes out to eat, there is a good chance the subject will come up in some way. This is particularly true when you are on your first date and your partner is a vegetarian.

Don't forget that you eat fruits and grains too, if not vegetables. It's not difficult to eat only veggie meals, and it's not terrible at all. Don't oppose the notion. Try to share their meal. They will be delighted to do so. Vegetarians can be picky at times. They will be very specific about the manner their food is prepared, especially if religious reasons are concerned. They would despise it if it was combined with non-vegetarian dishes. To cope with such a vegetarian, you should dine with them only at vegetarian restaurants. Enjoy this time by indulging in all of your favorite non-meat delicacies.

While they may be eager to persuade you to join the ecofriendly side of the planet, they would never compel you to make such a choice or alter your eating habits against your will.