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Is eHarmony Better than Match?

eharmony and match

eHarmony vs Match

Online dating expands your pool of potential love interests and lets you connect with people you would never have met in person. Even though online dating is no more a new world thing, the idea of falling in love behind a screen is not a natural process for all. Still, there has been an exponential increase in people registering on online dating sites to find love and much more. According to a study, 39% of heterosexuals and 60% of same-sex met online in the USA.

When you look for dating websites or apps, you want to register only on the best one. However, there is an overwhelming list of dating sites. Moreover, several websites are constantly trying to be in the top 10 spots. eHarmony and Match are the first two websites you come across when looking for the best dating sites or apps. These two sites can be called the pioneers in the online dating world, which have stayed relevant to date. With continuous technical upgrades and changes according to the world have helped them stay popular all these years.

If you have zeroed down on eHarmony and Match and are confused about which one is better, we can help you to make the final call. Match and eHarmony have a lot of similarities, such as their serious approach to dating and in-depth personality assessments. However, our experts believe that eHarmony is more serious about dating, whereas Match is gaining popularity among younger users and casual daters.

We hope that this eHarmony vs. Match comparison will assist you in your search for love. We have listed the comparison based on various factors that you may use to evaluate a dating site.

Match vs eHarmony Comparison

User-friendliness: Any dating service should have a user-friendly website or app. Match and eHarmony, fortunately, both have a user-friendly desktop version and an effective mobile app to assist you when you're on the go. eHarmony and Match are highly user-friendly and continuously upgraded.

You can easily locate most of their essential features on the dashboard. is really easy to use. You can start with the search just after you register on the site. There is no guide on how to use the site. The users learn more about the usage as they go ahead. uses a different approach, and there is no search feature on the site. The site provides each user with a guided tutorial of the site, where even a non-technical person can learn and use the site.

Sign-up process: Match provides a 5-minute survey about your goals, daily routines, and general beliefs. This quick quiz can help you rule out characteristics that you may dislike in your future partner, such as alcohol consumption, partygoers, smoking and so on. eHarmony can be a little off-putting when you encounter the lengthy questionnaire. But make sure you fill it and fill it with absolute honesty.

The award winning-match system of eHarmony relies on your personality, and the lengthy questionnaire helps the algorithm to understand you. Experts believe the effort of filling up a long questionnaire is totally worth it. The personality-based reports generated not only connect you to your potential partners but give deep insight into yourself.

Match System: When in 2017, eHarmony decided to slosh down the number of questions to a mere 50, there was a massive uproar among users. That's how strong is the belief of eHarmony users in its effective matchmaking system. The 32-dimension patented match system was created by Neil Clark Warren, who has decades of experience in counseling couples and as a relationship consultant. eHarmony doesn't allow its users to use search features, which can be off-putting for many.

However, they provide you with daily matches based on your compatibility. This feature not only saves time but gives you a focused approach to finding the right partner. The system is also in tune with the core values of eHarmony, which focuses on long-term committed partnerships.

Match also has a matchmaking system in place. However, it is only based on the essential information you provide. The rest of the filtering out process should be done by users while mentioning their search criteria.

Messaging system: Both sites have a lot in common regarding instant messaging features. They are extremely secure, and Match even provides you with your own email address, so you don't have to give out any personal information. Their apps have a video dating feature that allows you to have video dates and face-to-face conversations with potential partners. However, all these features are accessible to premium members.

Free registered members can send winks or likes to express their interest in someone. What sets eHarmony apart is its automated texting feature that gives you ice-breaker sentences to remove the initial awkwardness of online communication.

Demographic: Match attracts a range of individuals due to its openness to all values. You can find people from various backgrounds, religions, locations and sexual orientations on Users on Match are primarily looking for nothing serious. Match, since its inception, has allowed the LGBTQ community to find love online. They are mostly in the age group of 20-40.

eHarmony, on the other hand, has most people who are seeking serious relationships. The site, when initially launched, was for Christian singles. Because of that, the site was exclusive to heterosexual adults. With time eHarmony started allowing the LGBTQ community on the site. However, the numbers are still low.

According to the founder, they are not against same-sex couples; it's just a different match, and their algorithm was not designed for it. The users are mostly in the age group of 30-45 and 50-70. eHarmony is preferred by senior citizens because of its serious relationship approach.

Success Rate: Many users on the best dating apps are looking for the same thing: a perfect match. Match and eHarmony are also designed for singles serious about relationships, whether it's a casual relationship or marriage.

Both dating services have huge popularity, but eHarmony's success rate is a bit more impressive for assisting couples who are looking for serious relationships and real love. According to eHarmony, every 14 minutes, a new romantic match is made. The site has been responsible for nearly 4% of all marriages in the US. It also claims only 3.9 percent of its 20,000 married couples got divorced, which is much lower than the national average.*

Match, on the other hand, has facilitated more than 517,000 marriages and is responsible for the birth of over one million children from couples who met through its app.*

Affordability: is a slightly less expensive option as compared to eHarmony. However, it's all about value for money. Your expectation from a dating site must decide how much you want to spend.

Customer Support: Despite the fact that both dating sites had welcoming customer service sections, on, it is easier to find the help feature on how to contact a live person for assistance. We were able to get to the help section and the live chat function in just a few seconds with Match.

eHarmony's customer service section is detailed, with a comprehensive FAQ section. They also provide phone support 6 days a week, but finding that phone number took a little longer than we'd hoped. You'll need to go through a few of the FAQ questions until you find them. It wasn't difficult to find or hide, but it did take us a little longer than Match. eHarmony has a more user-friendly interface for any questions you might have, as well as more dating advice articles.

App Features: Both Match and eHarmony have an array of features to keep users engaged and connect them to other compatible users. eHarmony offers a third-party verification feature called RelyID that helps in filtering out fake profiles. The site also provides an array of features that you can purchase, such as WhatIf. The features let you connect with 30 more matches outside your compatibility range.

Match also provides similar features, and you can boost your profile by paying extra.

Offers and Promotions: Both sites offer promotions from time to time. You can also avail discounts through affiliate sites. Match provides a 3-day free trial. and eHarmony offers a limited feature free trial.

Why eHarmony is better than Match?

The real beauty of eHarmony is the algorithm that does not want you to pick the same people every time. The sophisticated match system and 150 questions are designed to guide you to your soul mate. The questions are in-depth and asked in addition to the standard questions about why you're single and want a partner. eHarmony compiles responses into a compatibility score for each profile you come across. Anything that scores under 70 is not good, and anything over 100 is a keeper.

The lengthy questionnaire and eHarmony's reputation for forming serious relationships form the best combination. You can understand the most vulnerable trait of another person, which is not possible in real life. The site closely monitors each user's activity; the chances of receiving offensive opening lines about your favorite sex position are slim.

Longer registration procedures have proven to be more successful in maximizing their capacity to generate positive outcomes. eHarmony's holistic approach, which is logical and psychology-based, is able to achieve better pairing results.

The biggest surprise about eHarmony is that it no longer has overbearing Christian undertones. Earlier, even those users who indicated that they are not religious had to answer questions about church and God. Questionnaires now have entirely changed and rarely touch the religious topics. If you have painted the early 2000s advertisements in your mind, it is time to change them. Visit the site, and you can see how much it has transformed over the period.

eHarmony is so confident in its matchmaking abilities that it gives you another three months for free if you're not satisfied after the first three months of paid membership. You read our complete review of eHarmony before making the final call.