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Does Music Taste Matter in a Relationship

Does Music Taste Matter In A Relationship

Is similar music taste important in a relationship?

If the person you are dating loves Metal, and you love country music, it is quite natural that your music taste does not match, and you have to come to terms with it. Researchers have found that when people go for a first date, music is the most common topic of conversation between people newly acquainted.

Researchers had paired up 60 college students for six weeks, and they found out after six weeks that music was the most frequently discussed topic. While other subjects like sports, books, and movies fizzled out, music remained relevant.

After getting to know each other, music appears to be the most revealing medium for some individuals attempting to get to know each other. You can always learn more about the person by flipping through his Spotify history than taking a look at his book collection kept aside neatly inside the bookcase.

Below mentioned tips will help you to identify is music taste a deal breaker in a relationship.

Music taste is the key to your attractiveness

Researchers have found out in Effects of Associating with Musical Genres on Heterosexual Attraction, music taste lights up how attractive you are to the opposite sex. Not a particular music kind but any love for music at all.

The study involved getting people engaged with video profiles to state their preference for any music, whether country music, soft metal, or hard rock. Music preferences display specific personality traits and evaluation and perception of music.

Listening to country music makes you less attractive

A word of advice coming from relationship veterans is that you should never say you love country music on your first date. It makes you less attractive than the opposite sex. This is true for people belonging to both genders.

Musical Genres and Gender-Specific Attraction

Studies show that if men prefer hard metal rock, it improves their attractiveness quotient. Whereas if women prefer country music, it has the same effect on men.

For males, buying a leather jacket and pairing it with a Slayer CD is a good idea if you’re searching for someone to date. For women, it’s a collection of Symphonies on your music rack that can increase your attractiveness.

Men look up to sharing their musical adventures with their partners

Men always want to share their musical taste with women, but women hardly care to do that. What makes a first date stand out is your eagerness to describe what you are passionate about. Men at times behave like the person they are talking to is a complete moron because she has never listened to your favorite rock band. Russell Brand has several followers, and he is that one person who can talk about absolutely nothing but still take your breath away. Men want to talk about Drake and Kurt Cobain, and women cannot help it whatsoever.

Mix Tapes

You will have a unique experience of mixtape if you are in the pink of a relationship. You get to swap your favorite songs and even discuss them. You pick different tracks that disclose different personality traits. Initially, you learn something about the person you are in a relationship with, and they grasp a few things about you. Consequentially you move a few steps ahead to fostering world peace.

You need someone to cool out

There can be somebody who might indulge you in your incredible music collection and somebody who will not. Not a wonder, but in your vinyl collection, there will be a list of singers you love who simply defy the way you are. There’s a Danzig for every girl, and Right Said Fred continues to dominate teenage hearts. Justin Beiber might be a part of your forbidden pleasures, but most importantly, you need somebody to understand you and your choice of music.

Someone who will smile at you sitting by your side through those long hours and will unbreak those layers of your personality you are too shy to reveal. You need somebody to question your choice of good music and explain why you still own four copies of “Boys, Boys, Boys” by Sabrina.

Music helps you to unwind

Someone with a passion for music will be able to hit the bull’s eye in the first go for only certain people in the dating scene. Women prefer men like that. Music can make you indulge in heart-to-heart conversations because they relate to different periods of your life.

Music echoes your emotional maturity. It’s fitfully challenging to speak with someone if you are into Schubert’s Ave Maria and the person you are talking to happens to be a fan of Eminem. Your artistic side is revealed by good music, and it shows your readiness to jump into a relationship or see it blooming with time.

Why does music matter?

Music is not deceitful. Music, especially overlapping music, is excellent in bridging the gap between the past and the present. Songs may help you tell the beginning, middle, and conclusion of your life’s narrative. Your favorite musicians can assist you in your endeavor.

Starting with scratches, your first crush, and your high school sweethearts, you progressively tell about your life in bits and pieces. In a romantic connection, you actually carry the message that you get from your jukebox.

Wrapping Up

Music choice not only influences how we age; for some, it will be like old wine, while for others, there will be ups and downs. It actually shows at times how compatible you are with others.

Right from the first date, start scheduling your musical journey carefully. The most obvious question you can face is what type of music do you love to listen to. On a first date, somebody might find your table manners a bit stingy, but the journey begins from the heart.

Even before your first date, set your goals up first and carefully walk the extra mile. Keep music in your backpack to keep it pleasant because listening to music will heal your heart. You will radiate happiness, no matter how bad your last relationship was.