Best Pagan Dating Sites

Paganism is one of the oldest and fastest-growing religions in the USA, along with Wiccan, Eckankar, and other religions. Finding love online has never been easier for pagans. Though there are plenty of niche dating sites for people who identify as Pagans yet connecting with sites who share your faith is tough. Many find it difficult to meet true believers in everyday locations or on other mainstream dating sites.

Have you been disappointed by traditional dating sites?

Are you having a difficult time choosing the best pagan dating app?

We can try to help you a bit. We shortlisted a bunch of Pagan Dating Websites that can help you find pagans in your area. Online dating is the easiest way to connect with other singles who share your beliefs. Luckily, these dating sites have produced positive results for millions of Pagan singles, who found their happily ever after online. These sites have a targeted user base for specific religious faith.

Top 10 Pagan Dating Websites

Spiritual Singles

Spiritual Singles Site

Relationships: Friendship, date, serious relationship
Profile: All spiritual singles*

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Spiritual Singles claims that it is the best niche dating site for spiritual individuals. The site does not support a particular religion or path. It just provides a platform for all the religious people to find a partner who shares a common belief. The site has several international Pagan members from all over the world. The site is clear about the demographics it intends to cater to and doesn’t appreciate non-spiritual people joining their pool.

Spiritual Singles belongs to the Conscious Dating Network (CDN)  that allows its members to become a member of other affiliate networks. The large pool increases your chances to find singles following Paganism. Read Full Review of Spiritual Singles.


eHarmony Dating Site

Relationships: Long term, serious and deep relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender Ratio: 51% male and 49% female*
User Base: 4.2 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 9 million active users worldwide*
User Rating:  4.8/5.0*

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If you are looking for a serious and long-term relationship, eHarmony is the destination for you. This brand alone is responsible for almost 4% of marriages in the US. That's a considerable number, and it shows the popularity of this dating giant.

eHarmony's unique match-making system makes it one of the best dating sites. Although it's not a dedicated Pagan Dating Website, because of the large number of users, you can find many pagans on this who are looking for meaningful relationships.

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Pagan Singles

Pagan Singles

Relationships: Friendship, date, community
Profile: All pagan singles*

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Pagan Singles is one of the best Pagan specific dating sites for singles looking for casual and more serious dating. The site provides an opportunity to connect, chat, and meet up like-minded singles. The site is a perfect combination of social media platforms and matchmaking website. There are plenty of opportunities for users to interact with each other.

As a free member, you can create your profile, add pictures, browse, and search profiles. You can even communicate with other users via virtual greetings. However, once you get a premium account you unlock all the essential communication tools like instant messaging, audio, and video chats.

Pagan Harmony

Pagan Harmony

Relationships: Friendship, date, community
Profile: All pagan singles*

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Pagan Harmony is a fully featured UK based Pagan dating and friendship site. The site aims to create a friendly and all-inclusive community across the globe. It is committed to its motto and provides a non-judgemental atmosphere for pagan singles to mingle together.

The free account lets you register, look around the site, upload one profile photo, and send smiles to profiles you like. If you upgrade to full membership you can upload more photos, send messages, and use instant messaging. Though the site is UK-based it has managed to attract singles from around the world.

Pagan Partners

Pagan Partners

Relationships: Friendship, date, love, relationship
Profile: All pagan singles in the USA*

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Pagan Partners is the sister site of Pagan Dating UK. Together they form the network of one of the largest and most popular Pagan dating sites of the world. Whether you are looking for friendship, dates, or love, you can find all here. The site is LGBTQ friendly. So, if you are gay pagan men or a lesbian pagan, you can find a welcoming atmosphere on the site.  The site is absolutely free to join and has an informal environment for Pagans to interact with each other. The site only allows pagan singles from the USA to join the network. So, if you reside in the USA do give Pagan Partners a try, after all its Free.

Pagan Singles Dating

Pagan Singles Dating

Relationships: Friendship, socialize, date
Profile: All pagan singles*

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Pagan Singles Dating is designed more like a social media platform than a dating site. These kinds of social media-based dating websites allow users to flourish friendship with other members before they decide to take it further. The site definitely has some fun quotient as it is a fun and casual alternative to other pagan dating sites. This site is a part of CDN (Conscious Dating Network), so you become a part of other affiliated dating sites also.

Though it has matchmaking surveys and other technical matchmaking tools in place, yet it encourages users to explore other users via interaction. So, get started by creating a quick profile and start exploring the site. If someone seems interesting, you can send them a flirt. Finally, if you think this is it, you can choose to upgrade your plan.

Pagan Dating Service

Pagan Dating Service

Relationships: Friendship, date
Profile: All pagan singles*

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Don’t let the name confuse you. Pagan Dating Service is also in the lines of other pagan dating sites, but with a slight twist. The website lets you explore the site and its members without actually registering to it. You can just mention the kind of connection you are looking for (man looking for woman, woman looking for man, etc.).  After that, you can browse the site, if the profiles on the site appeal to you then only get registered.

Once you are registered on the site you receive a decent number of daily matches. You can start from there or use their search tools to find your mate. The site interface is clean and easy to use. The site attracts users from around the world. It creates a safe environment to find and meet potential matches. Another appreciable factor of the Pagan Dating Service is that it is also a part of CDN (Conscious Dating Network). So, your profile gets appeared on other sister sites without any extra cost.

Pagan Dating Site

Pagan Dating Site

Relationships: Friendship, socialize, date, relationship
Profile: All pagan singles*

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Pagan Dating Site as it claims, provides the meeting point for all people who do not belong to any particular religion. Paganism covers a large area of beliefs; thus, you can find a diversified user base on the site. Being a part of CDN (Conscious Dating Network) further expands the kind of people you are expected to meet on the site.

With a quick and simple signup process, you become a part of this large pool of pagan community. All it asks you is your username, birth date, email address, the kind of gender you are attracted to. So, if you are interested in meeting singles who come from all walks of life, then this could be the perfect way to start.

Pagan Dating UK

Pagan Dating UK

Relationships: Friendship, socialize, date, relationship
Profile: All pagan singles in the UK*

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Pagan Dating UK is our top recommendation for Pagan singles in the UK. Because of its rich Pagan history, UK and Ireland have the majority of the Pagan population. The site was founded in 2013 with an aim to cater to the Pagan single in the UK. If you are tired of the judgemental attitude of mainstream dating sites, then join Pagan Dating UK for Free. The site offers a non-paid membership to all Pagan singles in the UK. The site is open to all walks of the Pagan path.

Just get yourself registered by using a simple signup process and connect to other users with one-on-one communication without shelling out anything from your wallet.

Pagan Dating Ireland

Pagan Dating Ireland

Relationships: Friendship, date, romance, relationship
Profile: All pagan singles in Ireland*

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Pagan Dating Ireland is the sister site of Pagan Dating UK. The site is an attempt to further narrow down its target niche and assist Pagan singles of Ireland to find someone nearby. In comparison to other dating sites, this site is quite friendlier and more open. It is equally committed to creating friendships as much as about creating new romances. So, if you are in Ireland and want to find pagans in your area, this is the place to be.

Bottom Line

Whether you choose to find your match on mainstream websites or decide to go for more intimate settings of niche pagan dating sites, we hope you find success. Thankfully, the online dating world has opened up a lot of options in front of people. Pagan men and women who otherwise had very limited options of finding a perfect match, now have reasons to rejoice. All that is expected from you is to choose the site which suits you the best. Explore the list and start your online quest for love and relationship. You may even be surprised to see how widespread your belief is.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Paganism?

Paganism is a term that is used to describe a religion distinct from the other main religions of the world. Unconventional in nature, it primarily focuses on nature worship. This is an extremely complex and broad umbrella term and throughout history, has been defined in different ways.

In the fourth century, Christian people used this term to define those who practiced ethnic religions (except for Judaism) and polytheism in the Roman Empire. Followers of this religion are known as Pagans.

It is believed that at that time people were considered to be Pagans either because they were not part of milites Christi, which means, soldiers of Christ, or just because they were poor, provincial, or rural compared to the Christian population. In other words, Paganism was broadly believed by many to be the religion of the peasantry.

There were various myths and misconceptions associated with Paganism as well. Especially during and after the middle ages, Pagans faced a lot of discrimination from their Christian counterparts. During this time, Paganism came to be associated with every non-Christian religion, and in fact, was believed that Pagans believe in false gods.

The Catholic churches define Pagans as anyone who didn’t follow an Abrahamic religion. But this was a one-dimensional definition since Paganism is much more layered and each paleo-Pagan religion has its own distinct cosmology and within it, it has its own pantheon of gods and goddesses.

The origin of the word is highly debated. While some believe it came about in the 19th century when various artistic groups started adopting this term as a self-descriptor, there are others who believe that it was coined in the 20th century by practitioners of Polytheistic reconstructionists, Neo-Paganism movements, and Modern Paganists.

What do modern Pagans believe in?

In simple terms, it is widely accepted by many that Pagans worship nature, which is significantly different from most other major religions practiced in the world.

But, if we dig deep and try to get a more holistic approach, then we will find that most of the modern Pagan religions in today’s times believe in the world view that is animistic, panentheistic, pantheistic, and/or polytheistic, although some can be monotheistic.

Modern Pagans are known as neo-Pagans. Much like ancient Romans, they are mostly atheists. They believe that spirituality is attained through nature worship and gazing at the stars.

Modern Pagans have spearheaded a revolutionary religious and spiritual movement of their own by reviving a dead tradition while incorporating modern thought and values into it.

How do Pagans worship?

Different sects of Pagans worship different aspects of nature and some even worship deities based on different civilizations. It can be any combination of stars, moon, sun, or similar celestial objects and even a plethora of different deities originating from Norse, Greek, Hindu, or other mythology to nature in the form of mountains, trees, rivers, and then some.

Some Pagans have also been seen worshiping spirits or a monarch or even magical creatures. To help you get an insight into the different sects of Pagans around the globe, let us take a holistic look at what they worship in different parts of the globe.

The Greek worship gods such as Hermes, Aphrodite, Zeus, Hera, who all are part of the 12 Olympian gods. The Egyptians worship the sun, the Nile River, the pharaoh, among others. In Hindu mythology, it's Shiva, Vishnu, Brahman, alongside 33 million gods and goddesses.

In Shinto mythology, the focus again is more on nature (plants and animals and other natural phenomena). In Norse mythology, it’s Thor, Odin that is worshipped. The Romans worship the same gods and goddesses as the Greeks, only with different names.

What are Pagan traditions?

As with any other religion, there are numerous traditions associated with Paganism too. It is not exactly possible to list all of them down here but we will try and list down some of the most pivotal and recognizable ones among them.

Cats are holy to Pagans and some Pagans, in the Egyptian sect, even worship them. Pagans also believe that knocking on wood will help in warding off bad luck since trees were homes to fairies and spirits.

When the entire world celebrates Halloween on October 31st, Pagans celebrate Samhain on the same day to pay tribute to the dead. They believe that is the time when the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead is at its weakest.

Pagans also regard each day of the week with a god or goddess. For instance, Monday is dedicated to the goddess of the moon whereas Friday is dedicated to the goddess of love. The same is applied to the months as well such as June, which is named after Juno, who is a Roman queen of the gods who also happens to the wife of Jupiter.

Another interesting tradition of Pagans that has now been accepted as a worldwide norm is covering the mouth when yawning. Pagans believe that covering the mouth when yawning helps in ensuring that the vital essence of life doesn’t escape your body.

The choice of the ring finger being fourth is because Greek and Romans believed that the vein in your fourth finger runs directly to your heart. As such, wearing a ring on that finger would signify eternal love and commitment towards each other.

What are Pagan holidays?

There are various Pagan holidays that are celebrated worldwide but still followers of Abrahamic religions are not aware of them. Let us take a look at some of them.

Ostara is a holiday when the Pagans celebrate the goddess of spring and she is signified with eggs and a hare. If you notice, her name is the origin of the word Easter and both eggs and hare represent fertility.

Mabon is a modern Pagan holiday where Mabon, the son of Mordred is celebrated. This bears significance in Welsh mythology.

Yule is another important Pagan festival where Scandinavians pay homage to Thor by burning the Juul log. This is the German variant of the holiday Juul.

Lithia is a festival of fire that symbolizes the most powerful day of the year since the sun is at its longest on this day. Pagans celebrate this holiday by lighting celebratory fires that stay up from the sunset of the night before to the sunset of the next day.

What are the differences between Paganism and Wicca?

Wicca is a subsect of Paganism, or to be precise neo-Paganism since it is pretty modern as it can be traced back to the 1950s England where Gerald Brousseau Gardner published in 1954 the Witchcraft Today book. It led to a movement that revolved around the pre-Christian traditions of magic, goddesses, and deities.

The word Wicca also serves as the origin for the word Witch but it has been said that there is no connection between this and those who worship the devil or are related to Satanism. Wicca is mainly focused on magic and witchcraft and this magic separates it from Paganism.

What is the difference between Paganism and Christianity?

The main key difference between Paganism and Christianity is that the former believes in many gods while the latter believes in one god. As such, Paganism is extremely versatile and subjective since everyone can choose and select the choice of their deity.

In Christianity, faith is given priority over actions as sins can be forgiven once you confessed and show faith in god. But in Paganism, actions speak louder as you need to perform rituals.

Christianity focuses on peace and humility whereas there are gods of war in Pagan. Pagan societies are not always gentles and peaceful. This doesn’t mean that Pagans condone or support violence. It just means that there is a warrior archetype in Paganism.

Afterlife is not given much importance in Pagan, unlike Christianity where people are asked to lead their life in a particular way in order to avoid going to hell instead of heaven.

One of the other significant differences between Abrahamic religions and Paganism is that the former separates human beings from nature.