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5 Tips for Dating a Widow (With and Without Kids)

Dating a Widow

Dating a Widow

To date a widow, you need to be mentally and emotionally prepared to take on a bigger role as compared to dating a regular woman. A widow, whether recently bereaved or it’s been years of losing the spouse and longing for companionship, has a past that could still be troubling her. She may or may not have gotten over the trauma of losing her husband. You have to have the maturity to handle an intricately woven and complex set of emotions. There could be comparisons. And, there is the guilt factor that might surface at all the wrong moments, making things even more challenging.

Challenges of dating a widow

  1. She may still not have a hold or control over her emotions and feelings for her late husband. The trauma especially can make things really bad. There could be emotional outbursts without any warning.
  2. She may still not be ready to talk about what they are going through, even not discuss how things were with the husband.
  3. She may tend to compare you with her husband. It could make you feel insecure.
  4. She may undergo bouts of guilt for dating someone else. These could be for extended periods, and she may completely close herself during such times.
  5. The widow constantly speaks about her husband, giving your relationship very little space to grow.

How to attract a widow woman?

Dealing with a widow may not be a bed of roses. Here are some of the tips to get a widow interested in you. For others, read the dating tips for men.

Show keenness to know about her past: Many men feel pressurized about dating a widow, thinking that she will always compare him with her late husband. But, if you are keen to get her interested, you need to let go of this inhibition. You should be inquisitive and ask her about her husband, keen to know him better. Give her the confidence that you are not here to change things or erase that memory from her mind.

Handle her gently: While this tip applies to every woman, with a widow you should take extra care. You need to understand and empathize with the trauma that she has undergone. If it sounds and looks irrational, just be gentle.

Understand and support her: The death of a spouse is not one filled with pleasant memories. There are bound to be emotional outbursts at times. Whatever her state of mind, try and be understanding. Don’t act like the typical jealous boyfriend. Don't pressurize her to do things, and don't send her signals like ‘get over it fast’ or ‘move on.’ Just be there for her; she is bound to be attracted by your supportive nature.

Don’t feel threatened: Many a time, men start to experience cold feet when their new love starts to talk and discuss their late husbands. Instead of feeling threatened, show confidence. Express your gratitude that she has chosen you and feels comfortable confiding in you. The more confidence you show, the safer she will feel in the relationship and the attraction will grow stronger.

Treat her kids with care: If she has children, take extra care to shower them with love and affection. It can make a big difference in what and how she feels about you.

Signs a widow is ready to date

Here are some of the signs that indicate that the widow you are interested in is ready to date you:

  • Her eyes light up when she sees you: it’s love again for her when she looks out for you and her lips smile when she notices you in the room. This is the time to pop out the question.
  • She takes an interest in your life and talks less of her husband, indicating that she finally has accepted the fact and decided to move on. If she wants to know more about you, it is an indication that she is ready to don the dating gown again.
  • She talks of a future, and you are a part of it, which indicates that she is looking at something more serious with you.
  • She indicates that she is ready for physical intimacy: another sign that a widow is open to dating you is when she wants to go the extra mile and spends the night with you.

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Dating a young widow

Dating a widow who has recently lost her spouse is not an easy path to tread. Take care of the following aspects:

  • Be extra patient and give her the time to cope up with the new loss.
  • Acknowledge that she is dealing with her own demons and fears. Be there to hold her hand and guide her but do not rush her into doing things that she is uncomfortable with and is not interested in.
  • Don’t get embroiled in a jealous triangle; never show it to her even if you are. That's the last thing she would want to deal with at this juncture.

Benefits of dating a widow

There are multiple pros to dating a widow. These include:

  • You are with someone who values life. Since she has faced a personal loss, she understands and appreciates life to greater depths. Love to her is not about good looks and lust. She values emotions more than physical appearance.
  • She focuses on healthy living. Most widows that have seen the death of their husbands will ensure that no one in their close circuit takes health issues for granted. From focusing on safe driving to ensuring physical and mental fitness, they will take care of most of the aspects.
  • She will be keen to spend most of her time with you. You will surely be one of her top priorities because she is in a relationship for companionship.

Bottom Line

Dating a widow is not going to be an easy affair. The crux is to go slow, one step at a time, and go with the flow.