The world is evolving and with each passing day, people are becoming more accepting of different forms of love. However, taboo regarding the unconventional choice of partners still exists in various societies across the globe, primary among them being interracial relationships.
We understand the hostile climate that some of you might face in your search for your ideal partner. But fortunately enough, a number of avenues are currently running in the form of interracial dating sites that would help you find the man or woman of your dream.

But with over a thousand dating sites present online, which one do you log in for catering to the need of finding the apt partner? Are the dating sites promoting interracial relationships that you already a member of? What are some of the significant steps taken by these dating websites and apps for interracial couples?

We take a close look into answering these burning questions while also listing out the 10 best interracial dating sites for you, alongside their special features and the data to prove why are they at the top of their genre.

Top Interracial Dating Websites Review


eHarmony Dating Site

Relationships: Long term, serious and deep relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender Ratio: 51% male and 49% female*
User Base: 4.2 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 9 million active users worldwide*
User Rating:  4.8/5.0*

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One of the most reputed dating websites in the world, eHarmony has been connecting people and binding them in threads of love since 2000. It is highly trusted by its members which is evident by its two-decade-long history.

It leaves no stone unturned in the interracial dating field as well. However, if you are specifically looking for a gay interracial dating app, then this might not be your cup of tea since they don’t have avenues for that as of now.

Perhaps what makes this website extremely successful is because it heavily relies on personable traits to find your ideal match. It does so with the help of its “29 components of compatibility” test which every new user takes part in after signing up.

Special features

  • Option for enjoying the premium features of the website one day a week.
  • Highly personable matching criteria based on the “29 components of compatibility” test.
  • Ensuring a healthy first impression with the help of its communication features in the form of scripted greetings and pre-written messages.

eHarmony has stood the test of time in this field and keeps on serving in matching people from various backgrounds and ethnicities, thereby championing the cause of interracial relationships.

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Relationships: Flexible dating, fun & short term dates, serious relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender ratio: 48% male and 52% female*
User Base: 3.9 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 40 million active users worldwide*
User Rating:  4.7/5.0*

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Next up on our list of free online interracial dating sites is the effervescent Zoosk. With a peppy and colorful interface, it shouldn’t surprise you that this website is highly popular among the young audience, with most of its members being in the 26 and 35-year old range.

In recent times, it has emerged as a significant promoter of interracial dating/relationships and has earned favors among those who are seeking the same.

Registering on Zoosk is extremely easy since you can do so with your Google or Facebook account from which you can share your photographs and additional information.

Special features

  • User-friendly match-making options are available in the Carousel section which ensures you are introduced to your potential ideal partner.
  • Usage of behavioral matchmaking system to bring people together in the SmartPicks section.
  • Specifically targets the younger generation.

The millennials have been enjoying Zoosk for the fact that it ingratiates the new school of thought when it comes to dating while still upholding each member’s personal choice. This is essentially done based on your preferences, values, goals, and interests.

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Relationships: Casual dates, romantic dating, serious relationship
Profile: Black singles*
Gender ratio: 47% male and 53% female*
User Base: 5.7 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 5 million active users worldwide*
User Rating:  4.3/5.0*

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As you probably have guessed by its name, BlackPeopleMeet has garnered huge favors among interracial, biracial, and black couples for its increasing support and provision of opportunities to them when it comes to finding love.

Having established itself in 2002, you can have access to live chats and millions of profiles to find the best one out there for you. Whether it’s a simple fling or a long-term relationship, or even casual romance, it serves unique purposes for different people.

Special features

  • Access to photo albums and live chats that help in getting a deep insight into the person you are interested in.
  • Provision for sending and receiving both audio and video messages.
  • A user-friendly interface ensures your dating experience is not marred by technical difficulties.

Believe it or not, its success as a top interracial dating site has flourished so much that now almost 1.5 million new users sign up here every month.


AfroRomance Dating Site

Relationships: Date, friendship, hookup
Profile: All black and white singles*

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Having a 100% free membership policy, AfroRomance is next on our list of best interracial dating websites. It holds its motto of “Where love is more than skin deep” true to its chest and brings together people for whom the color of their skin is a secondary option.

Interracial couples in many places face various types of stigma and it can be extremely hostile for single people who are interested in finding people from a different race as their partner. AfroRomance provides a safe space for such individuals.

Special features

  • Easy navigations provide for a user-friendly experience.
  • An extensive blog that celebrates interracial relationships and black lives.
  • It also caters to the interests of people with different faiths.

AfroRomance is all about celebrating diversity and breaking conventional dating norms. If you are looking for a partner from a different race, this is surely one to check out for.


Relationships: Casual dating, friendship, romance, long-term relationship
Profile: All singles*
Gender ratio: 45% male and 55% female*
User Base: 37 million visits/month*
Popularity: Over 10 million premium members worldwide*
User Rating:  4.9/5.0*

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Providing matchmaking and dating services for over 25 years, Match is one of the biggest names in the business. It is known for its extensive network, which currently stands at over 30 million online, which means that the chances of you finding the love of your life is all the way more.

Obviously, interracial relationships serve as a major component for them since they champion the cause of inclusivity and equality in relationships while also eradicating the taboo associated with the said topic.

Special features

  • A highly user-friendly mobile app helps you keep up with the matches all day long while you are on the go.
  • It organizes special meetup events for introducing potential couples.
  • You can send across a message even without getting matched.

Match is known for finding you a list of potential partners after analyzing your lifestyle preferences and needs, which ensures that you get what you are looking for.


Interracial People Meet Dating Site

Relationships: Date, romance, hookup
Profile: All interracial, biracial singles*

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The next app/website in our list of the best interracial relationship dating sites is the InterracialPeopleMeet that has been exclusively made for people who want to get into interracial relationships. It has achieved significant popularity among mixed-race and biracial individuals too in the past few years.

Helping people from varied ethnic groups, you can sign up here free of cost and browse through its extensive database to meet the love of your life. Being around like-minded people is what this website strives for.

Special features

  • In stark contrast to most other dating sites, InterracialPeopleMeet has more women than men, around 59%.
  • You would be able to send messages back-and-forth to your desired potential partners using its live chat feature.
  • Provision for creating a profile free of cost.

Since it is solely created for interracial relationships, the range of choice is incredibly high and you would find people with varied needs here – long term, casual, hook-ups, among others.


Interracial Cupid

Relationships: Date, romance, long term relationship
Profile: All interracial singles*

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When it comes to finding love, let us say that we can all use some help from cupid and this particular website is solely dedicated to bringing together people for whom race doesn’t play a factor in determining the love of their life.

With highly customizable features available, this website has been serving its services for quite some time now and has in the process earned itself as a reputed and top interracial dating website globally.

Special features

  • Having members from all around the globe, thereby bringing you a diverse platter.
  • Thousands of members online every hour, sparking more chances of you engaging in a conversation.
  • Superior customer service that helps in narrowing down your search.

So, without further ado, hold the hand of this little cupid and embark on your journey of love because you never know when your prospective partner is knocking on the door.


Relationships: Date, romance, hookup
Profile: All interracial singles*

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Having one of the biggest memberships online among the interracial dating websites around the world, InterracialDating is responsible for numerous successful romantic endeavors.  Creating a profile is not only extremely convenient here, but the networking on this website is on another level.

On top of that, you will get to see so many different ethnicities being represented here. In other words, there is someone for everyone when it comes to this fantastic interracial couple dating site.

Special features

  • Representation of all ethnic members, thereby making sure no matter what race you are looking for, you will most likely find here.
  • Easy layout calls for easy setting up of profiles
  • A convenient navigational setting helps you explore through the gigantic database.

It has often been ranked on the top of the charts of best biracial dating sites and after going through their website, we are not surprised as to why.


Interracial Dating Central

Relationships: Date, love, flirt, hookup
Profile: All interracial singles*

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Love prevails in a safe space and creating and providing that platform is what InterracialDatingCentral stands for. Whether it is a serious relationship or casual romance, or even friendship that you seek, all of your needs will be taken care of on this website.

From the moment you sign up as a new member, you will have access to its huge database of potential partners and you can customize your profile to help people know more about you so that they show their interest in you.

Special features

  • Easy, quick, and hassle-free registration.
  • Constant tips and advice on how to improve interracial relationships through its vast blogs.
  • A safe community for those who seek interracial dating experience.

Users of this special interracial dating website have left rave reviews about the positive experience they have shared by becoming members, which led them to find the love of their lives.


EliteSingles Dating Site

Relationships: Serious committed relationships
Profile: All singles*
Gender ratio: 43% male and 57% female*
User Base: 2 million visits/month*
Popularity: 82% members are university educated*
User Rating:  4.7/5.0*

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Finding love is an effortless and triumphant process when you have EliteSingles by your side. With a record of matching around 2000 new couples each month, this dating website is highly-sorted in over 20 countries around the globe, providing services to more than 13 million singles out there.

It provides a beautiful and transparent experience when it comes to interracial dating, which is why people who are specifically looking for a partner from a different race log on to this amazing website.

Its heavily-secured system makes sure you are protected from harmful spammers and scammers online, which is an added bonus.

Special features

  • It organizes events wherein interested individuals get an opportunity to connect, bond, and meet in person.
  • A highly-dedicated safety and privacy procedure that includes a secured fraud detection system.
  • Regular publishing of relationship blogs by renowned psychologists and relationship experts that provide insights into a successful relationship.

EliteSingles has created a name for itself for bringing together career-oriented people based on the social, financial, and intellectual level and is currently regarded as one of the best interracial dating sites in the world.


Love sees no boundaries and one should never hold back when it comes to seeking the love of their life. Although prejudice and taboo related to an interracial relationship might still exist, the world is evolving as we mentioned earlier and the dating avenues are helping millions of people in this regard.
So, get yourself involved with the ten aforementioned top interracial dating websites and start getting connected with people. Remember, love conquers all and hopefully this would help you in getting one step close to that special man or woman of yours.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What counts as an interracial couple?

An interracial couple involves two people who both belong to different racial and/or ethnic backgrounds who are romantically and/or sexually involved with each other. It could include any combination of white (Caucasian), Asian, Hispanic, Middle-East, and African, to name a few.

Most notably, an interracial couple of Caucasian and African-origin individuals get the most hostility in society.

For a long time, interracial marriages in many regions around the world, including many parts of Europe and the United States, were forbidden by law. However, things are significantly improving and people are opening up towards accepting interracial couples these days.

What are the benefits of interracial marriage?

Despite the social taboo associated with interracial marriages across the globe, there are a plethora of benefits that can be generated from them. Primarily among them are as follows:

  • Interracial marriages create children who are gifted with diverse genetics. The children have a healthier genetic composition since the chances of recessive diseases being passed to them by their parents are way less.
  • The environment in the home of an interracial couple is more tolerant and accepting since both individuals bring a great level of open-mindedness with them.
  • There is also exposure to multiple cultural elements in an interracial relationship which helps in the personal growth of not only the couple but also the people in and around their lives.
  • It has been often seen that interracial couples are more accepting of each other’s differences than a couple belonging to the same race. This is because both of them bring their own lived experiences of their respective race and culture.
  • Better parenting style is imbibed into the children born out of an interracial marriage since they grow up with the strengths and weaknesses of multiple parenting styles.

How to make an interracial relationship work?

Each relationship is different and there is no hard and fast rule to ensure the success of a relationship since this is not a chemical formula that you are dealing with. Human emotions and passions are involved here. However, there are still certain aspects that should be kept in mind while handling an interracial relationship.

First and foremost, you need to take an interest in your partner’s culture. Studying about their culture, and more importantly, asking respectful questions about your partner’s culture would help you understand where they are coming from and why they behave the way they behave.

The second aspect is very much in tangent with the first one. Under no circumstance, you are allowed to minimize your partner’s experiences. Listen to them, understand them, and believe them. This will strengthen the base of your relationship.

In a Caucasian-African relationship, the white individual must understand the privilege they have and must always create a safe space so that their partner can vocally express their grievances and problems to them.

Furthermore, you always have to be receptive to learning new things about your partner. This is truer in an interracial relationship because your experiences would be very different from your partner here. Embracing each other’s differences is the key to a healthy relationship.

How to overcome the challenges of an interracial relationship?

We have come a long way from how intolerant and unaccepting people were of interracial relationships to now being more open to them. Although, it can’t be denied people involved in interracial relationships still face various challenges on a regular basis.

And these are the external forces that we are talking about here. The internal struggles that will take place between the two individuals involved will be far more difficult to handle. But with transparent communication, these can be sorted out.

You need to understand that an interracial relationship essentially would involve two distinct value systems. This can easily spark tension and cause conflict. This might also affect the longevity of the relationship. Ideally, to avoid this, listening to one another is important.

Even if you don’t agree with what your partner is saying, you need to understand where they are coming from. Moreover, instead of just making assumptions, ask direct questions.  Clarity will go a long way in making sure there is mutual respect for one another.

What are the differences between interracial and intercultural dating?

Interracial and intercultural dating, although may sound similar, but have vast differences between them. But, in most cases, the lines of differences between the two are often blurred.

Interracial couples usually look more distinctly apart from each other physically due to genetic reasons, the most prominent among them being the color of their skin. As such, they are subjected to more scrutiny by the outside world.

The intercultural difference mostly stems from differences in thought processes, beliefs, and standards. This more pertains to the differences in which both individuals in the relationship were raised.

Race governs most of your lived experiences while culture dictates how you grew up and how you will raise your children. As such, dating in both situations involves getting involved with someone who is significantly different from you.

How beneficial are interracial dating websites?

It can be really intimidating and discouraging to find a partner who belongs to a different race than yours in the real world. This is mostly because of the lack of safe spaces for people to explore their desires without getting shamed for them.

Some of the top interracial dating websites that we have mentioned above serve as platforms that help you explore exactly that. Not only you would be surrounded by like-minded people, but you would also be able to personalize your preferences and search for your partner based on what you need and want in him or her.

In real life, what are the odds of you running into someone from a different race who is also interested in getting into an interracial relationship? And even if you find one, what are the odds of them being attracted to you or vice-versa? It is very minimal, right?

Interracial dating apps take care of these issues by making you available around those who share the same wavelength and thought process as you. Therefore, your chances of finding love increases by a greater range. This is why these websites and apps are garnering major favor among those who are interested in getting into interracial relationships.

So, browse through these websites, sign up in the ones you think are best suited for you, and then embark on your journey of finding the love of your dream because everyone deserves to define love in their own way.