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Dating Advice

Online Dating Tips during Social Distancing

Be regularly connected to your date is the key. While you are on a video call, pay attention to your background, dress up nicely, have a positive body language, be comfortable during the conversation.

New Relationship Advice

If you are just starting a new relationship, you need to be patient, careful, and give space to your partner. A new relationship is like a baby plant that needs to be taken care of and nurtured in a nice way.

Tips of Meeting an Online Date

The world of online dating where you can't see the person face to face is a bit different than the real world dating. So, when you meet the online date in the real world, keep these things in mind.

Why Do Guys Go Silent?

The date was excellent. It seemed like it was just the beginning and you are going to have such a wonderful date more frequently. The romantic relationship is about to begin, and then he went silent.