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It is natural for humans to seek a partner or a companion with specific common attributes or similar fundamental values, beliefs, and faith. Christian café is based on this premise. Philip and Sam Moorcroft established this site in the year 1999 with a motive to bring the values of Christianity to online dating. The site strives to connect like-minded single Christians and help them build wholesome, healthy, and happy relationships.

It is designed as a virtual Café for true believers and born-again Christians seeking advice, support, and fellowship apart from the Christ-centred marriage. With over 2 million followers and more than 25,000 faith-based marriages, Christian Café has carved a niche and a reputation for itself.

If you have marriage in mind or looking for a meaningful relationship, this is one of the best Christian dating websites. It provides an excellent dating platform to all singles looking for faith-based dating. Join Christian Café to find love and a godly relationship that lasts.

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  • Signing up on Christian Café is very simple and easy.
  • The ‘Try Before You Buy’ philosophy gives users a wholesome experience of what the site has to offer. Users can sign up and enjoy a 7-day free trial (additional three days if you upload a photo).
  • Forums on the sites serve as an all-in-one platform for members seeking fellowship, advice, support, guidance, open discussion, light-hearted banter, or an intense conversation. There are forums for dating and relationships, generic interests, and religion and faith.
  • Prayer page is like a virtual church. The team posts prayers and Bible verses on the page for the daily spiritual nourishment of the members. Members can also share a prayer or a Bible verse with the community to express gratitude or to seek help from God and God-loving people.
  • Members can see who visited and viewed their profile.
  • Read Receipts indicate whether the receiver read the messages you sent.
  • The Blog publishes articles about Christianity, dating, emotions, and relationships.
  • Gift Membership is a unique feature that lets members gift other users a Premium Membership.
  • Dating 101 is a go-to page for all the dating and relationship advice and guidance.
  • The testimonies and heart-warming words of couples give members the hope and encouragement to find love at Christian Café.
  • Members can Block or Report an offensive or suspicious profile.
  • QuickMatch suggests compatible profiles and the level of compatibility with each profile. The site mails recommendations of potential matches thrice a week.
  • Members can opt for customized matchmaking as per their preferences through Advanced searches, Saved searches, and Message board-style chat.
  • Members can connect and interact with potential matches through multiple communication channels.
  • The sophisticated technology combined with the strict safety guidelines of the site ensures member privacy and anonymity; and their safety and security.


You can upgrade to Premium Membership if you are satisfied with your free-trial experience. Choose from the given membership plans:

Membership Plan
Cost (In USD)

Cost (per month)

Cost (per day)

Half Monthly (2 weeks)

$34.97$69.94/ month$2.50/day



$44.97/ month

Quarterly (3 months)$69.97

$23.33/ month

77 cents/day
Half-yearly (6 months)$109.97

$ 18.33/ month

61 cents/day

Modes of Payment available are Credit Card, PayPal, Cheques, Money Order or Western Union.

Ease of Use

Christian Cafe is a user-friendly and community-oriented dating website owned and operated by Christians for Christians. It is the perfect place for Christians to find love, companionship, and marriage, or you can seek fellowship, support, guidance, and advice.

Design: The users can navigate seamlessly through the site. The interface design and layout are as simple.

Signing up and a free trial: Registration on the site is swift and hassle-free. Once you sign up by filling out the basic information (the first section called the vitals) like name, age, gender, email, location, preferred gender, and marital status; the website admins suggest a username and password (you can opt to change) to guard your identity.

The site welcomes singles, divorced, and widowers with open arms. However, married people aren’t allowed to join the site. After signing up, the 7-day-free trial gets activated automatically, and the users can avail of the premium services without any commitment to upgrade to premium membership.

Detailed profile: Members have the autonomy to share as much personal information as they wish in the profile section. This section has multiple-choice questions about appearance, faith, schooling, children, work, and lifestyle. The faith section highlights your personal religious beliefs and the denomination of Christianity, such as Catholicism, Protestantism, Anglicanism, and Methodist. So, if you are looking for Catholic dating sites, this is the right place to be.

The users can also choose from the church involvement alternatives, such as occasionally attending, regularly attending, participating in church activities, prayer ministry, church choir leader/music ministry, deacon/deaconess, pastor, mission trips, etc.

Open-end prompts let members describe themselves and their goals, dreams and aspirations, past relationships, pastimes, and recreational pursuits. All the extensive details add more depth and personality to the profile, which facilitates attracting the right kind of connections.

User profile and photo: The information available on each profile differs based on the members' willingness to share. For better profile visibility, upload three decent pictures. Members are not allowed to share offensive or disturbing images. The site moderator has every right to delete, change or modify the uploaded pictures if they are inappropriate.

Matchmaking and Customised Search: The matchmaking tool QuickMatch recommends potential matches and compatibility levels with each prospective match based on their profile description and preferences. However, users can conduct a customized search using comprehensive search filters. The QuickMatch eases your task of finding compatible matches, while the tailor-made search tools offer you the freedom to do your own thing.

Communication: Connecting and interacting on Christian Café is easygoing. Members can send winks, messages, and emails to initiate a conversation. You can see who's online to start an impromptu conversation right away. Community forums are a great way to discover what and how other users interact with everyone. Different forums of the community section, like Christianity, general interest, and dating and relationships, serve to varied communication needs of all the members.

Mobile App: Members can use the mobile app version on android and iOS. The user profile on the website fully integrates with the app version, alleviating the user experience on the go.

Customer Support: In case of any query or issue, the customer support system is prompt to resolve them.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Christian Cafe

  • A Christian dating site designed for love, friendship, long-term relationship, and marriage with a devout Christian.
  • The user-friendly website has a simple sign-up and clutter-free layout.
  • A safe and secure dating environment.
  • A free seven-day trial is automatically activated on signing up.
  • QuickMatch recommends and ranks all the compatible matches.
  • Multiple search parameters refine the search to find like-minded people with similar spiritual convictions.
  • Save your searches for future use and save time.
  • The site offers excellent relationship advice and dating tips from relationship experts.
  • For every profile recommended, you can view profiles similar to that.
  • A coffee cup on a profile indicates a 100% match for one or more of your saved searches.
  • Blog, testimonial pages, and forums have heart-warming and inspiring messages.
  • A non-judgmental and empathetic pool of global Christians.
  • Share a prayer and your favorite verse from the Bible.

Cons of Christian Cafe

  • Relatively smaller user base.
  • The site is antiquated and lacks aesthetics.
  • The app lacks the capabilities of a website.
  • Prolonged profiles are difficult to read.
  • Not a very impressive customer support system.

Bottom Line

A wise person once said, If you want a love that lasts, make sure God's in it. Finding true love is the most significant pursuit in life as a Christian.

If you dream of a life with a loving partner perfectly in sync with your faith, values, beliefs, and way of life, Christian Café is the perfect spot to let your dream come alive.

Christian café rises above all the mainstream and niche dating sites available at your disposal for a simple reason. It is independently owned and operated by Bible-believing Christians who truly understand the importance of religion in a relationship. The site sincerely represents values Christians hold close to their heart.

Like religion is a fundamental pillar of any relationship, so is compatibility. The outstanding features of this site do an incredible job of connecting and bringing together like-minded people and building faith-based marriages. This sacred platform connects you with your kindred soul and gives you a chance to look within and enrich your soul with spirituality. The community forums and daily prayers strengthen your bond with your inner self and the god above.

This community-oriented dating site offers its members tons of spiritual and inspirational content, guidance, support, and free-flowing conversations. Regardless of your Christian denomination or your church involvement, all the members feel a sense of belonging here, as their faith, values, and beliefs are understood and respected.

The site's owners, men very proud of their Christian roots, have been running the site with a lot of integrity and compassion for 20 years, and it has been a phenomenal journey. If you want a piece of the same, join Christian Café for a pleasant, positive, and spiritual experience in your pursuit to find a soulmate.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How good is Christian Café?

For all the god-loving, true believers, Christian Café is a blessing. This niche dating site is a perfect spot for all whose faith defines who they are and want someone to share their faith and life with. This Christian dating website is ideal for the ones seeking love and marriage with a devout and pious soul. As the site is independently owned and operated by the Christians, they know the services needed by the community and strive to deliver them.

Of course, you can find a prospective match in person at a church service, communion, or weekly bible study, but it doesn't match the large pool of Christian singles on an online platform ready to meet and mingle. Isn't it wise to expose yourself to thousands of singles online rather than just banking on the singles from your local church?

Since its inception in 1999, it has connected Christian singles with the same faith and value system in unique and unconventional ways. The incredible features of the site help bring together a community of Christians that can share their thoughts and beliefs on the forum, blogs, and chatrooms. The site also has a matchmaking algorithm that helps match the most compatible singles and indicates their compatibility level. Moreover, it allows you to filter your search based on your faith, denominational preferences, and church involvement.

For all you must know, Christian café is one of the best faith-based dating sites connecting compatible partners within the Christian community. The heart-warming success stories and testimonials of happy couples tell the tale.

Can I join the Christian café if I am not a Christian?

Christian café is for people who hold Jesus and Christianity close to their hearts. This niche faith-driven matchmaking site is exclusively for Christians seeking kindred souls for marriage, companionship, and friendship.

The site is designed for faith-driven relationships. However, users unsure about their religious inclination and still discovering their spiritual path can join it if they seek a serious relationship with a pious, devout Christian.

Is Christian Café free? 

Christian Café is free to sign up and try, but it's not a completely free Christian dating site. Once you register on the site, it offers you a 7-day free trial of all its primary and premium services (10 days if you upload a photo). The site follows the philosophy of ‘try before you buy’. It offers a holistic site experience before the member commits to investing in the premium membership. Unlike other dating services, you need not mention your credit card details to avail the free trial. And there is no obligation to pay for membership once the trial period is over.

How much does Christian Café cost?

Those who wish to continue as a member of the Christian Café can choose from the membership plans spanned across different timelines starting from 2 weeks to 6 months. The longer your membership plans, the lesser it costs per day. Below are the charges for the half-monthly to a half-yearly membership plan and how much it would cost per day. Choose the one that fits your bill:

6 Months: 109.97 USD, i.e., 61 cents/day

3 Months: 69.97 USD, i.e., 77 cents/day

1 Month: 44.97 USD, i.e., $1.50/day

2 Weeks:  34.97 USD, i.e., $2.50/day

Members can pay by Credit card, PayPal, and Western Union. You can also send a cheque or money order to their office in Canada.

How to avail free trial?

To avail of a free trial, you must sign up on the site with your basic information such as age, location, gender, preferred gender, and email address. Once you do so, your 7-day free trial is immediately activated, and additional 3-days are added to it if you upload a decent picture. Rest assured, no credit card details are required to register at the Christian Café.

Users can make the best of all the site's services during the free trial. They can match and chat with other members, send winks and emails, talk via instant messaging, participate in and post discussions on community forums, etc. You can use all Christian café services except for sharing your personal contact information. After the trial period expires, the users must make the necessary payment to use the services further. However, there is no compulsion to do so if they don't intend to continue after the free trial.

How to block someone on Christian Café?

Christian Café promises its members a safe, relaxed, and positive dating environment. The site has strict guidelines and rules to prevent the privacy of its members. The moderators closely monitor the activities on the site to track down scammers, spammers, fake profiles, and creepers. The sophisticated technology removes undesirable and suspicious profiles, ensuring the safety and security of all its members.

However, if a member feels troubled or threatened by a particular member, they can easily report and block that profile. There is a button to report a member on each member's profile. If you encounter a suspicious profile or feel harassed, you must click the report button on that profile, and the support system will take immediate action to keep you safe.

The facility of blocking offensive, inappropriate and abusive users is effortless. Just click a report and block button to harness your safety.

How to delete Christian Café Account?

Exiting Christian Café is as simple as registering on it. No matter your reason for deleting the account, the support team will help in every possible way. There are two ways to delete the Christian Café Account: First option is to permanently delete your profile, whereby you lose all your data. The other option is to archive your profile for the time being. You may lose all your data, but if ever you wish to rejoin, you can retrieve your profile again. You don't need to register afresh.

When you deactivate your account, the site allows you to delete your profile immediately or wait until your membership plan expires. It's a choice the user makes as to how sooner or later, they wish to delete their profile on the site.

You can cancel your subscription by heading to account settings and canceling the membership. Or you may seek assistance from the moderator to help you do so. The support team will halt your automatic renewal and guide you through the entire process of deleting your profile from the site.

In all, deleting a profile on Christian Café is uncomplicated and hassle-free.