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Best Dating Sites for Over 60

Best Dating Websites for Over 60

Best Dating Websites for Over 60

The top 3 senior dating sites for older people above 50, 60, and 70 are eHarmony Senior, SilverSingles, and SeniorMatch.

eHarmony Seniors

eHarmony Seniors is unarguably one of the most influential and best-dating sites for singles over 50, 60, and 70. It is a unique dating site for elders that gets about 5 million visitors every month. Dues to its algorithm-based Match System and successful results, people from 200 countries trust this website. The sophisticated and technologically advanced matchmaking algorithms are based on personality. It offers features like personality tests, compatibility assessment, recommendations for a potential match, etc.

eHarmony enjoys the pioneer status as it was started about 20 years back when not many seniors were using the internet. And it seemed like a far-fetched idea. The fresh idea clicked, as there were not many competitors in the elderly dating gamut back then. Since then, it has emerged as the most trusted dating site for serious relationships. The site is so popular amongst single seniors worldwide as it has proven to be one of the most trusted and safest online dating platforms for people of all age groups.

The diverse user base lets you meet people from similar backgrounds, lifestyles, perspectives, and goals. eHarmony for Seniors is undoubtedly one of the safest online dating sites for elders. The stringent privacy policy, the detailed personality questionnaire, and a long login process helps the platform ensure the safety of its members. Even though the membership costs are slightly on the higher side, an intelligent matchmaking process, tons of safety features, guided communication, excellent success track make every penny worthwhile.


SilverSingles is one of the most popular niche dating sites for singles over 60. It is an exclusive dating site where you have to be 50 or 50+ to register on this site. Not only does the dating platform have a large dating pool, but it maintains a global audience spread across the USA, Canada, U.K., Germany, and other countries.

Mature singles can have a second chance at love by using its intelligent matchmaking system based on personality traits. The in-depth personality test that members submit at the time of registration optimizes the matchmaking process. Both men and women receive several compatible matches daily; you can connect to the profile of your choice. Getting acquainted and having a conversation is effortless on SilverSingles. The site welcomes people from all races and sexual orientations. Just mention your preferences while registering, and you may find yourself surrounded by like-minded people who want the same things in life.

Both men and women can enjoy online dating in a safe and secure dating environment. The site uses advanced profile verification features, keeping frauds, spammers, and bots at bay. We can say it is a sophisticated new-age technology for old age (young at heart) people. It ensures that even the most technologically challenged people won’t struggle using the site.

The registration process is free, so you can get comfortable with the platform before going for premium plans to access essential communication features.


SeniorMatch is another exclusive niche dating site for mature singles with a twist. It offers the users more than a romantic dating experience. Whatever your interests are, you can find them on the site. You can find all here from finding romantic dates to seeking companionship, from travel mates to activity partners. It claims to be the largest and most effective dating site for senior singles.

Though it is a relatively new dating network compared to the two sites mentioned above, it has created a large user base because of its technologically advanced feature and excellent services. The site has been carefully designed, keeping in mind its mature users. Both website and app are straightforward and can be used effortlessly.

The site is part of an extensive dating network to ensure you never miss a chance and be a part of a larger dating pool. You can find the person to spend the rest of your life with some work and patience. Till you get there, you can get acquainted with people from diverse backgrounds and make some friends.

You can use and try the service for free. Even with a non-premium plan, you can send messages to other users, but there is a twist. You can read only the first message or the reply to your message from your inbox for free. To truly connect with other members, we recommend you go for premium plans.

Can senior citizens fall in love?

At any age, getting into a romantic relationship, love, dating, or even entering wedlock is not taboo. The matters of the heart are not governed by age. As cliché, it may sound, but age is just a number.

Relationship experts claim that elderly singles are more likely to face loneliness, and they crave companionship. However, they do find the current dating scene slightly daunting. No matter how confused or scared you may feel about dating again, do not let yourself feel guilty. There are plenty of senior singles out there looking for love, dates, friendship, and companionship. The young at heart singles over 60 are making elderly dating fun. You may find several senior dating websites, online sources, and clubs exclusively for older adults.

Being a senior does not mean that you have to lead the life of a hermit. You have equal freedom as any young man or woman to find someone special. Thanks to online dating, now you have the opportunity to meet dates. So, let your heart flutter again. Experience the joy and excitement of dressing up, meeting new people, and going out for dates, and finding the love in your life again.

How to start a conversation online as a senior?

For some people, it can be nerve-wracking to send that initial message if they are new to online dating, especially senior singles. The unfamiliarity to the online dating world could be one factor. However, most young and middle-aged people struggle to take that first step and take the initiative to converse with a stranger online. There is a high level of phantomization attached to it where you hardly know anything about the person you want to approach. For some, it is more about the lack of vocabulary that prevents them from kick-starting a conversation.

Here are our easy tips and tricks for seniors to start a conversation online. These handy tips can be valuable for further conversation as well.

1. Keep it simple: Avoid googling funny pick-up lines. There is a high chance the person you interact with belongs to the same age group and is equally wise. Begin with simple ‘hey' and from there, let the conversation flow.

2. Compliment: We are expecting you like a person's profile and wish to communicate with them. In that case, you have studied their likes and dislikes, best features, etc. Compliment the person for the things you liked about them. Everyone loves genuine appreciation and So, keep it personalized; do not go for generic compliments.

3. Common factors: Rather than just talking about yourself, try to find what is common between you. It not just makes the conversation interesting but also puts the other person at ease. The more effortless they feel conversing with you online, the more likely they would want to meet you in real life.

4. Stick to the name: Singles today take time to get friendly, irrespective of their age. Make sure that you do not start addressing them as sweetie, babe, etc. Stick to your name while you are still online. Most people find it uncomfortable when these words come from people who hardly know you.

5. Seeking Expert Opinion: If you read the profile correctly, you may gain a lot of insight. Suppose the person is well-traveled. You can ask about the trips they have taken and ask their advice about the destinations you may also wish to visit. Or if that person loves art, you can ask about the next art events coming to your city. Who knows, the next event can be your first date.

6. Don't be a creep: Try not to drop a sexual hint during your initial conversations. During the course of your conversation, you can realize what the other person is looking for. Women especially do not appreciate sexual tones during the conversation. Keep your tone fun and casual. Avoid sounding too personal. Some conversations are supposed to be left for later days.

7. Don't talk about medical conditions: Neither say nor ask about medical conditions. When you are of boomer or a middle-aged person, there are chances you may be having age-related health issues. However, online dating platforms are not the place for it. All senior singles come to online dating to feel lively and young again. Be yourself: Do not calculate your words too much. Be yourself, and if you are a genuine person, the other person will get it eventually.

Does age matter in a relationship?

Romantic relationships in all age groups look adorable. Be it the goofy teenage romance, newlyweds, or old wrinkled couple, all look equally lovely. Love does not come with a scoreboard and neither the relationships. However, age also brings the level of experience and wisdom. You may feel more at ease with your elderly partner. The years of experience of other gender helps you understand each other's perspective much better.

People who are in an age-gap relationship may face some raised eyebrows. However, if you are in a relationship that sports mutual respect, then people around become insignificant. According to relationship factors like genuine liking, mutual respect, enjoying and valuing each other time, and letting each other be independent individuals.