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What does he think when he ignores you?

When a Man Ignores You, Here's What He's Thinking (Counterintuitive)

So, everything is going great. You and your partner exchange texts have long calls, go on romantic coffee and movie dates, or maybe you both even share the same flat.

And suddenly, you realize that your guy has started withdrawing. This makes you self-doubt yourself. You begin recalling whether you have done something wrong on your part that has hurt him or has he lost interest in you, or maybe he is seeing someone else.

Are you wondering, “why the man whom you have just started dating or have been in a long-term relationship with has started ignoring you?”

However, you must determine if he is genuinely ignoring you or if you are simply misunderstanding him. When things are more stable in a relationship, your partner may not text or call you every moment. He may be stuck with some issue, and he doesn't want to share. But, if he has stopped responding to you completely; if there are frequent disagreements and cold calls, then the situation requires your attention.

How amazing would it have been if you could read what's going on in his mind, right? With this superpower, you would have never been anxious or mad about the awkward silence. It could have helped you know whether you should say sorry or explain the situation to fix the issue. But you know that it's you who has to figure out the solution.

There can be many reasons behind men's changing behavior. But don't you worry, we have prepared a list of possible things that a man can think of when he ignores you.

He's mad at you

It is the most anticipated reason. In general, whenever we are angry at someone, we tend to ignore them until they apologize. You might have done something unintentionally that must have made him feel offended. For instance – he caught you flirting with some other man, or you said something wrong, etc.

Suppose you remember that something of this sort has happened in the past; you ask him straight but politely (obviously) why he is upset with you. Ask him, “are we good? as it seems that something has been upsetting you for the last few days”. If he requires an explanation or wants you to apologize, do it, as it could save your precious bond. Do fun things to lift his mood and strengthen your relationship.

He is insecure

Fear of losing, it's something we all have felt at some point in our life. Studies have shown that expressing emotions is difficult for men in comparison to women. Most men pull back from admitting that they are insecure.

A man can be insecure about whether he is good for you, whether he can match your expectations, or what if you ditch him, etc. Every human has their own thought process. According to him, it is better to keep things to himself rather than talking about them.

In this case, it is your responsibility to make him feel comfortable, secure, and unique. Try different ways to keep the chemistry alive in your relationship. Often expressing that you love him will make him happy. Plan dinner dates with him, go on long drives, visit fun places and parks. Tell him how important he is to you. And most importantly, you must try to make him believe that you won't judge him or assume anything if he expresses himself.

He loves you

You must have heard of the phrase, “true love is when he ignores you.” In fact, it is true in most relationships. Love is something that everybody expresses in their own ways, and ignoring our partner is one such way. This method is opted by many men since they are not comfortable speaking about how much they love their partner.

Now you must be thinking about how ignoring someone is love. So there can be numerous reasons why he ignores you even if he loves you. Some are listed hereunder :

i) He doesn't want you to feel that he's getting possessive or overprotective.

ii) He is shy to express his feelings in public.

iii) He may not want to upset you by discussing his professional ups and downs unnecessarily.

iv) He is planning a surprise for you.

v) He wants you to be independent and have your stand.

v) Maybe this is how he expresses his love.

You never know why he doesn't display affection and love for you. All you can do is trust him and specifically ask him about how he feels about the relationship and what's holding him from exhibiting his love.

He requires space

Ignoring is not always deliberate. He sometimes just wants to concentrate on himself or prioritize his job. When he is stressed, he attempts to cope with it on his own. Men, by nature, do not want to look weak, especially in front of their woman love.

So, if he isn't reacting to you or has stopped putting in an effort, it might be because of difficulties with his family, disagreements with his job, or mental distress. Instead of bugging him about not talking to you or going on outings, tell him that you are always there for him and that he can share his every thought with you.

He wants to break up

One reason might be he is interested in some other woman. Therefore, he is ignoring you so that you make a move and break up. Like we mentioned earlier, men are weak in emotional games. So instead of hurting you and saying it to you directly, he chooses to ignore you. Hence if you sense something like this, ask him whether he wants this relationship anymore or not. If yes, he would definitely pull back, and if the reason is something else, he will clarify.

These were some of the common thoughts he could be thinking when he ignores you. If you trust your partner and your relationship, it is worth everything to make an extra effort.

The key to a successful relationship is that couples should also be each other's best friends and secret keepers. In the relationship, try to be the best version of yourself. Remember that a union consists of two people who have opposing viewpoints, passions, and personalities. Both partners should not expect the other to behave in the way they desire. Love is priceless, yet it means something different to everyone.

Instead of presuming and exacerbating the situation, it is preferable to ask the other person directly if he wants to remain in the relationship or move on.