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Young guys dating older woman

Why Young Guys Date Older Women

Why Young Guys Date Older Women?

Although seen as taboo in various societies around the globe, the idea of young men falling for older women has existed since as far as you can think. And the hypocrisy of the society reeks in a pretty transparent way here since no one raises an eyebrow when the opposite of it happens, meaning a young woman falling for an older guy.

But have you ever wondered what is it about an older woman that captivates and draws the attention of a young guy? What do young guys see in an older woman that they don’t see in a younger woman? What is it about older women that make young guys break all those societal taboos for them?

We uncover the questions of all these and more as we dig deep into finding why young guys date old women. So, get your dating diaries out, and let’s embark on this mysterious escapade journey.

10 Reasons of Younger Guys Dating Older Woman

Older Women are More Experienced

Perhaps the most apparent and important reason as to why younger guys are into older women is the huge chunk of life experience they bring with them. Having lived more years than them, they have seen various twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows that life has to offer.

This makes them more resilient and well-versed in tackling the challenges life throws at someone. Age makes one wise. Older women have already lived few decades of their life and this makes them extremely self-aware. They don’t fool around and are aware of what they want and what they don’t want from life.

Having a mature person who has a lot of experience in probably every sphere of life than their male partner makes older women extremely tempting and attractive in the eyes of the young men.

Great Conversationalist

You can understand a person’s soul by the way they converse and the words they choose while interacting. There is something about a great conversationalist that is irresistible and young men find older women extremely charming because of this particular reason.

As we have discussed in the previous point that older women bring with them a great deal of life experiences. As such, whatever topic you throw at them, they are able to hold a compelling conversation around it.

Even if it is something they are not aware of, they would not fool around and pretend to know about it. Instead, they would steer the direction of the conversation in a way where they themselves become the learner and through that, they carry the weight of the conversation.

With older women, you can spend hours and hours talking about everything and anything under the sun. Appearances and sex appeal will come and go with age, but the power of holding a decent conversation and maintaining a healthy line of communication without making it boring is something old women know how to do it well.

In addition, older women also know when to not be the life of the party at a conversation. They are not uncomfortable with silence. They are great listeners and make you feel heard and don’t necessarily always be the one talking. In other words, they know how to and when to use a pause in a conversation.

Value Commitment and Loyalty

Older women don’t play around. Even though it shouldn’t be assumed that older women are incapable of upholding the ‘no strings attached’ concept, but for the most part, older women at this age, are not here to fool around.

They are looking for a long-term relationship. As such, you don’t have to constantly worry about the fear of getting abandoned without any rhyme or reason. Older women are comparatively more loyal and committed than their younger counterparts who are still looking to find out what they want from their lives.

Therefore, you can rely on them as a strong pillar in your life. You will find a sense of belonging with them that is immensely caring and warm.


Older women are extremely rational in their approaches. They are not driven by random and unnecessary emotional impulses. As such, they are able to take both short-term and long-term decisions in life in a more practical approach keeping everything in mind.

This also makes them very reliable as dating partners. Young guys can count on older women to make the right decisions even at the most critical and disastrous moments. The pragmatism that older women bring with them is surely something that can’t be overlooked.


In touch with our previous point, isn’t it amazing when you don’t have to carry the burden of your girlfriend on your shoulders? Whether it is gifts or restaurant bills or any other expenses, many guys suffer from the inner anxiety of not being able to express how challenging it is to carry the load of two persons.

But older women, for the most part, don’t allow this to happen. They chime in and carry their weight around. They are not dependent on your money and are extremely self-reliant. They would neither carry your entire burden on themselves nor would they throw their entire burden on your shoulders.

Their independence makes them an equal partner in every sense, which is a highly underrated quality about a partner. For a successful man, the essence of an independent woman is tremendously alluring.

Able to take Breakups More Maturely

Of course, no one should enter a relationship with the mindset of a breakup. But needless to say, relationships can be extremely fragile, especially in today’s times. Breakups are more common than ever nowadays.

And no one wants to deal with the emotional baggage of a breakup. Two perfect and great individuals can sometimes not stay together and that should be understandable. But most people are not able to deal with the hardships of a breakup.

If you are left with a girlfriend who is emotionally, physically, or mentally abusive after a breakup, it can wreak havoc in your life. Older women, on the bright side, due to their immense life experience, can deal with a breakup more maturely.

They know that this is not the end of the world and how a failed relationship doesn’t define one’s worth. This is another aspect of why being in a relationship with an older woman is of great benefit.

Sexually Less Inhibitive

Older women are not regressive when it comes to being bold and fierce on the bed. They are not afraid to get down and naughty or experimental when it comes to sexual choices.

Since they are themselves liberating, you don’t have to worry about any inhibitions from them. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you would do anything with them. Consent and will are mandatory when it comes to sexual activities. But what we mean is that older women are aware of what drives them and what gives them pleasure.

The taboo that only men want sex is shunned by older women because women want it as much as men do.

Not Insecure about their Bodies

With growing age, people get comfortable with their bodies. The insecurities that are attached to one’s body during the early teen and twenties and thirties go away as one age and learn to embrace their body.

So, older women get comfortable with their bodies and channel body positivity. And there’s nothing more attractive than someone who embraces their flaws and knows perfect is boring. Older women don’t stress themselves out or waste their time striving for perfection and instead, be their own healthy selves and celebrate their individuality.

Not Obsessed with Social Media

One of the most annoying aspects of the young generation is how addicted they are to social media. From the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed, social media controls their life and not the other way around.

As such, this addiction has adverse negative impacts on many relationships. With older women, you don’t have to worry about it. It doesn’t mean that older women are technologically challenged or they don’t know anything about social media. But the difference lies in the fact that older women know where to draw the line and how much time they need to devote to social media so that it doesn’t worsen their life.

Imagine sitting with your girlfriend and she is busy taking selfies to put as her profile picture on Facebook or creating Instagram stories. You can’t function around people with such mentalities. Older women, on the other hand, know how not to let social media govern their lives.

Don’t Need Constant Pampering

If you ask 10 random guys who are in a relationship as to what annoys them greatly about their partner, and we are certain at least seven of them would bring up the point of constant pampering their girlfriends.

Whether it is materialistic gifts or wordy compliments, most young girlfriends often rely on their boyfriends for getting assurance and in a way, hiding their insecurity. Older women don’t need pampering. In fact, they would drive themselves away if you try to pamper them too much.

They are extremely secure with themselves and don’t need constant gratification to realize their worth. As such, you are left with a more healthy relationship.

To Conclude

So, as you see from these aforementioned 10 points why the charm of an older woman is so exceptionally captivating and promising for a young guy. We often see in the media that young guys want to date older women because of their experiences in bed. But that is not the only reason, mind you.

Of course, sex is important but it is not the ultimate decision-maker. There are far more important values that make an older woman fascinating to a younger guy.

Whether it is their sense of independence or their rationale headspace, whether it is their art of conversation or the fact that they don’t need irrelevant pampering, whether it is their maturity or their contentment with their flaws, older women bring with themselves so many enchanting aspects that it seems practical to be their life partners.

We hope this article helped you get a better understanding of the relationship between a young guy and an older woman and hopefully, your awareness will help eradicate the societal taboo associated with such a relationship. After all, love is love and it should be celebrated as long as it is not harming anyone.

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