How to stop liking someone you cannot have

How to stop liking someone you can’t have?

Sometimes it can be hard to accept the fact that it's okay for someone to not like us back. But no one can deny the pain that comes with falling for someone who doesn’t feel the same way. It may seem like it isn’t easy to get over this feeling but everything’s possible if you’re willing to try. Time heals all wounds no matter how painful it feels at the moment. It always has a way of fading away.

We often fail to convince ourselves that pining for that special someone may not be right for us. But the heart wants what it wants. No matter what your mind tells you, your heart will always refuse to listen. In such circumstances, it is essential to prioritize yourself over anything else and take all the necessary actions required to stop liking someone you just can't have.

So if you want to channel your rejection into redirection, here are some of the ways on how to stop liking someone you cant have:

1. Be logical

There is no point in being with someone who isn’t interested in you. Even if that person decides to date you, it won’t be beneficial for you in the long run because at some point it can feel like you are the only one putting all the effort into the relationship.
Understand the reason why they are not interested. It is probably because they are not available. It is important that you accept the situation as it is, instead of trying to make it into something you want to. No matter how painful it gets, you need to accept facts and be logical.
In order to stop liking someone, you need to destroy all the hope that you guys might be together if you try hard enough. It just doesn't work that way.

2. Take it in a positive way

Our friends are always great at giving dating and relationship advice. And you know exactly what your friends are going to say. The reason why that special someone didn't like you is that there is someone better right around the corner. You may not want to believe it at the time. You may even get upset with your friends but this is usually the case.

It may take you months or even years to realize it but your friends were right after all. You may meet someone who can change your entire world. Sometimes we may not realize it but everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. You may not necessarily know the reason yet but the reason will come to you when the time is right.

3. Cut all contacts

Cutting yourself off from your crush is an important step if you want to stop liking him or her. It is never going to happen the way you want it to happen. So what’s the point of dragging something that you know won't get any better. In order to save yourself, you need to cut all ties possible with your crush.

You can't expect to stop feeling affectionate towards your crush if you keep hanging out with them and talking to them every minute of every day. If you can’t train your mind quite in that way, the best practice would be to block that person from everywhere and that includes social media as well as your phone.

There is no need to keep a constant reminder of the person you can't have. Being friends on Facebook or Instagram will do exactly that. Every time they post something it will just be another reminder of how you can’t have this person.

So summon your inner hulk and do the brave thing of cutting all ties. You don’t need it anyway.

4. Don’t stop your emotions

As humans, one of the most hurtful things that we can do to ourselves is to suppress our emotions and pretend like it doesn’t matter. Some of us feel that it is a brave thing to do and we fool ourselves by telling ourselves that we are invincible and we don't feel a thing.

If this situation is causing you pain, then it's okay to cry or scream or write it down in your journal. You need to feel all of it to let it go.

In fact, if you keep suppressing your feelings it will create chaos between your mind and your heart and it can get even more difficult to stop liking your crush. In order to avoid this, it is important that you let yourself feel all the emotions to get over it.

It's important to dig deep and understand what is it that’s causing you to resist your feelings? Is it because it is a one-sided love? Is it because you can’t handle rejection and it’s a huge shock to your ego?

Knowing the source of your pain will allow you to understand yourself better and then you will be able to address the situation better than before.

How to stop liking someone you can’t date

5. Get Busy

Someone once rightly said, “An idle mind is the devil's workshop”. If you are sitting idle it can make you want to call your crush and catch up. The essential part of this process is avoiding your crush at any cost and a great way to do that is to keep yourself busy.

Focus on the things that are important to you. Instead of thinking about how you can stop liking that special someone, engage in other activities like going to the gym, or learning a new language, or working on your cooking skills. If you get busy chances are that all those feelings you once felt, will start to fade.

6. Focus on yourself

One of the best ways to stop liking someone you can't have is to love yourself first. Put all your energy and focus on doing the things you love. Invest your time in self-improvement. Do whatever pleases you and it will start getting better.

All the emotions you felt for this girl or guy will start to fade away once you redirect all that love and emotion to yourself. Get addicted to make yourself better every day. Be the best version of yourself. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself start giving priority to your self-worth. Realize that wanting someone who doesn't want you will never give you the fulfillment you want in your life.

The last thing you would want to do is humiliate yourself and beg this person to like you back. So focus on yourself because this is the beginning of a new you and it only gets better from here onwards.

7. Try online dating sites

When you are attached to someone emotionally, and the person goes away from your life, it creates a vacuum. This vacuum creates a feeling of missing someone, and you start feeling a strong desire to meet that person.
To fill this vacuum, you need to bring another person in your life. Try online dating sites. Irrespective of your preferences and interests, you can find a dating site that suits you. Whether you are a gamer, rocker, golfer, nerd, goth, greek, native American, or anybody, you can find a suitable dating site.
Get a new partner, get busy with your life, and the painful memories will slowly and gradually go away.

In conclusion, the only way to ever get out of this feeling is to be willing to take all the necessary measures to get over it. Decide how you want your life to be. Do you really want to be pining for someone who doesn’t care about how you feel? Certainly not. You need to actively decide that this is not what your life is about and walk away from things that aren't serving you. There might be a reason why things aren't quite happening your way. Let the answer come to you when the time is right.