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eHarmony vs Zoosk

eHarmony vs Zoosk

Zoosk vs eHarmony Comparison

eHarmony and Zoosk are two of the most popular and loved dating sites with a global presence. Both of these sites have been around for decades and continuously growing. They worked hard and consistently stayed relevant with the ever-changing online dating scene. However, now the major question arises. Which site is better? More importantly better for you.

Our experts brainstormed and came up with an apt comparison of both dating websites and their apps. We have compared both sites based on various criteria such as price, features, success stat, user rating and diversity. It is hard to pin down the best, but our experts have done their best. Follow the detailed comparison of eHarmony and Zoosk and choose the sites that attract you more.

Major Differences at a Glance to Make Quick Decision

Before you jump in to get elaborate details of both sites, let's look at the highlighted differences.



Ideal for people seeking serious and long-term relationships.It is for both casual and serious relationships and everything in between.
eHarmony is slightly heavy on the pocket, but it compensates by providing tons of features.It is less expensive and ideal for people with less budget but looking for value.
A patented matchmaking system gives you accurate matches.The site is all about taking matters into your hands and finding your match.
Relatively matured demographic, where people are more interested in something serious.Most users are in their 20s.

Similarities between eHarmony and Zoosk

Before you scroll ahead and dig deep into the difference between Zoosk and eHarmony, let's start with their similarities.

  • Both the sites are free to register and offer free trials.
  • The database consists of singles looking for love or commitment. The site does not encourage casual hookups.
  • High level of customer satisfaction and positive reviews.
  • Their apps are user-friendly and available on App Store and Play Store.
  • High success rate and global presence.

Zoosk vs eHarmony Differences

Features: eHarmony has a minimalist design and clean layout. The features mainly revolve around safety and ease of use. The signup process is lengthy because of the questionnaire. Zoosk has a relatively younger-looking interface. It ranks high among dating apps because of the elaborate search feature that helps you connect with local and international users. You can contact multiple users with a single message.

Match Rate: eHarmony offers a 32-dimensional matchmaking system that is unique and precise. The matchmaking system acts as your personal matchmaker and suggests 4-5 matches daily. Rather than going through each profile, you can save time and trust the match suggested by the algorithm.

The site also provides a specialized personality report which gives you an insight into your personality. On the other hand, Zoosk has an intelligent behavioral matchmaking tool that learns from your usage of the site. The way you navigate the site and the type of profiles you like to determine your future match suggestions. The matchmaking system is known to be quite reliable and effective.

Success Rate: In a wall street journal interview, one of the eHarmony representatives claimed the site creates 15 million matches each day*. Nearly 4% of U.S. marriages happen because of eHarmony*. Zoosk also boasts of thousands of success stories. However, since the target users of both sites are different, the criteria for success may also differ.

Cost: eHarmony cost is undoubtedly more than Zoosk. However, it compensates with its unique matchmaking abilities and customized services. We recommend you compare each website based on their value, not the amount they charge. eHarmony currently offers 3 plans Premium Light, Plus and Extra. At the same time, Zoosk has two main plans Basic and Premium. The premium is further divided into 3 categories based on your chosen duration. Zoosk also offers “Zoosk coins” from which you can purchase the premium features you like to use.

Member Diversity: According to a survey by Statista, in 2021, 6% of the male and 3 % female population in the US were registered on eHarmony*. However, in Zoosk, there are more females than males. According to some reports, Zoosk has a 48% male and 52% female ratio*.

Social Media Integration: Zoosk was a Facebook app before launching its separate website. It was also the first website that offered social media integration. eHarmony follows a different approach that relies less on social media profiles and more on their personality questionnaire.

Who should choose eHarmony?

As you must have already figured out that both Zoosk and eHarmony cater to a different set of demographics. Their user meets somewhere in between.

  • Busy people who want who do not have time to browse through hundreds of profiles.
  • Those who prefer to invest in a tried and trusted dating app.
  • Singles want an efficient match system based on personality.
  • Those looking for a long-term romance or marriage from their dating experience.
  • Single who wants fully inclusive premium features from their membership.

Who should choose Zoosk?

  • Those who like more control over their match preferences and search.
  • Younger singles who are exploring the dating world or not looking for hassle-free dating.
  • Those who enjoy new and fun game-like dating app features.
  • Those who want to access only those premium features they need and do not want to go for full premium membership.
  • Singles who seek a wide and global network.

Bottom Line

Zoosk is a wonderful alternative for you if you're a young single looking for love but not in a hurry to commit. Depending on who's profile visually or otherwise appeals to you, you select your matches. Their platform is designed to be fun and casual, but it also allows young people who want more than casual sex to engage with one another.

eHarmony, on the other hand, is suitable for people of all ages, even senior singles over 60. The emphasis is on core compatibility, which implies matching singles based on their desires as well as personality compatibility.

At the end of the day, you don't have to be concerned about making mistakes. Both websites have a lot to offer, including free trials that can help you figure out where you should spend your money. You may sign up for both in minutes and browse each site to see where you feel most at ease when it comes to dating.