Do you feel the passion in your relationship is fading?

Are you worn out of end-less fights over trivial matters?

Are financial troubles getting in your way to have a healthy relationship?

Your issues are REAL, and most importantly, you're not the only couple facing similar troubles. There are no fairy tales when it comes to real-world relationships. The real relationship requires continuous efforts from both sides, and you need to be prepared for all the highs and lows. You can’t just give up on a relationship just because the situation is not ideal. Great relationships are not devoid of any problems. They are great because both people care about the other person and find ways to make it work.

“Lasting, passionate love isn’t something you find out of luck — it’s something you create.”

– Tony Robbins

Relationships fail when people stop putting in the same efforts as they used to at the start of the relationship. Deep down, you already know you need to do something, and you can't go on like this.  All you need is to do is learn the skills and steps to revive your relationship. The Ultimate Relationship Program can help with that. The 10-day relationship advice video program teaches you proven strategies for achieving a passionate relationship with your partner.

What is the Ultimate Relationship Program?

The Ultimate Relationship Program is created by world-renowned motivational speaker and lifestyle coach Tony Robbins. The program is an extract of Tony's learning from the beautiful relationship with his wife Sage and other couples that they helped together through a complex phase. All the couples witnessed the amazingly positive transformation in these couples and the impact on their long-term relationship. Tony's learning from these lives and professional experience trickled down and formulated into The Ultimate Relationship Program.

The program includes Tony Robbins’s coaching seminar videos with couples who are stuck in extremely dysfunctional relationships. The footage includes the couples’ interactions on the live stage. Most relationship-building programs do not include real-life couples and fail to show any concrete positive outcome of the program. This program clearly shows how these couples are able to bring love and passion back into their lives.

Whatever your relationship goals are, the 10-day program can help you achieve them. The program is result-oriented and can help reignite the passion that ensures lasting love and desire for each other. The program equips you with the tools, techniques, and knowledge so that you can create a meaningful relationship with your partner.

What does The Ultimate Relationship Program contain?

Tony insists in order to find success with this program, you need to eliminate your fear and master the skills to create an ultimate passionate relationship. The program is completely risk-free and contains a number of valuable strategies.

The program contains:

10+ Hours of audio content

Listening to the audios gives you a peek into therapy sessions of other couples. Moreover, you do not have to shell any extra pennies as you do in traditional therapy sessions. The program is broken down into 10-days. Thus, each day, you need to listen for at least 1 hour. These 10 audio sessions are the backbone of this program. Each of these sessions is unique in nature. The session's content focuses on cultivating 7 essential relationship skills and 10 core disciplines that help create a heartfelt, compelling, loving, and passionate relationship. The sessions are recorded in the lovely voice of Cloe Madanes, a teacher in family therapy and brief therapy. Cloe is part of Tony's team since 2002.

30-page Workbook

30-page action Workbook is a unique supportive tool that overcomes the limitations of audio sessions. While audio sessions help you to imbibe the information, the action workbook helps you to implement these learnings. The workbook has proven to assist people in understanding, digest, and implement the information at a much faster pace.

The workbook is a constructive way to streamline your thoughts by writing/typing them down physically. The process can give you clarity on certain matters. In case of confusion, you can always go back and refer to audio files. The exercise not only influences your relationship revival process but also allows you to do personal reflection. Ultimate Relationship Program pdf download is available immediately after purchasing this amazing relationship program. So you get instant access to this life changing materials.

The workbook is designed to help you remove conflicts and bring back passion the way your heart desires, regardless of the stage of your relationship or current situation.


While following this program, you'll discover a number of answers that you are looking to strengthen your relationship. Some of the key learnings that you can expect to get through this program are:

  • Communicate effectively based on the 6 psychological Human Needs.
  • Improve your relationship with yourself.
  • Strengthen the bond with your partner, even during a stressful situation.
  • To create an enduring relationship with your partner.
  • Explanation on sexual polarity and how it creates both balance and spark in a relationship.
  • Understand your expectations from the relationship and ways to achieve them.
  • Rekindle the passion in a stagnant relationship.

The Course is broken down into 10-days and each day can teach you something new. The program can completely change your perspective about relationships and other small nitty-gritty.

The Life-Changing 10 Days

“The purpose of a relationship is to magnify human emotion and experience.”

– Tony Robbins

The 10-day audio sessions and films are immensely educational and entertaining. Each day you learn several new things about improving your relationship with your partner and yourself. All sessions are followed by Tony's assignment, and you need to make sure that you do the assignments diligently—this is where you gain the optimum result of this program.

For singles – Even if you are currently single, you can learn and understand the mistakes of your past relationships and the destructive pattern that you followed. The last thing you want to do is repeat the mistakes of your past. The program gives you a new perspective and helps you to attract a partner who shares your wavelength.

Let's have a sneak-peak into what to expect from your 10-day life-changing relationship program:

DAY 1: Lovers for Life: The Path of Lasting Passion

Day 1 is all about what to expect from the program. The day 1 session also covers six positions of relationships and how to use the program for your benefit.

DAY 2: The Secrets to Outstanding Relationships: The 7 Master Skills & The 10 Disciplines of Love

Session 2 explains why every relationship requires 7 Master Skills and The 10 Discipline of Love. The skills that you learn defines your ability to sustain any relationship in your life. The discipline, on the other hand, enables you to create the relationship of your dreams. The assignments at the end of the session can help you track your learnings.

DAY 3: Back from the Edge: Creating Everlasting Love

The session on the 3rd day starts with an example of a real-life couple learn how to meet each other's needs. The topic also explores the 6 human needs and methods to find your most valued needs of yourself and your partner. At the end of the session, you are asked questions about the 7 Master Relationship Skills learnings.

DAY 4: Breaking Through: Creating the Life That You Deserve

Session 4 explains how to link the master skills with the discipline of love. The program further elaborates how to react when your partner is going through depression, anger, mood swings, and other things that hold back intimacy.

DAY 5: From Selfish to Selflessness: The Liberating Power Unconditional Love

Day 5 is about learning to do things for your partner without expecting something in return. In Tony's words, “Your relationship is a place that you go to give, not a place that you go to take.” The truest gift of a relationship is to aim for a long-term relationship, not the short-term returns.

DAY 6: Relationship Storms: Man Enough to Stay the Course

Day 6 covers how to handle when the situation in life goes bad. Most relationships fall out when any one of the couples enters a bad phase in life. It could be illness, financial loss, or job loss.  The strongest relationships are formed when you face the problems together. Moreover, it helps build the fundamental element of a relationship, TRUST.

DAY 7: The Power of Connection: Rekindling Intimacy with Your Lover

Day 7 deals with the lack of communication between the couples, resulting in confusion and eventually decreasing intimacy between the couple. Even when you think you are doing everything to keep the intimacy alive in your relationship, your partner may not be receiving the feeling the way you expect. The session explains the power of full engagement with an open heart and not holding back your emotions.

DAY 8: Taking Off Your Mask: The Power of Light and Dark

Session 8 explains how to take intimacy to the next level, where you become one unit both physically and spiritually. The whole session brings back the focus to three factors Playfulness, Presence, and Passions.

DAY 9: Finding Your True Passion: The Power of Honesty in Action

Day 9 goes deeper and reflects how being vulnerable in a relationship is ok, even better. The things that you are too scared to tell your partner about yourself may be spoiling your relationship. The more open and honest you are, the more a strong and sustainable relationship you build.

DAY 10: You Come First, My Love: The Power of Alignment

The last and the final session is about creating alignment with your partner, so you both start to understand each other's perspectives. In this session, you also learn the value of giving and gratitude.

What can Ultimate Relationship Program do for you?

The Ultimate Relationship Program can create extraordinary, passionate, and loving relationships with your partner. It can even help you find a partner that matches your high spirit. There is no better feeling than spending your life with the love of your life. The program teaches you how to look beyond fairy tale romance and put the right efforts to build your own fairy tale. All relationships require hard work. The more effortless they look from outside, the more efforts both partners put in to make it look that way.

If you are committed to deepening your love and passion for your partner, then this is the right program for you. It does not offer any magical results, and it expects you to make a lot of effort and commitment from your side to see the results.

While most couple programs talks either about love or about passion, the Ultimate Relationship Program covers both. It further explains how you experience a fulfilling relationship by aligning both love and passion.

Should you listen to Ultimate Relationship Program as couples or alone?

The program is created for 6 possible relationship situations where you may or may not have a partner. However, if you are a couple, we recommend you attend the sessions as a couple.

If you are in a phase where you think your partner may or may not attend the session, you must still join this 10-day relationship program. The program focuses on improving your relationships and your skills to become a productive partner in a relationship. Each time you listen to these audio sessions, you learn more, affirm new beliefs, and better understand your partner.

Finding Love is Not Hard if You Know the Trick

Why love appears only when you stop looking for it? The desperation and neediness often make you fall into bad relationships or attract similarly desperate people. People who are more often completely wrong for you. Finding love is not that hard as you make it in your mind. And past failed relationships also add fear in people’s minds.

Not forcing love is the easiest way to find love, but not many people get that. Through this program, Tony explains the single people craving love to shift focus from future to past. Taking a moment and understand your past relationships. Both audio sessions and the 30-day workbook consist of singles-only sections and specific questions directed towards them. All aims to help you understand the negatives and positives of your past relationships and use that learning to improve yourself.

The process takes the burden out of finding love and makes you appreciate yourself more. So, next time when you are with your friends, sit back, take a deep breath, and be yourself. Once you are the best version of yourself, you attract the right people and even the perfect partner for you.

Beware of the Advanced Psychology

Tony Robbins, along with other relationship experts like Cloe Madanes, has created this highly effective program, applying the principles of human psychology. Suppose you have difficulty understanding psychology jargon and are not ready to put in efforts to answer all the questions asked at the end of the session. In that case, it might not be the right program for you.

It is ideal for guys who want to improve their relationship or want to break the spell of bad relationships of the past. You need to have at least some kind of relationship experience to enroll in this program. The ‘psychological toolkits' focus deep into your understanding of the relationship and teaches you skills to improve it.

Why should you invest in yourself?

Does $249 seem like a high price for a relationship program? Think again and understand that it is nothing when it can help create a fulfilling and blissful life with your significant other.

Investing in your personal and relationship growth not only concretes your future but also improves your present. Many people put in time and effort into a relationship. However, all these investments work only when it is directed in the right direction and right person.

Investment in yourself not only means time or money, but it involves many other elements. Some of them are:

  • Respect
  • Honesty
  • Attention
  • Vulnerability

Just like any other monetary investment, the more you invest more you get out of it. The more productive efforts you put in; the more satisfying, fulfilling, and heartwarming relationships you build for yourself.

Pros and Cons of Ultimate Relationship Program

No review is complete without going through the final checklist of advantages and disadvantages. So, here are the pros and cons of The Ultimate Relationship Program.


  1. The program is for all the people who are or have been in relationships—single, couple, men, or women all can benefit from it.
  2. The program is not just talks. The 30-day workbook and assignments at the end help you take action towards improving your current relationship status.
  3. The sessions are recorded in the lovely voice of Cloe Madness, who is also an accomplished family therapist. She has worked with several couples and helped in improving their relationship.
  4. The program includes real-life couples and explains things in a real-world scenario.
  5. Tony Robbins is a world-renowned life coach and motivational speaker, with a higher emotional quotient in his programs.
  6. The whole program is created by using human psychology and how it impacts our relationships.


  1. If you are not mentally committed to improving your relationship, you may leave the program in between. You need to be compelled from inside and be prepared to put in at least 1 hour a day for these sessions.
  2. The program does not produce any instant results. Though it is heavily result-oriented yet you need to be patient to see the results. The only instant result you may witness will be the change in your attitude.

Our Verdict

The Ultimate Relationship Program is truly an ultimate program for anyone who wants to spend a blissfully happy life with their love. The universal approach of this program makes it one of our top recommendations to couples and singles.

Though Tony Robbins is not a big name in the dating and relationship advice industry, he is a powerhouse in transforming people’s lives for good. He is not the only motivational speaker who provides dating and relationship advice. Tony created the program along with his wife Sage, and both of them have included their experience as well in this program.

The program touches all the necessary building blocks of a solid and sustainable relationship. It's a risk-free investment as it comes with a 30-day return policy. If within 30 days of purchase of program you feel this product is not right for you can return it. So, stop waiting and invest in yourself and your relationship.